SE Cupp: The GOP has got its priorities all wrong

CNN Political Commentator SE Cupp looks at some of the political issues elevated by the Republican Party recently and questions who these lawmakers are really representing.


  1. Child tax credit for every American families, no GOP members of Congress voted for that too.

    1. @MITandMe NotIvy 500,000+Americans died during this pandemic. This is while Trump was President. The company that made the vaccine first. Never took any money from Trump nor the American government. HTF you cannot get current events right?

    2. @Gilbert Gaines – – Nice try but think I will go with the 169 years of the New York Times investigative journalism and the fact they despise Trump and yet the they gave credit to the Trump Administration for Warp Speed to put us ahead of any other country in the speedy creation and distribution of the COVID-19 Vaccines and even the most craven Bidentard can’t change this reality.

    3. @MITandMe NotIvy How can you take credit for the vaccine? When you never gave the company money. Because Trump said we needed a vaccine? Hey dumbass, the whole world said that we needed a vaccine. Trump didn’t do crap about Covid-19 vaccine. That is an American fact.

    4. She’s right, republicans are far too kind. Clearly force, destruction, rioting, and intimidation are the new forms of political power in America. Thank you CNN for setting us straight. If all it takes to blackmail major institutions is a few fire bombs, WHY DOESN’T EVERYONE DO IT???

    5. @Gilbert Gaines – – – Nice try but think I will go with the 169 years of the New York Times investigative journalism and the fact NYT despises Trump and yet the they gave credit to the Trump Administration for Warp Speed to put us ahead of any other country in the speedy creation and distribution of the COVID-19 Vaccines and even the most craven Bidentard can’t change this reality.

  2. Unfortunately representatives do not have to represent anyone these days. Only their own careers. Thanks gerrymandering

    1. She’s right, republicans are far too kind. Clearly force, destruction, rioting and intimidation are the new forms of political power in America. Thank you CNN for setting us straight. If all it takes to blackmail major institutions is a few fire bombs, WHY DOESN’T EVERYONE DO IT?

    2. @CLAWSEWITZ 431 Go ahead and believe the opinion shows on CNN. She is spinning so much , she must be dizzy. I am still waiting for CNN to tell us that Joe Biden fell three times , trying to board Airforce 1. They covered Trump for more that a week after he walked down a slippery ramp in leather souled shoes. Sanjay Gupta even put his two cents in and said Trump could have neurological damage. And he didn’t fall , Biden fell three times yesterday and the MSM won’t cover it. They are still skewing all news in favor of the Biden admin. I can’t wait for Biden’s first press conference , which he announced a month ahead of time !!!. It is all amazing , like a dream world, or nightmare. Trump had a press conference everyday, sometimes twice a day. It is so bad now in the US , I am entertained by how badly Biden is screwing things up. It is like a train wreck in slow motion.

    3. @MITandMe NotIvy yet it was Germany that came out with the first vaccine.
      and the45 administration that refuse to commit to buying enough of it.

    4. @V for Wombat – – Nice try but think I will go with the 169 years of the New York Times investigative journalism and the fact they despise Trump and yet the they gave credit to the Trump Administration for Warp Speed to put us ahead of any other country in the speedy creation and distribution of the COVID-19 Vaccines and even the most craven Bidentard can’t change this reality.

  3. You hit the nail on the head. Instead of seeing the needs of the people and developing solutions, their focus seems to be to thwart whatever the Democrats try to do. Thanks for your opinion.

    1. @Roman Caruso to be fair WRONG. In the era of the fairness doctrine this didn’t happen. Go watch the movie Network from 1977

    2. @David Gibbs so true, they againsted what ever trump admin had been trying to do just for the sake of it and now they are blaming others for exactly what they did.

    3. @Longdong Johnson better look at the Republicans. They are the real socialist. Voter suppression is very wicked politics.

  4. *Lindsey Graham (2016)*
    “If we nominate Donald trump we will get destroyed… and we will deserve it!”
    *Lindsey Graham (2021)*
    “Please, Sir… may I have some more poop?”

    1. France and Europe needs to follow in California footsteps and recall their leaders as we are doing to Governor Newsom

      New York Daily News -3/20/21: France adds COVID restrictions as anti-lockdown rage spreads across Europe

      France is entering a new phase of onerous COVID-19 restrictions, even as anti-lockdown protests erupt across Europe.

      As of Friday night, residents of Paris and the north of France must obtain authorization to walk more than 6 miles from their home; non-essential stores are closed; and travel between regions is forbidden “without a compelling reason,” according to reports.

      Austria, England, Germany, Finland, Romania and Switzerland have all witnessed protests in recent days.

      Kassel, Germany saw 20,000 people protesting Saturday, while 1,800 police officers awaited a potential protest in Berlin, The Associated Press reported. Up to 10,000 people protested and 13 were arrested in London on Saturday, according to Reuters.//////33/////./.

    2. NY Daily News-March 19, 2021 /12:45pm: “Well, he [Cuomo]clearly jeopardize lives in his nursing home decision,” NYC Mayor de Blasio said.

      Mayor Bill de Blasio on Friday accused Gov. Andrew Cuomo, of risking New Yorkers’ lives to boost his popularity — and called him “a central part” in the state’s history of corruption.

      During his weekly interview on WNYC radio, de Blasio agreed when asked if he believed Cuomo would play “fast and loose with people’s lives” to improve his image.

      “Well, he clearly jeopardize lives in his nursing home decision,” de Blasio said.
      “Decisions were made that were dangerous to people’s health and well-being. Thousands of people were lost and the governor of the state had the audacity to cover up the information.”

      The Mayor added: “So, is he capable of making decisions that are that crass and that political and about his personal needs? 110 percent.”

      De Blasio also agreed when asked by host Brian Lehrer if he thought Cuomo’s actions came despite “knowing that it could be fatal for some people, because he was getting donations?”———///////————

    3. Vanity Fair: ‘A major black eye for the CNN ‘: Washington Post media columnist calls out CNN – on CNN – for the ‘love-a-thon’ between Chris and Andrew Cuomo 

      * CNN’s media show Reliable Sources discussed Cuomo coverage on Sunday
      * Erik Wemple, Washington Post media critic, called out CNN for their approach
      * Chris Cuomo frequently interviewed his brother Andrew during the pandemic
      * Wemple said that it was a conflict of interest and a poor decision by CNN
      * He criticized the ‘wonderful love-a-thon interviews’ Chris did with his brother 
      * Chris Cuomo has told viewers he can not cover his brother’s current trouble even though he was allow to cover his brother during the pandemic this past year.
      *They discussed should Governor Cuomo return both his Emmy and the profits on his book on leadership during the pandemic
      * Andrew Cuomo has been accused of sexual harassment by seven women and one of the 7 is claim forceable touching which is a felony under New York Penal Code § 130.52 .
      •Chris Cuomo never question his brother NY Governor Andrew Cuomo regarding his 56 day order to send COVID infectious patient to Nursing Homes resulting 16,000 deaths

    4. Canadian girl It’s all on Chinese video streaming site. Have a look maybe you should start dating Hunter.

    5. New York Times / 3/20/21: ‘Where Europe Went Wrong in Its Vaccine Rollout, [and Why Trump Administration’s Warp Speed won the day.’]

      The calls began in December, as the United States prepared to administer its first batches of Covid-19 vaccine. Even then, it was clear that the European Union was a few weeks behind, and its leaders wanted to know what they could learn from their American counterparts.

      The questions were the same, from President Emmanuel Macron of France, President Ursula von der Leyen of the European Commission, and Alexander De Croo, the prime minister of Belgium.

      “How did you do it?” Dr. Moncef Slaoui, the Trump Administration’s vaccine czar, recalled them asking on the calls. “And what do you think we missed?”

      Since then, the rollout gap between Europe and the United States has only widened, and some of the countries hardest hit early in the pandemic are facing a deadly third wave of infections. France, large parts of Italy, and other regions are back in lockdown. Roughly 20,000 Europeans die of Covid-19 each week.

      Brussels, by comparison, took a conservative, budget-conscious approach that left the open market largely untouched. And it has paid for it.

      In short, the answer today is the same as it was in December, said Dr. Slaoui. The bloc shopped for vaccines like a customer. The United States basically went into business with the drugmakers, spending much more heavily to accelerate vaccine development, testing and production.

      “They assumed that simply contracting to acquire doses would be enough,” recalled Dr. Slaoui, whom President Donald J. Trump hired to speed the vaccine development. “In fact what was very important was to be a full, active partner in the development and the manufacturing of the vaccine. And to do so very early.”

      ‘Not Equipped for a Gunfight’
      The European Union trailed the United States and Britain from the start.

      Washington had already spent billions on clinical trials and manufacturing by the time Europe decided to pool its resources and negotiate as a bloc. In mid-June, the European Commission, the bloc’s executive branch, announced a joint vaccine purchase with a $3.2 billion pot.

      In Washington, Operation Warp Speed, the Trump administration’s vaccine program, had a $10 billion budget. European officials say it’s unfair to compare the two figures because neither amount is a complete picture of all the money spent on vaccines. But there is no dispute that in Washington, officials had decided that money was no object if vaccines could avert the economic cost of a lockdown. Europe, on the other hand, was on a tight budget, so its negotiators chased cheaper doses.

      “Pricing has been important since the beginning,” Sandra Gallina, the E.U.’s main vaccine negotiator, told lawmakers in February. “We are talking about taxpayers’ money.”

  5. Love S.E.!! She’s not about to let the “Neanderthal caucus” (🙄) takeover and mainstream their idiocy in the Conservative movement.

    1. Hate S.E. !!! She voted for Paul Ryan in 2016 as a protest vote. If you can’t see that Trump was FAAAARRR worse than Hillary , you need to get your head out of your a$$.

  6. Chip Roy longs for the old days of justice, when a good ol’ boy would “take care of” things, and the legal system would give him (or them) a slap on the back..

  7. “defending the existential rights of Mr. Potato Head” You gotta love it, She’s conservative but she’s got a sense of humor in the face of the absurd. And the indefensible. . .

  8. Priorities? Wait they have priorities? Looks like they’re just trolling, everything – all the time. That’s their entire policy.

    1. Well no surprise they are showing us who they all are , even those who voted for impeachment are in lock step with the their party. There is no good excuse for them not to have voted for the stimulus other than they do not have our best interest at heart , they want president Biden to fail , which means their own country ( how messed up is that?? )

    2. @Chester jade The GOP has no more con games to offer:

      Their hard-charging rah-rah “patriotism” was bogus. Their “Christian morality” was bunk. Their “trickle-down” was a scam. Their “family values” was a fraud.

      Fat tax cuts in exchange for fat campaign contributions: That’s the only thing on the GOP agenda today. That and occasionally blowing a kiss to the poorly educated.

  9. Yeah, it’s called the 1960’s and everyone was a Commie or an “N” word. Lovely time to grow up in. Jesus.

    1. The Hippies of the 60s weren’t this crazy, even with LSD, pot, Hendrix, and Janis. At least they aspired towards a higher level of consciousness and equal rights.

    2. @Jason C. Who are ‘they’? How can you suggest that Trump has ever been a communist?
      My problem with ‘the don’ is that he behaves like a mafioso mob boss. He attempted to become America’s 1st authoritarian dictator and/or eventually king of the world, with his heirs positioned to inherit ‘his throne’.
      Communism was the last thing tRump wanted for America. There would have been no money in it for him.

    1. In the USA we talk about canceling dr seuss but the Chinese are building 3 more aircraft carriers, sounds like we have our priorities right.

    2. Reminder corporate “news” targets a specific audience and spews biased nonsense (propaganda) in order to maintain the targeted audience via a toxic echo chamber for profit. This effectively divides and distracts the public from establishment interests and makes the public more susceptible to manipulation.

      Do you think CNN here will address what they think of Congress operating as an inherently corrupt swamp of career shills with the ability to govern themselves by ultimately voting on their own term limits, audits, salaries, lobbyism regulations, etc. ?

      How about what they think of a 100% guaranteed cure to all fraud and ultimate transparency via public blockchain infrastructure within government?

      Are you familiar with Operation Mockingbird? It “was” the infiltration of corporate media by the C.I.A. to spread establishment propaganda. You can read up on the declassified documentation on senate(dot)gov, watch the Congressional hearing here on youtube and even the testimony of the former president of CBS. Make of this what you want but you would be a full to dismiss a healthy skepticism of what CNN has to say.

    3. @Roman Caruso 🤔 Wait I’m thinking . nope 😣wait! 😒 this is hard I am exhausted . tomorrow’s another day . gonna take a nap. 😴 not really funny just sad. Take care be safe

    1. Well yeah, it’s in their name! *_Conservative – averse to change or innovation and holding traditional values._*

  10. The GOP are just having a nostalgic moment of the days before civil rights for non whites and to get elected was contingent on your commitment to racism.

    1. @Roman Caruso First, this is actually an “opinion” show, not a “news” show. Sadly it seems like a lot of people struggle to distinguish between the two.
      Second, if you agree that the people she’s talking about are POS’, than you can help us vote them out and replace them with people who are committed to campaign finance reform and eliminating the influence of corporations and lobbyists. My state Sen’s are advocating for and attempting to introduce legislation to combat big money donors’ impact on elections, so there are politicians out there (not many, granted) working to fix this. Just saying “They’re all bad” isn’t a solution, did the candidates you vote for support campaign finance reform? Cuz if not, then you’re part of the problem.

    2. @Random Internet User David Duke and Strom Thurmond were both Democrats at one point. They both even ran for president as Democrats.

    3. @Random Internet User You mean Strom Thurmond. Guess who took his seat in the Senate when he retired? Lindsey Graham.

    1. @Basil Marasco you won’t get back at all…the truth for libtards is like kryptonite for superman….🤣🤣🤣

    2. @Basil Marasco remember you replied to my comment first..? Not vise versa…so Who’s the troll? 🤣🤣

    3. @Lloyd Carmelo Remember that *you* responded to someone else’s comment with a response that was not perceptive or intelligent but insulting … and you’re still yapping. So *you’re* the troll.

      And you just exceeded my “troll allowance.”

      *Game Over.*

    4. @Basil Marasco haha typical liberal response it’s always someone else isn’t it? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 game over….🤣🤣🤣 so now you have to divert from your own trolling which is what the conversation was originally about to now blame shifting…🤣🤣🤣 you libtards are too easy to foresee

  11. “Two things are infinite: The universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the universe”—-Albert Einstein
    That’s the QOP for you….

    1. @Eric Cartman lol what democrats wave communist flags? You guys throw that word around all the time and don’t even know wtf it means. There isnt a communist group in this country and maybe some super far left, non political people are but no member of the actual political establishment. There isnt even socialist in the democratic wing, there is a small group of self avowed democratic socialist but even they are a minority and this is why you haven’t seen a progressive win the presidential nomination yet despite Bernie having a lot of grassroots success and popularity. Democratic socialism isnt socialism and its definitely not communism. It is stil uses the constitutional republic form of govt and the way the politicians are elected. Just think of it as a giant union, or bringing a system of democracy into the workplace. But other then that its still capitalism but its just rather then a small group of elite at the top of the pyramid controlling everything, including which politicians get donations etc, who own media conglomerates and have succeeded in making the middle and lower classes point the finger at each other over financial insecurities and thinking we are our own enemies while the guys at the very top keep the money flowing and keep control of basically everything. And if thats not your thing then fine…but its not communism or some plot to destroy america. Its not a wealth grab. Ofc billionaires who have essentially gone decades now finding all types of loopholes around paying taxes would see it as such, or see having to democratize their businesses and pay better and more livable wages as that but even that is a joke. They will threaten to take their companies overseas and people will continue to work against their own best interest because they listen to media garbage dividing us on a daily basis.

    2. @Chris Willis Such BS, nothing you’ve said is true. USSR – Union of Soviet SOCIALIST, NAZI – National Socialist, China claims to be socialist. Democratic socialism is just socialism with another word added on and socialism leads to communism.
      And a quick Google search of “Communist flag at rally” shows plenty of examples of liberals/leftists waving communist flags.

      So you want to give government more control? Think about this – a window breaks at my house I’ll have it fixed today, a window breaks at a private apartment building it’ll be fixed in a couple days, if a window breaks at a government run housing project it’ll be fixed some time next year and cost 10x what it cost the private home.

  12. They always wanted to go back to the time of “family values” as they call it, which includes all the racism and misogyny that we seen as the norm in the GQP

    1. Family values really.
      Where were those values when my ancestors was being lynched in the
      backwoods of Southern States, and beatings tied to a tree, and forced labor.
      What values was these?

      After they profit off of Black people’s backs and get upward mobility they have
      so-called VALUES.


      My ancestors went through
      HELL so that people could live well and feel like they were better than and had arrived to the American Dream.

      All this while oppressing the Native Americans and Blacks and for centuries doing committing acts of ill will and segregation.

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