SE Cupp: The Republican we need isn’t running for president

In this week's episode of "Unfiltered," SE Cupp argues that former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, who recently announced he isn't running for president in 2024, is precisely who should be leading the Republican Party. His commitment to putting America and public service first are qualities sorely lacking in the current roster of 2024 GOP candidates and potential candidates. #CNN #News


  1. Hogan is great! He needs to be constantly interviewed on news shows to become well known and slip into the pres race after most have dropped out.

    1. @steven henry A Republican, who is very popular with Democrats in his state, how is he not a fantastic politician?

    2. I’m not even a republican, either. I have my non-Republican possible candidates I like but I could see Hogan in office, too. Country over party.

    1. @EpicHashTime Larry Hogan would never have selected Sarah Palin as his VP so hell yes, Hogan would have had a better chance at beating Obama. He would probably have picked someone like Senator John Thune or Lamar Alexander or maybe Kay Bailey Hutchison as his VP. But Hogan was not even in government in 2008 so the idea that he would have been a contender for president in 2008 is a fantasy.

  2. I saw this , and I thought , Liz Chaney ? I thought she already had a new position somewhere .

    1. Liz would have to transform into a Lincoln type. She holds extremely conservative positions that are not palatable to most of the nation. That being said I would be very happy if she was able to take a Lincolnian approach.

  3. Eisenhower was smart enough to know that collecting revenue to fund infrastructure required an appropriate rate be applied to the sector where the fruits of the booming economy reside.

    1. And it did help that the top tax rate when Eisenhower was president was over 90%.
      The good old days when the wealthy paid there fair share and when the bottom 20% of Americans owned 4.5% of the wealth of the country.
      BTW – after Reagan and the Republican’s years of tax cuts for the wealthy, in 2019 the bottom 50% of Americans owned only 1.3% of the wealth of the country.

  4. I am a Marylander and he was a fabulous governor. I wish he would run, but his analysis of 2024 is accurate. Maybe 2028???

    1. She’s also a bit naive if she thinks most Democrats would vote for a Republican knowing that he is still opposed to many things we Democrats hold dear.

    2. @Daniel Di Palma Actually, many democrats in MD voted for him, as well as independents and we have progressive – very progressive family living in other states who said they would vote for him. He is competent, works across the aisle and takes no crap and doesn’t get pulled into the drama.

  5. I am an immigrant who has lived here for 30 yrs and has voted for Democratic presidential candidates since I was able to vote. I will vote for Hogan if he runs!

    1. I think the rarely considered side of important candidates isn’t just them, but the staff they would bring in with them. POTUS and governors don’t do everything on their own. You can see where some of them have some *real* stinkers working in their offices whereas others have generally competent staff with a few rising starts. I don’t know who worked with Hogan (I live in Maryland) and I don’t really need to. I think generally his office did pretty well.

  6. I am from maryland and a lifelong democrat and I voted for hogan twice. Why? Because he promised to stay out of culture wars and abortion fights and govern. He kept his word and had a 70 percent approval rate in the state that was he was heavily democratic. I wish he could run again .

    1. We are from Maryland, and I like his ability to manage and work with others…..I also appreciate that there was no drama, and he wouldn’t get caught up in the wars during COVID and just followed the science we had access to. We have family, definitely progressive politically, who do not live in MD, and they said that if he ran for president, they would likely vote for him because of his character and consistency. He would get support from across the spectrum politically.

    2. @Borvo I’m not sure I agree. If you substitute “people” for “guys” Georgia elected Jimmy Carter, Florida elected Reuben Askew, Lawton Chiles and Bob Graham, Arizona elected Janet Napolitano and Texas elected Ann Richards. All excellent people.

    3. ​@Steven Weikert Yes, I should have been more specific; those state do not have a record of electing republicans who are “good guys”.
      I note:
      > Jimmy Carter elected Governor of Georgia, 1970, a democrat
      > Reuben Askew elected governor of Florida 1971, a democrat
      > Lawton Chiles elected governor of Florida 1991, a democrat
      > Robert Graham elected governor of Arizona 2003, a democrat
      > Ann Richards elected governor of Texas 1990, a democrat.

      So, yes, those state do elect “good guys” when they vote for the democrats.

    4. Also from Maryland and I think you’re right. He governed pretty well.
      I think he is a much better executive than he is a campaigner though. When he tried to tout his record or gin up support he put out some *really* cringy stuff. Still, he does well at actually running things which is what matters to people paying attention.

  7. Hogan reminds me of Pete Wilson, the California Governor from the 1990’s. He was a Republican that was fiscally conservative and didn’t cater to the rich.

  8. Yes, Hogan “isn’t running for President,” because, as you noted, he’s an “outlier,” he works with Democrats, he puts country above party, etc. Translation: he wouldn’t win a plurality of the cultists’ votes! Just look at how much support and respect people like Kasich, Romney, or McCain received from the GOP in the past decade. IMO, the demise of the Republican Party can’t happen soon enough!

  9. I’m not a Republican, but I’m from Maryland, and I thought that Hogan was a pretty good governor, even though I don’t agree with him much on policy issues. I have no quarrel with Republicans who I can respect, and I’m kind of hoping that if Hogan isn’t running, maybe another Hogan type Republican will step up. There were rumors couple years ago about Charlie Baker of Massachusetts possibly running. That’s where I live now, and again I had no quarrel with Mr Baker either.

    Both men, and indeed SE, too, represent the types of Republicans with whom I feel comfortable coexisting. People with common sense. People who put country before party. Even if I don’t agree with people like this on policy most of the time, I don’t find myself terrified that one of these types of Republicans is going to drive our country off the cliff.

    I really enjoy your video essays, SE! Keep up the good work!

  10. I’m in northern Virginia and have seen Hogan from a near distance. He is a leader not a politician. He is compassionate and serves all citizens regardless of who you voted for. I understand why he isn’t running but I’m saddened he isn’t.

    1. @common sense I’d go for that, because I have no desire to vote for Biden again. I was ok with voting for an octogenarian given our choices but he is just too old.

  11. Perfectly well said.
    Those of us who are now called RINO by the Trumpublicans are waiting with bated breath for a Republican with a real plan in hand to lead as opposed to the “We are working on a plan” crowd of the last 6 years.

  12. “If a political party does not have its foundation in the determination to advance a cause that is right and that is moral, then it is not a political party; it is merely a conspiracy to seize power.”
    — President Dwight D. Eisenhower (R), March 6, 1956

  13. As a lifelong Republican, I quit the party when I saw what it had become. I was so disappointed when I saw that Larry Hogan wasn’t going to run. I agree with and applaud his reasoning. I would switch back in a heartbeat in order to vote for him in the Primary election if he had chosen to run. He could put the “Grand” back into a party which has become just the “OP”.

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