1. @Danny v you can’t promise anything . Every day on you tube republicans are talking about a civil war. If you are a cooler head that’s a good thing but most of the terrorist attacks that led to deaths in the last 30 years has been by right wing terrorists. And many of the republicans claim that they are armed and democrats aren’t which is blatantly false. You never know who is gullible enough to go through with these crazy impulses but I’m hoping it never comes to that.

    2. Charles L Jones , Right-wing terror attack’s PALE in comparison to the violence from “other demographics”.

  1. You are so right, let’s listen to a liar that says 10K lies and everything he does is A+ always the best ever. Give me a break! #believeme

    1. Otter Pop I can give you a pretty simple explanation of the lefts policy on guns… and obviously this doesn’t speak for everyone but definitely most left leaning constituents I talk to. They believe everyone has the right access guns and have them for the purposes of self defense or hunting. They believe only responsible adults, who have passed a series of criminal and psychological test, should be allowed to be given a permit to purchase, own, or carry a gun (and the higher capacity for murder, the more strenuous the process). And from there, anyone with a gun would need to have gun owners insurance in case of any accidents that may occur (misfire, shoot at wrong person, kids get a hold of gun). You see, they understand that gun owners aren’t perfect and our forefathers didn’t foresee such advances in weaponry, so we must now do more than before to adapt our rights to protect our lives. Great question though

  2. “Those folk don’t matter”
    lol have you ever seen republicans pander to the democrats in theire primaries? Such a stupid point.

  3. This was one of the most moronic monologs I listened to at CNN 😳

    Also, did she realy said that you shouldnt stick with the truth If people may not want to hear it?
    Wtf, guess it’s saying a lot about herself… She shouldnt be on a News Network with this attitude…!

  4. Whatever C Cupp. You might as well just finish rounding the block and join fux news, if they’d even have u.

  5. Wiping out student loan debt would be great for the economy..I love that endless war and tax subsidies for Corporations is perfectly fine but how dare we help out regular people

    1. CCcrimcops , Its pretty sound logic. If someone got a degree for something that was in demand, and had pretty good odds for making a high paying career from it, they wouldn’t have a debt problem.

    2. CCcrimcops , its much like gambling. Some people payed alot for a degree that didn’t end up making them the money they expected. Should we bail out gambling debt too? They are both the result of a bad decision.

  6. Thanks CNN.😊 “In an effort to “out-Left” opponents in the Primary, are they setting themselves up for failure in the General? i’ll have to say no? Corporatists like SE are simply too close to Right ideology and must move left or switch Parties (again)?😁

  7. Andrew Yang is reaching Trump people but they didn’t let him speak and turned off his mic.

    1. @Santa Clause Yeah, I mistyped(not sure what I was think). It’s not a high percentage, but I would say it is enough to hopefully make a difference.

    2. @Mia McRae I say we are making historic progress with Mexico and all over the world. Look at what Mexico is doing. Ironic how the demonrats wanted a wall years ago, now they want open borders and crime. The party of the demonrats will end America. They openly say healthcare for illegals and they can’t even take care of Americans. Down with the Demonrats. Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  8. SE Cupp, you are speaking to an audience that can not handle any truth. They want to be lied to. Truth is poison to them and they will tear you apart for speaking truth.

    But maybe, just maybe, it will open your eyes to the vulgarity and “deplorable” state of your audience, if CNN does not send you packing first!

    1. The only truth they want to hear is no protection for minorities or woman. Thats the bottom line for Republican voters.

  9. what a establishment shill…CNN is clearly threatened and stepping up their smearing and misinformation

  10. So appease the the voters that didn’t vote for you and lose the voters that did. Smart strategy 🤦🏾‍♂️ This is literally ignorant.

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