Schumer Calls On President Biden To Declare ‘Climate Emergency’ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Schumer Calls On President Biden To Declare 'Climate Emergency' | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


    1. @Son of Tiamat I’ve seen the video of your face mugshot, Son of Tiamat. You’re definitely an incel 😂😂😂

    2. @My Tale You use minorities as a cudgel for beating all the people who bullied you in school

      Also, Europeans are a global minority

  1. Please, these snippets are useless without context – MSNBC, are you please going to publish this as a single video?

    1. Which one? Shift for all his lying or the punk who was banging the Chinese spy. Day it was public he claimed it was TRUMP getting back at him for never releasing the proof of RUSSIAN COLLUSION. Then 3 weeks later he said” I was proud to help FBI identify the Chinese agent. So which one was it swallowswell.

    2. Why isn’t WHO? the reason there is so much confusion and mis-information about topics is because people don’t write or speak clearly. CLARITY is the first element of TRUTH. Vagueness is the first element in falsehoods, propaganda and kaos.

    3. You know there are other people around the world are saying why didn’t the pro Trump mob accomplish their mission I don’t know they f***** up otherwise we wouldn’t be having these f****** like this come giving the interviews when they should be taking care of business for the American people but that’s okay because one pro Trumper told one of the capital police we’re coming back next time and when we do we’re not going to be so f****** nice about it now that gave me chills it really did that when they come back the next time it’s not going to be pretty next time means they’ll be armed to the teeth Trump has a million man standing army that he can activate at any time and he don’t need Twitter to do it now that’s a scary f****** thought and eat them out put them on trial I don’t think so Nancy pelosi need to let that s*** go man let It go it ain’t worth it

    4. @DIY REVIEWER No it’speople believing, tyt. Never doing any spot checking. cenk or the gash say it’s fact. Even when it soundso stupid ,I mean beyond belief.. To make a point one night while Showing some kids what liars tyt are. I just made up some crazy b.s. story tyt morons spread it all over tyt channel. AJW is one of the better shows that show tyt out and out lie’s.
      every time I fact check tyt

      lie’s especially cenk, who makes it up as he goes along. It was glorious watching him make a complete fool out of you.

  2. The most important issue is that humans can continue breathing on a regular basis. The two greatest threats to this are the pandemic and climate change. Controlling both are pro life concerns.

    1. My comment above reads, “How about the deaths of thousands of Americans every day, from a rampant virus? Is THAT not a National Emergency? As well as Climate Change?” Surely he has multiple grounds? The insurrection was not a spontaneous event, either! That, as we’re learning more and more, was a plotted Coup Attempt! Which trump green lit three days before! However incompetent, we have an insurgency in our midst, with GOP members STILL trying to smuggle guns into Congress, and seditious propagandists STILL claiming the election was, “a steal,” when they KNOW it’s not! I’d say you can throw a stick and hit a random National Emergency from your own front door! Why not combine them all?

    2. Rely on real science rather than political science. You are very correct about the pandemic. We know however the climate change is driven by solar, geological and Astronomical events. Within the last few years there has been over 140 new scientific papers affirming recent non-warming and providing proof that the past was much warmer than today.

    1. @N W what will a wall do anyway? Cartwls5and Mexicans can dig under it, some can climb over it at places less patrolled or use tools to cut a part of the wall. Besides some cases mexican steal portion of the wall for their own protection against gangs.

  3. Awesome right after you declare a tax the rich emergency. I’m tired of my tax dollars supporting socialism for the rich.

  4. I hope they do treat it as an emergency, we received never heard of tornado warnings yesterday here in Arizona while raining and hailing at the same time.

    1. What you obviously don’t get it Arizona and Nevada are deserts the more people you have the more trees planted the more humidity is created ,thus in all actuality your are transforming what is mostly desert and creating weather , I am sure you are very smart , but common,

  5. We need a political party the believes in American values. In God we trust. Liberty and united in the fact that we’re all Americans..

  6. Why are so many american people blind when the climat is calling urgency, do you real think that you are living on a island in Kentucky, Missouri and and…..

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