Secy. Yellen Hopes Covid Relief Bill Can Help Country Get Back To Full Employment | Stephanie Ruhle

Treasury Secy. Janet Yellen spoke to Stephanie Ruhle about how the Covid-19 relief bill the Senate passed will benefit the economy, and said she hoped the country and economy would be "back to full employment" next year. Aired on 3/08/2021.
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Secy. Yellen Hopes Covid Relief Bill Can Help Country Get Back To Full Employment | Stephanie Ruhle


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    1. LK you do know that only 9% of this bill goes to Covid relief???? The rest is a dem wish list! Wasn’t sure if you educated yourself with facts or just parrot what you hear! Your welcome!

  1. Please cover the unemployment fraud. Many of us are locked out of our accounts. Its pandemic assistance.

    1. yes yes yes, please cover the misappropriations of Pandemic Unemployment Assistance by State governments.

    1. @Co. Wal Drone trump is the worst on earth. It was a disgrace to have trump as America president.

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  5. Thank you president Biden & Harris included Democratic Party too for you positive thinking for Americans

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