Scheer questioned over dual Canadian-U.S. citizenship 1

Scheer questioned over dual Canadian-U.S. citizenship


Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer was asked how many times he paid had tax returns in the United States after it emerged that he has dual citizenship. He was also asked why he hadn't spoken about it earlier

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  1. Let’s call the election on Friday and vote on the next Tuesday and skip all this nonsense in between. The same questions with few answers or no answers from all parties.

  2. Sheer and Trudeau have both blocked selected journalists from covering them, including involving the police. That is a very serious problem.

    I’d rather see coverage on that egregious violation.

  3. Wonder what else the big cockroach , Gerry Butts has in store ? He may be slipping , since this attack would have been more effective on the last days of the campaign

  4. The answer for the first question to anyone sane is obviously ZERO.

    Canadian/Americans only have to pay tax in the country they earn their money from.

  5. It’s funny in BC here I am swimming among a sea of Green Party lawn signs while nobody seems to care that Elizabeth May was born in the USA.

  6. So this is the big got ya moment? Really?
    The MSM is pathetic. The scandals of the Liberals are being brushed under the rug.
    We are Canadians and I for one are totally disgusted with this bias.

    1. I mean he said another candidate should drop out because of dual citizenship last election. If he didn’t make that statement, no bad press about it.

  7. MSM in Canada busy trying to ensure their hero Trudeau get reelected as PM, despite the corrupt and ethically challenged record they have shown over the past 4 years…simple as that…

    1. James Mecher Not much difference between the two sheer is just as corrupt given the chance can’t answer a straight question I say no look towards the PPC will answer a straight question with a straight answer wake up Canada our future is in your hands

  8. Agree my family is dual and if you earn no money in that other country where you are not living, then there is nothing to file..

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