SCOTUS preview: LGBTQ rights to affirmative action | USA TODAY

USA TODAY’s John Fritze previews the upcoming Supreme Court term with cases that involve LGBTQ rights to affirmative action.

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Even as the fallout continues over its controversial abortion ruling in June, the Supreme Court is gearing up for a new term in which its conservative majority will wade into questions about race, LGBTQ rights and federal elections. The nation's highest court has agreed to hear 27 arguments so far – roughly half its expected caseload for the term that will likely end in June 2023.

Perhaps the most closely watched cases at the Supreme Court this term involve race-conscious admissions policies at Harvard College and the University of North Carolina. Those schools consider race as one of many factors in deciding whether to accept prospective students, a policy that is consistent with current Supreme Court precedent. But an anti-affirmative action group has argued the policies discriminate against Asian American and white candidates in violation of federal law and the Constitution.

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    1. I thjnk its kinda ironic how you put laughing emojis after saying that the USA is gonna collapse 😂 😂

    1. @Ryan Cruz well it actually contradicts the idea of equal rights if the color of your skin or your sexual orientation gets you a job or a position and a company or Academia more easily than that in itself is discrimination

    1. the real question is, why does this video present them with false hope. A liberal judge was replaced by a liberal judge after years of a liberal dominated scotus and years of a gridlocked scotus

  1. Affirmative action needs to be eased out of. Theres so many work places that do not give the job to skilled people fit for that job, but instead to a good statistic on paper. Its anything but liberty.

  2. A volleyball girl team was banned from changing in the locker rooms because they were uncomfortable changing in front of a trans student, a boy who claims hes a girl.

  3. Equity is bringing racism back. Hiring people for any reason other than “Who’s the best for the job” is an unfair and immoral reason. Race or sexual preference should never once factor into any hiring decisions.

    1. Straight white people are cool though but let’s be honest… Part of White Culture is working hard to raise a family. Other cultures can’t understand this concept

    2. That’s the ONLY valid hiring reason. However, I do reserve the right to not hire people if I don’t like them. For whatever reason. It’s not like I have to tell them the real reason I didn’t hire them.

  4. Why the hell should they get affirmative action???? This is ridiculous 🤦🏼‍♀️! In my opinion, no one should. Everyone can work hard & earn their way to the top best schools ECT. No one is above or below anyone else. The sooner some realize this the better

    1. @C K if my ship is sunk and my mates all flee and i can not save them for the life of me i pray their deaths to be redeemed; their king is dead.

  5. Affirming our second amendment rights will always be a fight, but none of our other rights will stand the test of time if this one ever falls. The 2nd protects the rest.

  6. You have to pass a test to become a doctor and lawyer, why not any other profession? You know, to make sure you’re capable of doing the job!

  7. Affirmative Action (AA) should have been done away with decades ago. Not only does it disproportionally affect Asian Americans, but it adds an asterisk next to anyone of color who legitimately is talented and just as deserving as their white or Asian peers. I know it’s intentions were good, but black and brown people are insanely talented and resilient, and I think we need to give them a chance to succeed on their own merits, and I also think the racist white people in favor of AA will be surprised just how much black and brown people still succeed despite its removal. It is way past time that society stops infantilizing black and brown people by saying “its ok, we know you aren’t as good as whites or Asians, but we will still give you spots to meet a skin color quota as a participation trophy.” I don’t think anyone other than racist white people want AA anymore.

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