1. @Brady Typically yes. This situation is not typical. These vaccines have been rushed to completion, and posts about negative side effects are being suppressed.

      Just watch the Joe Rogan podcast with Brett Weinstein where they talk about Ivermectin.

      It’s a very dirty situation.

    2. @Nick Dionne Yessir! YouTube let’s you edit your comments so it’s not too late to change yours. If the nitpick is about emergency approval you can change it to “Like liberals are currently doing… with a vaccine that the FDA has granted emergency use approval?” No need to use falsehoods to try to make your point.


    3. @Nick Dionne Fair enough, I’ll have to disagree with you on the point about suppression but I will keep an open mind about/eye on side effects over time and if I see that they outweigh the benefits, I’ll change my mind about it. For now, my trust is in the bodies of medical professionals who recommend it. Have a good evening.

  1. Even without the pandemic, “normal” has already been redefined to include right wing lunatics literally everywhere you look.

    1. Well, as a sidline viewer your party used to have the same definition of normal, it has just been recently they have adopted the new normal. It has become rather entertaining though.

    1. One more vote for Biden, added to those Felons on 1/6, that’s enough to swing some districts. Kepp it up cult sheep. Keep it up!

    1. @Frank Boguszewski when will you get it through your head that facts are facts, regardless of who reports them. But fiction is more appealing to weak minds.

    2. @WilliamOccamensis CNN viewers are the weak minded ones.To believe what they say highlights that.Thank you for your stupidity.

  2. Every talking head on Fox has been vaccinated. No matter what they say. They cannot go to work on 6th ave if they werent.

    1. Fox spoon feeds their viewers like they’re plastic dolls. The kind with the creepy eyes that roll up and down.

    2. You notice Tucker Carlson won’t say if he had the vaccine or not, because he has and what would his followers think?

    3. @Donald Thomas The wouldn’t think anything because they respect ones right to choose, unlike intolerant liberals. Remember when liberals used to say “my body my choice”?


      The groups with the smallest vaccination rates are blacks and Hispanics.

      CNN is propaganda

  3. At this point they are stuck with the narrative they have peddled.

    How can they now tell alll their viewers they have been lying to them for over a year?? That’ll go down well eh?

    1. Every dead GQP voter, is one more vote for Biden, added to those 600 Felons on 1/6, that’s enough to swing some districts. Keep it up cult sheep. Keep it up!

    2. The groups with the smallest vaccination rates are blacks and Hispanics.

      So what’s that you said about peddling a narrative?

    1. @Belly Dancer Em Republicans didn’t vote for a person who’s raising taxes and causing massive inflation ,and letting thousands of unvaccinated people cross the border ,so who does that make stupid!

    2. @Shawn Silliman the inflation is a direct result of 5he Trump virus, and it is unvaccinated conservatives that are spreading covid, not migrants

    3. @D M the virus however does not respect your right to choose. It’s a Communist virus, a Democrat virus, that forces itself on people without their consent. The information virus that has infected you is much the same.

  4. The new GOP looks to politics and religion for facts and shuns science. Not smart. They will pay the price, but we need to make sure the rest of us don’t.

  5. good reporting, unfortunatly many more people will die to the misinformation being pumped out which I think should be held accountable for their untruths.

  6. When Pro-Life meets Anti-Vaccine. “We’ll fight for your right to live until you’re born. After that, you’re on your own.”

    1. @Shawn Silliman …but no can “catch” pregnancy from a pregnant woman, so not really the same. Vaccinations are the only way to currently stop the spread (and mutation) of a virus that is literally killing people. Should drunk driving be legal on the same grounds that “government can’t tell me what to do”?

    1. @Nick Dionne Nicky boy cut and pastes this on every comment. Too much free time or not a real person.

    2. @Shifty McGee462 Absolutely

      I’ve pasted it a ton

      People who watch CNN don’t get facts

      You’re welcome

    3. @Shifty McGee462 Think about it…

      You’re triggered because I am posting facts that don’t fit your narrative.

      Way to be…

  7. I’m shocked we have lasted this long as a democracy when one considers the idiocy of the last 4+ years. Over 600,000 “unvaccinated” Americans have died from COVID. We have GOP opposition to a proven and free solution to this pandemic. The stupidity/corruption from so-called intelligent politicians is staggering.

    1. All of the world’s democracies struggle due to their use of primitive voting methods, which count at most one majority. A modern method would count all of the head-to-head majorities — analogous to a round robin tournament. It would need only one round of voting, in which each voter expresses his/her order of preference.
      Robert’s Rules sort of shows the way, because it counts head-to-head majorities when a group is voting on motions. The Robert’s Rules method is analogous to a single elimination tournament, though, which isn’t as good as a round robin tournament.
      Head-to-head opinion polls also help show the way, sort of. Recall the head-to-head polls during the 2020 primary election season? Those polls found multiple majorities: a majority preferred Biden over Trump, a majority preferred Sanders over Trump, a majority preferred Buttigieg over Trump, etc. The pollsters didn’t ask some key head-to-head questions, such as “Biden versus Sanders,” “Kasich versus Trump,” etc., but they could have. They could have asked (samples of) voters for their orders of preference and counted all the head-to-head majorities, if they’d been paid to do that.
      Counting all the head-to-head majorities would effectively eliminate spoiling, eliminate the need for primary elections, end the two party system, end political polarization, reliably defeat extremists, stabilize and settle policies, and create a much stronger incentive for politicians to adopt policies similar to the policies the voters would collectively choose in a direct democracy.
      Primitive voting methods are like an arsonist. Everyone is running around fighting never-ending arson fires, and no one is trying to stop the arsonist. The simple way forward is to use citizens’ initiatives (in states that allow them) to force those states to switch to a modern voting method… but activists are unaware of the underlying problem, and too busy fighting fires.

  8. until some people come face to face with this disease, they will never acknowledge it as a problem. there is no talking to them, there is no persuading them so until they or some close unvaccinated family member gets a full dose of covid, just let it go.
    the US has raised generations of science deniers and this is what happens. it is also partly a result of all rights and no responsibilities along with there are only 3 people that count me myself and i and if i have a family maybe them.

  9. I think Hannity and FOX have just realised they’re killing their meal tickets. They don’t care who they vote for, they just want the viewers to watch and give them high ratings and earn more money!

  10. I find it rather peculiar that most of the Republicans supporting antivax theories and telling THEIR supporters to not get vaccinated but just gamble and maybe die, are all vaccinated themselves!

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