SE Cupp: If the world feels like it’s on fire … that’s because it is

SE Cupp: If the world feels like it's on fire ... that's because it is 1


As President Donald Trump lands in France for the G7, CNN's SE Cupp looks at the fires Trump started in the US with his recent political plays. #CNN #News

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  1. President of the U.S. and President of Brazil

    A match made in Hell

  2. This, from the guys who is having all of his campaign hats, banners and flags made in China.

  3. Wages are woefully inadequate
    Don’t lie

    • @Spicy Meatball It depends what you have to offer. I guess the Waffle House just aint workin for ya buddy! Try McDonalds. They offer $15 an hour here in NY.

    • @joe blow Well, *THAT’s* a rational analysis of @Carl Bailey’s comment . . . . o_O

  4. Who would have thought that a reality-show billionaire conman could be such an incompetent president?

    Edit: The Russian bots are really well-prepared with their talking points today. отличная работа, товарищ.

    • @Burak Fyre illegals costing U.S. taxpayers 153 billions a year … WE THE U.S. people ARE paying … YOU POSdickwad.

    • Who would have thought you could be so STUPID

    • @Doug Shaw Please enlighten us all with your brilliant insights on how Chump has kept his promises?

    • Bernadette Cavadi | August 25, 2019 at 12:28 PM | Reply

      I did..I’m from NY…he’s always been an a#$hole

    • I love seeing these snivelling comments from the trumpery, desperately trying to turn reality on its head and pretend Rhode Island is bigger than Alaska, the Wall — SOB — is *SO* being built, and donald is — SOB! — *_totally_* a success…!

  5. You mean Trump’s hanging onto Obama’s economy.

    • Obama and his ugly wife ruined the world, set up back 150 years.

    • Tessmage Tessera | August 25, 2019 at 12:23 PM | Reply

      @kingtut777 Prove it.

    • Tessmage Tessera There was not one positive indicator in the Obama economy. Everything he did was propped by government money. He did nothing but spend 8 years telling us that we were more racist than before we elected an unqualified, incompetent, spoiled, ungrateful, child, to be president, simply because he was black.

    • Supre Macy So far he is the most effective and successful president in the last 80 years. We don’t need to make excuses for him.

    • @William H bullshit lies and rightwing conspiracy. Keep drinking the koolade

  6. Bolsonaro has picked fights with the indigenous people of the Amazon. He has sided himself with the large farming industries. He has also grant China rights to the resources under the Amazon.

    I think the farmers started the fires but Bolsonaro turned a blind eye and later accused ENVIRONMENTALISTS of burning their precious Amazon…makes no sense. He allowed the jungle to burn for days. Only after global pressure, after he lashed out against Macron, he finally capitulated to stop the burning.

    Demonstrating a vocal concern about the burning of the Amazon is not an IMPERALISTIC attitude. The rainforest is EVERYONE’S concern.

    • @Dani
      First….chill….take a breath.

      Go back to my original statement. I am happy that you agree with my previous statement that the land is being cleared for the likes of China. I wrote that Bolsonaro chooses to ignore the fires because he wants the land cleared. Why does he want the land cleared for farming and the resources…one of those countries he is keen to hand over rights to is China. I already explained why. Again, glad you agree.

      “There is no problem in selling meat and soy, the problem is to sell our land to them or other foreigner.

      So, we are happy with the trade war, in some way, because US was the largest soy producer and now we can be the first place.”

      You are right about the fires in Alaska and Siberia (the permafrost should be a major concern).

    • @KB Peters No, its not for the likes of China. Its for the likes of business. Its just coincidence that china is the one whonis buying it.

      And, not, the land is not being cleared for them, because our meat and agrobussiness comes mainly from non-amazon land. Our cattles are mainly in south and our agrobussiness is mainly outside amazon. The only relevant state that is from amazon and has a signficant agro productivity is Mato Grosso. But they produces more soy than anything. And who create our soy business were the Americans and Japanese.
      I think it was on nixon era, when they stop selling soy to japanese. So, japanese started to invest in brazil, what makes our soy production more technological and productive. Japan was the main consumer, but china started buying too and today they huy more.
      Its just business.

      Btw, no relevant agrobussiness or meat producers burn land. Thats an old technique, only ilegal producers does that. And as is illegal the state dont earn what it could be earned if it was legal. So, its not interest to us.

    • @KB Peters Yeah, should be a major concern. But are you talking more about the amazon or the siberian forets?

      Amazon is a quasi-static system. The decomposed forest consumes the same O2 the plants produces, its a cicle. Its not the lungs of the world.

    • KB Peters, Facts! Bump!

  7. seeking wisdom | August 25, 2019 at 9:29 AM | Reply

    Funny how a tribe they were trying to evict from the amazon, won their day in court. Now their area is on fire.

    • @pascal bxl I do. I just to refuse to accept the liberal bs they are trying to push in order to gain money and power. We gotta shift our energy sources gradually and steadily as we are because the finite crude oil resource is limited to just 100 years worth of use when growth averages are factored in. I also refuse to be brainwashed that Obama policy and Bush policy mirrored and the BS he added on to domestic natural resource extraction hinders current trends and keeps transition nearly impossible. Basically, in order to create energy, we gotta dig lots of dirt and wash lots of rocks in order to get the base raw materials to make usable products. Status quo trade energy and environmental policies gotta go.

    • @pcwcol It has only risen a around 100 ppm since pre global industrialization. There’s a wealth of unbiased and thoroughly honest research information that shows atmospheric carbon level history going back billions of years. Historical Ecological trends follow atmospheric trends to an extent. What we are just beginning to understand is the effect sun patterns play in climate change.

    • @Jeffrey English ROTFLMAO! Make Assholes Go Away – Love It!
      As for Bullshitski feel free to take it & put it on a T-shirt, hat ect. But if you make a serious profit from it I would like at least 25% – I wanta help out whoever the DOC selects to boot Trumpski outta the Oval Office! 😉

  8. She failed to notice that Alaska is also on fire, helping to melt the arctic in order to better flood our cities. Meanwhile Trump aides are telling every reporter in Europe that climate change is a niche issue. Macron did his best by starting out with a semi private lunch with Trump, but what whatever was in Trump’s lunch that kept him mostly human for hours had finally worn off in time for his regular late night twitter rampage. Insanity spewing in every direction…

    • Hildebeast Clinton | August 25, 2019 at 11:46 AM | Reply

      ruth depew The natural CO2 flux to and from oceans and land plants amounts to approximately 210 gigatons of carbon annually. Man currently causes about 8 gigatons of carbon to be injected into the atmosphere, about 4% of the natural annual flux.

    • @Jesi Colon Rodriguez The US purchased the Virgin Islands from Denmark in 1917 for 25 million – when they were not for sale.

  9. YES! A Sanders and/or Warren presidency! End the insular self-preservation of the parties’ establishment! Not only that, but replace them with a president (and possibly VP) who has experience in government, clearly articulated views and a track record of serving the people while in office!

    • That’s like Dumb and Dumber

    • That’s the only way I’d vote for that Sanders. If he ran with Warren. No more old white men.

    • Warren with Sanders – take them both. One as P the other as VP. That would be a change. Perhaps the nation will be ready to vote in 2020 if we can get fat americans off the couch for 35 minutes to vote on election day that is.

  10. Donald Trump is the Antichrist using the government to promote hate crimes racism he is tearing the world down if people act like they don’t see it it is judgement right now I’m here to change everything the fact of the point is there is no other choice but God here is here to show you who’s against God and who is against the people using the government to terraform white nationalist and racism and if anybody tried to contradict me is a liar a thief and a cheat and do anything to protect their Circle solidified up under the government of true hate crimes meaning the KKK these are facts ask yourself do you really want to see hell on Earth I’m encouraging you to do what’s right from the heart or see hell on Earth this is not about politics anymore it’s about Good vs Evil choose a side because there is no other choice but God I’m going to change everything with the people like it or not facts👑

    • Name one thing PRESIDENT TRUMP has done that is racist, you brain washed libtard?

    • Well then lets dance in the fiery pits of hell! Trump 2020!!

    • Mr. J's Educational Oasis | August 25, 2019 at 12:27 PM | Reply

      Otis Choice you are insane…. Homo Satanus attempts to unite the world under one religion and one government……. Trump is promoting national sovereignty and independence……. You invoke the name of God yet you support every form of abomination an affront to Him when you cast your vote… Infanticide, sodomy, gender bending, coveting through taxation, and a laundry list of other bullshit…. The KKK hasn’t been relevant in years You buffoon! KKK and WAR got hit with RICO cases decades ago, leadership sent away, money supply choked… There might be 50,000 members nation wide all groups COMBINED… When God has finally had enough of us, the end will be far more shocking and horrific than a Forrest fire….. Hopefully, the orderlies have come and returned you to your room at Shimmering Waters….

  11. Trump isn’t worried about the economy because he all his own money. M.A.C.A ( MAKING America crappy Again)

  12. Oscar Fernandez | August 25, 2019 at 10:38 AM | Reply

    While they talk about this US just reach a deal with Japan

    • Carl Bailey Don’t worry cupcake! AOC said you’re going to be dead here in a few years anyhow!

      Democrat Hard-working brown people burning down the rainforest!

    • texas thunder, don’t let your panties stuck up your crack get to you. Right wing president of Brazil brought to you by the Koch Brothers (May David Koch burn in hell — damn that there isn’t a heaven or hell, only Valhalla) helping Right Wing snow flakes destroy one acre at a time; its their thing and at least for now getting away with their crimes.

    • @Carl Bailey You are right. It’s the Vatican that should be on fire.

    • Oscar Fernandez
      , great!! Japan makes very quality products, unlike china

  13. the unemployment rate doesn’t include people who are not applying for unemployment because it ran out for them and they now live on the streets.

  14. This is just the start it’s downhill from here if he wins 20/20 God save us from this orange devil

  15. The same they did in California. Intencional 🔥 fires

  16. Brazil has its own Chump 😂 A weak minded, obese con artist with no leadership skills.

  17. Holy crap! Amazon is burning??? I guess there goes my delivery of “Trump 2020” stickers….oh wait, you mean the jungle! My bad….that’s not good.

  18. What I sense is CNN whining and crying and promoting their propaganda

  19. Racing Prospector | August 25, 2019 at 12:19 PM | Reply

    Meanwhile they don’t want you to know this happens every year… they just want to impose socialist policies on us….

  20. What has flaming Cheeto really done for the economy? Nothing

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