SCOTUS upholds Affordable Care Act, rules against NCAA | USA TODAY

Supreme Court issues decisions on Obamacare, NCAA antitrust case

The Supreme Court ruled on some big topics in 2021, including Obamacare, NCAA antitrust cases and religious adoption agencies denying LGBTQ parents.

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  1. Thank you, Supreme Court Justices for allowing the Affordable Care Act to stand and Obamacare for all Americans people in the USA and also for the Athletic Players too. President Obama said that the Affordable Care is here to stay. Congratulations to President Barack Obama for a job well done and members of Congress of the United States too.

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  2. My family medical and dental insurance used to be $200 a month until Obama came around and blasted it to over $400 a month and I cant choose my own doctor. ACA isn’t even constitutional and the Supreme Court knows it, which is why it did this matrix style Dodge for the 3rd time in a row before being forced to acknowledge that it is unconstitutional. It’s the same dodge they pulled with the Texas vs cheaters case. They know it’s not constitutional, they just don’t want to hear the case. If we cannot have a constitutional legal Justice system from the feds, you’re just giving people more reasons to have a convention of States to limit federal abuse of power.

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