SCOTUS Rejects Presidential Immunity; Renders Trump Regular | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. The Supreme Court’s ruling spooked Trump, so I assume it is good news for the United States.

    1. The two go hand in hand, seeing that Drumpf’s entire golf game revolves around lying about why he’s in a bunker… only fitting that his presidential game uses the same excuses!

  2. Bribery (Ukraine) obstructing of justice abuse of power.. Trump University
    (Fraud) Charity fraud. No kidding SCOTUS the bar is very very low.

  3. Don’t get complacent. If you don’t want Trump for a second term, go VOTE! The complacency helped Trump win last time when people laughed at his chances of becoming president.

    1. Yes, don’t just assume because Trump’s polling numbers are in the tank now, let’s send a strong message. Vote by any means possible. Vote absentee if you wish not to go to the polls. We need to soundly reject Trump and get that second blue wave to splash over Washington.

    2. He has a lower chance than before but anyone who was arrogant and didn’t vote in 2016 will vote this year. That is the real silent majority.

  4. What does a Trump supporter and a bottle of beer have in common?
    They’re both empty from the neck up.

  5. Donald Trump’s incompetence, ignorance & indifference
    has made him the most deadly, job-killing president in our history.

  6. Trump: Appointed two people to the supreme court to do his dirty work
    * those two people voted against him *
    Curb your Enthusiasm music: Bom Bom bom….

    1. Side Note They saw it as the only chance to revive the Republican Party, now it’s collapsing and they don’t want to be remembered for that.

    2. Side Note because Clarence Thompson has stopped EVEN PRETENDING TO BE IMPARTIAL A LONG TIME AGO! 😂 He should have recused himself bc he and his wife are personal friends with Trump and his wife even works for Trump in the white house… Her job is literally to find and weed out any staff not utterly loyal to Trump above all. There’s a real sickness going on at the very highest level of our government

    3. C Cole : They had an impeachment, “trial,” at which the, “judges,” were mostly GOP, witnesses were banned and trump’s conspirators were sitting on the, “jury,” who all proudly announced their, “verdict,” before the trial even started. You don’t think a little think like abject rank corruption is going to cause people to recuse themselves, do you? 😉

  7. He better get all his businesses out of his name because when the state of New York finishes with him there will probably be nothing left! On top of that he’ll probably in up in a cell with Michael Cohen! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Trump always talks out of his… well put it this way, if you want to shut him up just give him an enema

  9. Don’t see much difference from germany’s people after 3 yrs dooming the country in plain sight an what’s going on now with trump , both had/have insane administrations and just another day of death, insanity and greed, nothing is being done to stop this tragedy , really how much worse does it have to get !

  10. Oh this is bad trump is going to declare war on New York state and try to nuke his way out of prison

    1. You might not be all that out there on this. He has been wanting nuclear tests lately. Could be a threat. Wish I were being hyperbolic.

    2. Trump hates ny…he hates that Cuomo stands up to him…he hates that he cant put his cronies in SDNY prosecutors office…he hates the BLM mural…ny is a progressive state…and by nature..we typically do not keep our mouths shut…except Guilani….i think you are very much onto something…but i also think ny is ready for whatever he dishes out.

  11. Breaking News!!! Trump not above the law….THIS is where we’re at… whoo hoo time to celebrate!! WTF!!!!

    1. Looks like 45* will have to dig his way even deeper through the bottom of the barrel to find a conservative SCOTUS judge willing to debase himself enough to protect 45* the way he wanted them to.

  12. Remember, this is what Republicans call “sent from god”

    A man who has so many criminal angles you can’t keep track..

    Only the….. best?

  13. He was just trying to block it. He’ll settle for obstruction until he no longer needs to comply. He’s snake-oil selling days are over.

    1. No that’s not correct remember Cyrus Vance Jr he’s about to become one of the worlds figures who will put the 1st president in prison, I would say the Trump family won’t be happy campers today, Barr can’t do sweet f/a about it

  14. What’s frustrating is that ordinary citizens have had to raise all objections at the outset. He didn’t bother and got away with slow walking this thing.

  15. Imagine, Donalds Presidency ends and he finds himself in front of a pretty annoyed court. I’d like to see the orange in orange.

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