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  1. Those security armed guard get training but I think they need a modern type of training only the crew chief has a phone

  2. That money had to pass tru a lot of workers so u dont know which department that inside say up would come from so u would have to paligraft every one who af the base where the money is keep

  3. The best trainer ever in security is was and for ever Robert Finzi Smith , Marksman up or I should say Guardsman group of companies.

  4. Most of these bandits watch every detail of Hollywood movies such ” Wrath of Man ” ( Jason Statham), ” Den of Thieves ” and Netflix ” Money Heist “. Armed guards need bullet proof helmets. In Jamaica, I saw an armoured money truck at a bank and I was shocked to see no armoured helmets. No assault rifle such as AR15. Only some hunting rifle and shotgun which is a handicap against armed bandits with high powered rifes. It’s a joke thing down there! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  5. The best person I heard spoken on the matter so for,I think he has some good point just like how I see it , that’s how the matter needed to proceed

  6. Best person in security personnel,Mr Bobby Smith, bless his family also his brother Bradley smith.

    1. As a security professional stating the recommended solutions on a public platform would not be wise.

  7. Why is the purpose of this guest, I don’t hear him saying anything we don’t know and he is not giving solutions to this.

    1. He runs a security company and can’t give out much details on public platforms… hence “security “ he did mention that they could re stock cash at 2-4 am and if any vehicle is in close proximity would be dealt with appropriately.

  8. What a foolish comment made by Neville: he is not sure whether the gunmen are going after the guards or the money? Obviously it is the money

  9. Did they get a call to cut the interview from when they both went silent. Inside job happy nobody using the machine at that time got hurt. Big money well organized 😂

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