Schiff: Trump laying foundation for 'vengeful Biden administration' 1

Schiff: Trump laying foundation for ‘vengeful Biden administration’


When asked about President Donald Trump potentially pardoning his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) says Trump acted corruptly coming into office and is determined to do the same on his way out.

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    1. Once you see how much info has been concealed along with the extent of censorship that has taken place, you might have an epiphany moment where you start to question who the bad guys really are if you’re feeling open minded. The MSM is evil, and eventually people will see through the manipulation (I hope).

    2. @Tanya Degurechaff
      Hey genius, was a republican until 2016…do you know how many people like me are in America?
      It’s not so much I’m pro-Biden, I think all politicians are crooks, but I am DEFINITELY ANTI trump

    3. @Tanya Degurechaff
      So let me correct myself…dump and his cult are ruining our country
      Why don’t you go buy some land with this wannabe Jim Jones!

    1. @mugwump242 I always liked that actor…he was noticeable in small parts, always did his job…can’t ask for more.

    2. Lets just wait and see.
      It’s so wierd seeing MSM going full on speculation mode.
      Trump has said so many lies… Many seem to be coming true.
      CNN lied more.

    1. hall except that “lock them up” is a well worn chant from the right not the left. So…. great projection!

    2. specualtion as news.
      Must be great… In the old days they just talked what about what happend and not about what could happen.
      Ill wait and see, this is probally like so many things CNN reported on. Fake News.

    1. A pardon is an admission of guilt. It essentially is forgiveness of an act. Its gonna be very said to see him pardon his family and lawyer. Essentially would mean crooks where leading this country the last 4 years.

    2. @Daniel Gallagher Trump don’t cooperate with the investigation. Didn’t answer questions, told other people in his cabin to not show up for court. If he don’t do anything wrong why do these things.

    3. @James Perry No evidence of ever colluding with Russia. Dossier was proven to be filled with false claims. Money tracked from DNC to Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele. Just shut up, you have no idea what you’re talking about and you’re trying to keep a COMPLETELY debunked hoax a reality. Shut up.

    4. @James Perry Answer the question: if the claims made on the dossier were true with the so called “evidence” that Adam Schiff has, how is Trump still in office? Exactly. Errrrgh. Sit down and shut up.

    1. @Ash Roskell it may be impossible to find an impartial jury in this country, I think we should have one flown in from somewhere like say, Iran, I hear they’re jolly nice people.

    1. Yes. Pres. Ford’s Nixon Pardon covered anything Nixon did starting from the first day in office to the last day in office. Nothing before or after counted.

    2. Just because something can be done doesn’t mean it should be Trumps mentality is I will do what I can get away with right or wrong regardless of the decent thing or presidential thing he knows his base is brain washed through and through

    1. Hey brother you need to watch a different news agency Bill Clinton pardon Jeffrey Epstein on his last day in office

    2. ya man stop watching cnn, they’re fake news, there numbers have absolutely plummeted in the last few years and everyone on there hates there jobs it’s totally fake

    3. Once you see how much info has been concealed along with the extent of censorship that has taken place, you might have an epiphany moment where you start to question who the bad guys really are if you’re feeling open minded. The MSM is evil, and eventually people will see through the manipulation (I hope).

  1. He’s just an accident wanting a place to happen … Without money Trump would be a nothing ( well other people’s money )

    1. Once you see how much info has been concealed along with the extent of censorship that has taken place, you might have an epiphany moment where you start to question who the bad guys really are if you’re feeling open minded. The MSM is evil, and eventually people will see through the manipulation (I hope).

  2. All I know is if they don’t pass a package that will help everyone, these politicians are going to get merked. There will be some desperate people.

    1. The democrats finally are voting on a 900 billion dollar relief bill. Quite funny actually, because before the elections the democrats were saying a 1.8 trillion dollar bill was too small and refused to vote on it

    2. So tell us, what exactly are “desperate people’ going to do? Take down the gov’t? We are all slaves now.

  3. A self dealing pardon requires an automatic indictment to challenge its constitutionality. Considering accepting a pardon requires an admission of guilt the odds aren’t looking good for the Orange Team.

    1. @Noreb Because they are corrupt judges, they didn’t even listen. Have you seriously not seen anything yet? That proves my point about censorship and concealment of info. I have experienced it first hand many times. It only happens to the right wing because we are trying to keep people from being fooled by exposing corruption and fraud. I don’t hate you, only those who manipulate you. Take a step back and reevaluate what is really going on here

    2. @Scally Wag do you have a concussion?… like seriously are you joking right now? its YOU who is being manipulated and quite frankly this is pathetic. you should feel embarrassed that you have become so ignorant that literally nothing but what dear leader says can be taken as truth by you and your ilk. the judges have all listened and seen all of the circus show that trumps soon to be former lawyers have been putting on. its absolutely pathetic.

    3. @Scally Wag because your ignorance is inexcusable in the age of the internet never mind the fact its corrosive to western democracy on the whole. you are hold us back as a species because you refuse to learn and expect people to coddle you and hold your hand.


    4. @Tanya Degurechaff I believe you are wrong. Pardons are for the guilty. Other legal avenues are available for the wrongfully convicted. I see your point in theory though.

    1. @Chris Lee Lefties again proving that they have zero original ideas. Repeating my insults to you isn’t clever.

    1. @EPIC MIKEY go back under your bridge troll. I actually have seen the mobile morgues. I knew a married couple that both died. In America, bodies are piling up so fast we can’t handle them in many places. Nobody will be laughing when we have to start burning bodies en masse, and people are falling dead in the streets because we dont have enough hospitals and medical staff. BTW dying from covid when you have a condition is still dying from covid, because without the covid, you wouldn’t have died. That was the factor that did you in. Do you get it now? Maybe covid hasn’t hit your locality hard yet. I hope it never does. Maybe you haven’t seen anyone die from it. I hope you never do. What does anyone stand to gain from faking this? World economies are crashing. GDPs are going to hit an all time low. Leaders are finding their positions more threatened than ever. The people are suffering socially, physically, emotionally, and economically. You know what? You couldn’t see the Spanish flu, but it didn’t care. You couldn’t see Ebola when it came to America, but it did. You couldn’t see H1N1, but I caught it, and it was a rough few days. Covid doesn’t care what you believe, it infects your lungs, and liquefies them. But just for the sake of arguement, let’s say it isn’t that bad. Are you really being forced to give up all free will? No. Wear a mask. Socially distance. Get tested if you think you were exposed. Stay away from others if you’re sick. And remember, some cases are asymptomatic like with similar viruses, you may just be a carrier. Kind of like when a cold or flu spreads through everyone in a workplace, but there’s always one or two people that dont seem to get sick, or at least it doesn’t affect them badly.

    2. @Recklar T covid is totally real and miserable to people with health conditions, but you do know they are pushing an agenda, and covid 19 is the power horse and a lot of the numbers are lies

    1. Wow demons were exposed 2020 satanist and traitors – couldn’t me more consuming . Democrats fell hard

    2. Since when does innocence mean anything to a bunch of hateful crazed DemoKKKrats? Remember the 3 year Russia hoax,Goober?

    3. @David Eby who could forget?! dozens indicted, many of your love’s inner circle including the commie Paul Manafort & disgraced Flynn. Comrade Manafort’s chest paid for investigation! Pardon, pardon pardon!

      DemoKKKrats don’t try criminal cases or reject fake election fraud lawsuits, Trump appointed Judges DO.


    1. @M HallBy the way, today’s high temperature in California will be 64゚F which is 17.7° celcius

      Кстати, сегодня высокая температура в Калифорнии составит 64 ゚ F, что составляет 17,7 ° по Цельсию.

      Don’t forget before you go home today, go take your break and have some Russian vodka and a Russian cigarette.

      Я тоже тебя люблю.

    2. You must be talking about Biden because Trump donates his paycheck to charity and already has millions.

    1. @David Eby yes sir exactly stealing the election would be an attack on democracy & ppl are fed up w/demokkkrats using ANTIFA & BLM to attack local businesses did Amazon, Google, or any huge corporations suffer NO only sole proprietors who run or own small businesses…BigTech & MSM will continue to censor any voice besides their own & that just shows they could careless about the constitution hell Beijing Biden said he’ll come for all guns bigger/stronger than a pistol stating ppl don’t need an AR to hunt deer so I believe Democrats want to destroy/rewrite the constitution certainly end free speech (1st amendment) come after guns (2nd amendment byebye) infringe as much as possible on religion & last by not least ending fair elections or THE ABILITY OF THE PEOPLE TO SELECT THEIR REPRESENTATIVES… destroying any vestiges of what this country was founded on religious freedom from persecution, freedom to elect officials of government , & right to free speech DID I MISS ANYTHING?!? lol

    2. Why do you pardon people who have not been charged, convicted and sentenced? Is it that they each have to do an allocutiop of their crimes and admit their guilt, and then Trump absolves them from consequence, other than admitting their guilt? What exactly is involved?

    1. @Evan Giles he can it’s happened before, it’s very rare, the problem with pardoning before someone is charged is he has to watch the wording he can’t make it to specific or vague

    2. @Xman I don’t know what country your from ……….. But in United States of America no NO president to date has pardon his self ! The only dotard who said he will do his self is trump !

    3. @Xman It has never happened here in the states. Nixon was pardoned but by President Ford. No president has ever pardoned himself.

  4. “Someone is going to get hurt, someone is going to get shot, someone is going to get killed,” said Sterling. “This has to stop.”

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