Scaramucci Urges GOP To ‘Save The Country,’ Speak Out Against Trump | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Scaramucci Urges GOP To ‘Save The Country,’ Speak Out Against Trump | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


Anthony Scaramucci was once part of the Trump administration, serving as White House Communications Director. Now, he is trying to get his old boss out of office. Scaramucci joins Stephanie Ruhle and Ali Velshi to discuss what he is doing about that.
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Scaramucci Urges GOP To ‘Save The Country,’ Speak Out Against Trump | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Hahaha all those idiots are coming out in hoards before Trump gets out of office and arrested out of Southern New York’s court.

    1. @Mike Hunt I’m really tired of you. I’m tired of all of you trolls. There is NO WAY we are ever going to see eye to eye, it Ain’t gonna happen. You can not eat money, One day you’re going to find that out. We are not members of the same species.

    2. @U.S.S. Scambalam Perhaps we can start to get along by you not referring to people who disagree with you as “not of the same species”… why not try it?

  2. The majority of Americans can see that Trump is mentally unfit to be president. But nobody knows this more than the people that are closest to him, people like Kellyanne, his Chief of Staff Mulvaney, and even Jared and Ivanka. The problem is that they are all too afraid to say or do anything, because they know their jobs, positions, fortunes, and their false sense of power and importance is directly tied to that madman in the Oval Office. If he goes, they go.

    1. @Lonnie Dobbins I meant the money is a motive for the corruption in Trump’s business and Governing. A Person in government or law that is earning 200k maybe 300k a year can be easily corrupted for 500k or more. Trump has already been caught taking bribes to switch the internet by the FCC, in fact it started the first day in the White House. By accident almost a million dollars from different companies started showing up in the account that was used to bribe “Stormy Daniels” and the Playboy bunny. Trump and his Lawyers he could trust were taking in so much money bribe money they had nowhere to put it all.

    2. theyre all actors and trump is the star of his own truman show. dude and his blind supporters think hes the president, but its just an illusion. the deep state is running the show and trump is just the distraction.

  3. How can the Party that trashed the country be trusted to save the country? They need to find a rock to hide under and let the other Party fix their mess.

    1. T.Kizer Söze That’s great because you don’t impress anyone! However, you do disappoint your family, your community, and your education system

    2. @Lou Manza He’s lying. He’s not black. Although there are black Trump supporters and he maybe a Trump supporter but he isn’t black.

    3. @scott anderson Don’t fall for it. T.Kizer Soze isn’t black. He’s fronting as if he was. He gave himself away with his first response to you.

    4. TheVuduYuDu I noted that as well He is such an ignoramus that he showed his cards immediately and kept responding to “look at his picture”
      I bet this guys family is so proud

    1. @joye ottwell And you can return to the basement when they need a gimp someone will knock and You can come out lol Enjoy the rest of the week. It was fun lol

    2. @joye ottwell And I believe the Russians will be stopping by your neighborhood this week also. You people and the Russians are pretty comical

  4. I know he’s lost all credibility in Washington, but I love the fact that the Mooch is one of many former Trump associates who are now actively working against him. Predecessors are for example Omorosa and Cohen.
    The domino’s just keep falling …

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr He got fired after 11 days that why we have a time term: day, week fortnight, trumpski, month, year.

  5. Trump is going to meltdown his IPhone from the heat generated by the speed and volume of hateful tweets he’s about to send out in response to Scaramucci’s comments. The tweets will be fast & furious, and of course unintelligible.

    1. @david j using the word unintelligible in that context sounds pretty unintelligent. Incomprehensive would’ve been a better choice for words, just sayin.

    2. Sadly, T has a good chance of winning the election in 2020 as that speaks to that mental health of the nation.

  6. As a Texan, I find it remarkable, that immediately after the United States earns its first African American president, of two terms, who is a rather astute individual with a calm & collected demeanor; we get our first full-fledged White Trash Dictator-wannabe which has an overt history of lambasting said previous president.

    1. Im no democrat but Obama did do a very good job and left trump a great economy that he fully took credit for and destroyed…trump is exploiting american racism….

    2. Lourdes – I think these are important sentiments. I’m referring specifically to the notion that you can intellectually or philosophically disagree, yet value an earnest, intelligent, genuine approach to policy and leadership. I’ve always thought these values more important than how much we “like” a president… or the single issue voter bias.

      But I also think there’s more to this backlash than racial energy. I wonder whether we’d still be here now were it not for the 2008 recession… served as an accelerant in the very least, imnsho. (Racial insecurity + intensifying identity politics + wage stagnation + … boom… mortgage crisis).

  7. WOW it took Scaramucci 3 years to figure out what we’ve been screaming before Trump was elected. Trump is a lying, thieving, racist is he gonna speak on that?

    1. @Paul Wiltz
      He could finally see just how stupid and dangerous their conspiracy actually is.
      *Overthrow the United States Government, Commit Genocide Of Huemans, Establish A White Only Country!*
      This is their plan and operations.
      *You think all will be fine?*

    2. @Barry Robinson
      The “Freedom Caucus” ?
      Do you know what for?
      *Genocide of the black population*.

    3. he’s just trying to sell his book. probably figured out the hard way that trump supporters are illiterate. so now he’s trying to appeal to liberals.

  8. Cadet Spanky McBonespurs does nothing but embarrass our country…
    and although he is too stupid to know it…

    1. No, it is that he doesn’t really care. He doesn’t care about embarrassing himself, or our country. He feels no shame, just ego driven, and as a bully that is what matters to him. He is unable to understand humility or shame.

    1. He was on TYT the other day defending Trump AFTER he spoke about the squad. This guy’s a phony.

  9. Moscow Mitch and the GOP are ALL incapable of putting country and bipartisanship ahead of Russia and their own self interest. They will ride this right into the ground, waving flags and invoking nonsense. GOP arent afraid of him, they love him and are as corrupt and UnAmerican as he is.

  10. Stop attacking Scaramucci and let him speak out against Trump. It is never the wrong time to be on the right side of an issue.

    1. Sorry Tracy,but this GOP has made it pretty dam clear where it stands and what it stands for …or doesn’t,and to any discerning eye,self implosion destruction (as well as revelation of self serving,Authoritarian leaning oligarchy controlled by special interests and employing massive corruption to achieve said agenda and not beholden to the Constitution or Rule of Law or the morality they lay claim to….equivalent to monstrous hypocrisy.).is already a matter of record and it terrifit’s me just a bit that an independent has not identified admitted this Additionally, the fact that you seemingly sailed over the meat of my prior questionremark,compounds that concern.
      This coming from a life long Independent …me…who registered Democrat to be able to participate in the primary after the 2016 fiasco.
      I’m assuming you have a handle on the facts and have not fallen prey to disinformation or propaganda as you are here on YouTube and can move beyond the bias of Corporate media and worse..

    2. @Cynthia Mahoney no I’m not delusional or falling for the hogwash. Are you saying Trump shouldn’t be primaried.

    1. Republican Party won’t be able to survive if they follow trump another term. They will ride him for as long as their check books can handle then give him up. They have lost face and reputation. They will never be able to fully attack another democrat leader after Trump. In order to do so, they have to give him up and say they lost their heads but they are back.

    2. @LiS Wright They will find one but I bet you he will be as mad as child molester trumpski, he’s just hiding in plain sight somewhere

    1. It will be interesting to see how the republican party reforms itself. Much like the left is being taken over by “Justice Democrats” I have to wonder if we won’t see a similar movement among the right, considering their party will just be dead if they don’t reform it.

    2. @Thimble Fox – They were warned in 2012, with the now-infamous “GOP Autopsy”…which *they ignored* in favor of rampant misogyny and racism.
      They *deserve* their historical demise…

    1. @Daemon Nine Is taking babies from their parents and putting them in jail any better? Don’t you dare try and take the moral high ground you ignorant, unempathic trump voting fuckwit!

    2. @Tessmage Tessera – Oh.My.God.
      Now we know what their ‘falling out’ was *really* about…

    3. @Daemon Nine Sounds to me like you know a thing or two about stomping on infants. It’s not something any democrat I’ve ever met would even think of, and if someone started talking about it they’d leave the room. But you go on about it with a great deal of zest. I bet you put on your jackboots just to fantasize about it.

    1. tina Haynes unfortunately the constitution does not allow for impeachment for mal-administration but allows for the crimes he has committed.

    2. @Judah NYC The Constitution allows for impeachment for any reason. It doesn’t specify anything other than “high crimes and misdemeanors,” which is very open-ended. Later, an amendment was added, which permits removal of the president on the grounds that he is mentally unfit for office.

  11. It’s a sad state of affairs when someone affectionately called “The Mooch” is the voice of reason. Never Trump.

    1. Another case of taking three steps back to take one step forward. The Mooch and ‘sane’ Reps reminisce about the good old days under Reagan, when it was Reagan who first stuck it to the working man good and hard.

    2. @Tim Countis the good ole days when the racism was under the covers and we could still reasonably deny it all, yeah..

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