Sec. of State Blinken speaks on completion of withdrawal from Afghanistan | USA TODAY

Secretary of State Blinken gives updates after the U.S. meets its Aug. 31 withdrawal deadline.

Just one day ahead of the American withdrawal deadline from Afghanistan, the U.S. military kept up a constant flow of airport traffic in an effort to evacuate citizens and service members from Kabul.

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  1. Historically shameful.

    Americans left to die by President Magoo.

    And, the terrorists are going to make sure the terrorists don’t take over Afghanistan and make it a terrorist state.


  2. Alhamdulillah ❤️ Allah huwakbar ❤️
    Congratulations to real afghan who fought for islam and their country
    and also thanks to America

  3. I don’t think he blinked the whole time…. What’s with these guys reading the teleprompters. Blank stare the whole time ..

  4. Stinken Blinken whined “It’s the Biden administration’s policy to leave Americans stranded in Afghanistan since they weren’t willing to run the Taliban gauntlet on their own to get to the airport!”

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  6. Absolutely disgusted with this administration. How dare he get up there and make this out to be a success when they left people behind!

  7. they left Service Dogs behind in cages, drone striked children, let the taliban capture busloads of afghan women who have American passports. USA fell at the same time as Kabul.

  8. Panjshir Valley – The last stronghold of resistance to Taliban rule. Why are all afghanistans living at west only protesting? None of them are going to join the resistance? Perhaps outside Afghanistan there are no more lions like at Panjshir. Are There only pet cats?

  9. Our government (UK) is always held to account at great length by the press. The British press would not countenance the utter contempt this Democrat administration is treating their own press with, as they serve up bumbling word salad answers or just scurry away as fast as they can. Do they think they are above answering to their people about their disastrous decisions? They have lost the trust of their allies too. The USA military (and allies) have been exceptional and heroic, as usual. Politicians are plain evil sometimes.

  10. Today he said there are 100 to 200 Americans left in Afghanistan. Last week he said we have no way of knowing how many Americans are in Afghanistan.

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