Scheer won’t say if Tories hired Kinsella to discredit Bernier

Scheer won't say if Tories hired Kinsella to discredit Bernier 1


Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer took questions from reporters, including repeated queries on if his party hired Warren Kinsella to discredit PPC Leader Maxime Bernier. #elxn43 #cdnpoli

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51 Comments on "Scheer won’t say if Tories hired Kinsella to discredit Bernier"

  1. Communism lite is still communism.
    Money laundering for international crime syndicates is big business.

  2. We very openly don’t comment on contracts that we may or may not have and we promise to govern Canada transparently or not transparently with your finances that may or may not exist.

  3. Answer the question Scheer!

  4. PPC has my vote

  5. Kinsella is a snake.

  6. PPC is the only conservative choice this election.

  7. Mikebagisitichy | October 19, 2019 at 4:03 PM | Reply

    I thought i liked you Andrew, but the more you spew the more i realise your just another sellout politition looking to line your pockets with tax payer money!! Max seems more trusworthy by a longshot! Plus you had David Menzies arrested for asking you questions, your a sellout and a fraud!! PPC gets my vote!

    • Lol wastin your vote on a party thats second to none. If u hate scheer so much might as well vote liberal trust me, dont waste a precious vote like that.

    • Mikebagisitichy | October 19, 2019 at 10:52 PM | Reply

      @Xoniye why do you think voting PPC is a waste Max left the Conservative party because he saw how corrupt they were!

    • @Mikebagisitichy yes i agree with max theyre corrupt. And do u want to know why its a waste? Because they are not even going to earn a single seat. So instead of voting for him vote trudeau and liberals so we dont let this “corrupted” conservatives become governments. I can only advise you the choice is urs and ur best shot is liberals

    • Xoniye p

    • Are u crazy, Trudeau is going to destroy this country. He is divisive and corrupt as hell. The only place in Canada Justin belongs is in jail.

  8. Justin Trudeau is the least transparent politician in Canada.

    Andrew Scheer: hold my milk.

  9. So much for transparency and accountability.

    • @PPC Fanboy: I’m going to keep saying how clear & transparent I am without actually answering the question(s) – please stop pestering me… “Pandering Andy”!!!

  10. we don’t make comments because we are guilty of espionage against the PPC because we will lose otherwise.

  11. Little piglet is losing himself a lot of support from PPC fence sitters. Thank you.

  12. Reporter: “Did you hire Mr. Kinsella to destroy Mr. Bernier?”

    Schneer: “We don’t comment…..we don’t comment…..we don’t comment…..we don’t comment….”

    Reporter: “Why can’t you be transparent about this?”

    Schneer: “We don’t offer comments on vendors we may or may not have contracts with….”

    Is this the clown you want in Parliament?!?!?!?!?!?

    Harper 2.0.

  13. When you dodge questions , you are lying by ommission.

  14. This is the first time the MSM even if by proxy has gone to bat for the PPC.

  15. Canadian deserve better than this.

  16. Scheer gives the name LOSER a whole new meaning.

  17. He’s starting to answer questions like Justin.
    Vote for a REAL person – Peoples Party MAX BERNIER, PPC all the way!!!

  18. Scheer and Trudeau are a joke. PPC 2019!!!

  19. Look at the faces behind Andrew Smear, his party members look shocked and scared… And so they should be, long Live the PPC!

  20. What an embarrassment for conservative leadership. PPC 2019. LET’S GO, MAX!

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