Secret Service Questioned After ‘Astonishing Litany’ Of Screw-Ups

Rachel Maddow reviews some of the blunders by the Secret Service as reported in the new book, "Zero Fail," by Washington Post reporter Carol Leonnig, and wonders how the Biden administration can have confidence in the competence of their protection and safety.

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  1. The secret service couldn’t even protect the Stable Genius from his shoe being taken hostage by that toilet paper.
    Oh, what’s that? They knew but didn’t care enough to tell him before he got on Air Force One?
    Yeah, that checks out. 😅😂🤣

    1. @Cat Magic
      If Trump had been murdered, the GOP would have won in 2020 in a landslide. It is literally the worst thing that could have happened.

  2. Mr President, Madame Vice President… may we secure you a different agency for your Details?

  3. They obliterated Lisa Page and Peter Strzok for basicly nothign i wonder how GOP are gonna spin this.

    1. @D S Correct. If they can’t exploit it to their own partisan ends they just won’t talk about it and pretend it never happened.

  4. Thank God its Monday night and hearing about Zero Fails. Corrupt Detailed Secret Service. Love your show. Awesome.

  5. The SS agents that posted on social media in support if the traitors on Jan. 6 must go. They should be fired immediately. No questions. No explanations.

    1. @herman452 Was the person fired? They took down the post I know that. The account is still active so obviously Dorsey doesn’t mind that much.

    2. @Rich Sackett You gotta make a bridge for someone to cross it.
      Forgiveness is not justice or corruption, it’s a realization of the situation being it is what it is for the moment with the humble knowledge of love for a stranger or someone you know who you could’ve been in another life.
      Changing the world is possible but the only proof you’ll have is yourself.
      I changed the world.

    3. @Cat Magic Biden does not have the direct authorithy to fire deJoy. Currently he is appointing members to the council that does have this authority.

    4. @Weirdo forgiveness can be offered to someone who has made a mistake. But that doesn’t mean you have to keep them employed. They are free to continue working somewhere else.

  6. I love what Rachel said as she conveyed relating to certain Trump family members fraternizing with Secret Service Agents “I leave that to one side for now. I value what’s left of my brain, and that part makes it burn”. Funny as.

    1. @The Epstein Diaries where is your source? I couldn’t find anything on this. ur dumb conspiracy doesn’t even have enough traction for snopes

    2. @Schwadevivre You know Rachel Madvedof says “Christianity is Anti-Intellectual”. Even though she and her brother David “grew up very, very Catholic”. You know I wouldn’t even be able to type that same comment about some other faith in particular… Miss Madvedof

    3. @Jazzy S well you could just read her Wikipedia and see her paternal grandfathers name

    4. @Okkie Trooy probably because Drumpf sounds stupid. However there are 4,788 people in America who carry the name Trump with the origin being Drumpf. On the other hand , only 71 people in the world carry the surname Maddow, a stealthy Americanized name without any real origin. Sounds kinda Irish, right? But, no

  7. Have the agents who praised the insurrection been fired yet? Their entire backgrounds should be turned inside out.

  8. The height of incompetence of these secret services personnel !! Very scary. One wonders why they join the secret service and what is the vetting process ? Pres Biden & VP Harrris should be alert.

    1. This is not incompetence. This is treason which is at least tolerated by or led by the Secret Service leadership.

  9. that funny quote by John Malkovich in RED seems applicable: “I remember the Secret Service being tougher”

  10. I thought that when Biden came into office that he purged some of the Secret Service that may have been Trump loyalists. I have thought about this myself concerned about who was guarding the President and VP.

    1. news reported that he did not trust most of the SS and insisted that he only be assigned the Secret Service Agents that previously protected him during Obama Administration. No mention of a “purge”. Now that evidence is out there he may just do that.

  11. What an unacceptable disgrace the Secret Service has become. Fire and publicly out every traitor among their ranks.

  12. Sounds like a house cleaning is definitely in order. I remember reading that Trump’s personal detail would not be on Biden’s detail.

  13. I have met several Secret Service agents in professional settings over the years. Every last Secret Service agent I ever met was grossly and dangerously incompetent.

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