Search on for Missing Boat in Jamaican Waters with 15 Crew Members | TVJ News 1

Search on for Missing Boat in Jamaican Waters with 15 Crew Members | TVJ News


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  1. And I said it once I say it again we need a strong Jamaican navy no joking matter the Russian government would be more that happy to assist us need six. MI 35 helicopters and five patrol boats that have a crew of 60 personnel these boats should be at sea for at least two months or more

    1. Only if we so called government cared or had much sense like u then they would do that and to add to that too some high tech drones

    2. Only if we wasn’t that into America, if Russia do try to help, America would argu, and the citizen of Jamaica would cuss the government, believe it or not, even China want to assit us more while but they actknowledge our loyalty is to America, and they not doing nothing for us

    3. @Pure Fun Films I know all of this it’s good to know what our country is and the future generations and when I say future generations I mean our kids and we must make sure we put them in the back row program them that the American are superior to them and the cycle goes on and on and they walk on the beach trying to sell bracelet . fruits and hate each other for the promotion in the hotel till

  2. Then if the boat have a name like that what unu expect falling star?? Dat either get take weh or it fall And Deh a Sea bottom sad though lives lost

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