Schiff: Is DOJ Probing Trump Attempt To Steal Election? And If Not—Why?

“Is this something the Justice Department is investigating? And if it isn’t, why aren’t they?” asks Rep. Adam Schiff about Trump urging Georgia to find phony votes, among other moves in his effort to stay in power. 
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    1. @Daniel It’s amazing how your photo is EXACTLY what I imagined someone who wrote your comment would look like. 🤣
      You are completely brainwashed. My man, if there was ANY proof/evidence, it would already be out.
      If I were you, I’d suggest you focus on your corrupt & vile party. Especially your President, who genuinely doesn’t know what day it is. It’s frightening. Move on from Trump. It’s just sad at this point.

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis landlords can’t collect rent on their properties. That means if you are a landlord, the government can force you to pay for others to live in your property, or face jail time. Property rights are gone. Wake up.

    1. Where was homeland security on the 6th? They have proved themselves to be worthless and should be shut down the cia and FBI should have been able to stop the attack as well but also did nothing

    2. @Zach Riley because there not going to because they are all crooks who have been paid off just watch and see they are dragging it out until we get sick of hearing about it and just want t it to go away

    3. @Zach Riley It’s easy to say,” hurry up and apprehend these criminals”, it’s so obvious they are guilty. Right? But, to effectively make any of the claims stick, every bit of the evidence, records, etc needs be solid, and air tight. Otherwise, it can be torn apart in court. Any every loophole with be targeted. And hello, sh*tshow.

  1. Senators never face accountability! The justice system allows senators and congress to break laws daily.

    1. we will not win. 40% of the voters is represented by 60% of seats in congress. and when they win in 2024, they will pardon everyone.

    2. The crooks won’t go after each other that’s all they are is crooks dont forget that and dont fall for their devide and conquer

    1. All evidence is the Democrat stole the election. This is pure counter BS. Nobody believes this

  2. They gonna brew this into a fight. Trump has his fan club cards coming in a few weeks for those die hard money giving loyalists. It’s his own Mickey Mouse club for wackos.

  3. Its good to know even when not in the white house anymore trump still lives in the minds of these people he didn’t become potus he became a forever remembrance in theyre minds forever to be hahahaha

  4. Lmao. Imagine being so obsessive and compulsively salivating at the mouth to talk about any and everything Trump related. It is so insanely pathetic. I can’t. 🤣🤣🤣

  5. When is the DOJ going to investigate the states that violated their states constitutional laws concerning voting regulations like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and Arizona.

    1. Schiff is a douchbag for being part of the cover up and nothing he does from this point forward can stop truth and justice and election integrity! Schiff is trying to SILENCE an investigation into voter law crimes! Schiff is attempting to obstruct justice!

      Schiff, YOU cannot stop true Americans from counting votes the proper way unlike the soon to be criminally charged Boards of Elections in several counties with felonies for violations of the federal and state voter laws. Schiff defines the coverup.

  6. Adam Schiff looks like the uncle you won’t invite to family gatherings because there are young children present…..

  7. “I know everybody here will soon be marching over to the Capital building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.” — President Donald J. Trump But this lying devil continues to ignore truth.

  8. Everyone in the country including my dog knew people were going to protest the capital, except Pelosi and the FBI LOL

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