Security being increased for PM Trudeau’s top advisors | CTV’s Glen McGregor explains why

CTV's Glen McGregor explains why security is being increased for some of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's top advisors.

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  1. Again this is the fault of one person and he should bear the responsibility. Justin is just too divisive and needs to step down asap

    1. Again the fault of one person. Poo Poo and the confabulatives need to step down immediately and confess to their break ins.

  2. I would suggest Mick Jagger’s Son assign Nova Scotia RCMP for that.
    Those guys are like… the Eh-Team.

  3. Of course it wasn”t random,these are high profile women who were targeted. To say they were “simply” targeted is to downplay the seriousness of what has happened.

  4. Haha. Anyway you can. Get these criminals out of office, Do it to save Canada. And never let Quebec vote again

  5. Keep it coming Canada. Let’s run these crooks out of politics. Looks like Canadians are starting to have enough

  6. Hell that was no body breaking in, that was Velcro Trudeau sneaking out the back window so he wouldn’t get caught by the husband 😂

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