1. Nobody watched that clip and suddenly realized “wait, he may not serve all 4 years? I was so mislead.” Everybody knows he’ll run for the 2024 republican nomination.

    1. Like Charlie Crist wouldn’t run for President if he had a chance? He’s even bails on his own party if it’s politically beneficial for him.

    2. @Susan Jenkins You act as if Crist has enough appeal to stand a chance in this governor’s race, let alone a national election. If Floridians liked DeSantis and his policies enough to make him their governor, I can assure you they’ll be more than happy to see him implement those policies from a national level.

    3. @In the Groove ha ha…. In no way do I think that about Crist. And I would be thrilled to have Governor Desantis become our President 👍🏻☺️

    1. @Cj Texas is a beautiful state with lots of housing and good jobs. I don’t live there, but I visit and LOVE it!

    1. They’re about telling lies. “DeSantis paid for his college tuition.” That’s a lie, the US Navy/tax payer paid his tuition.

  2. Debates matter when candidates are discussing issues based on facts. When one candidate refuses to believe in facts, there can’t be a substantive basis for a debate. Lately, the debates have been about insults and nonsense. Why waste people’s time and emotional energy???

    1. @sir rom LMFAO sure yea science is so awful.
      Hey you slippery maggat you CAN get off the internet and get rid of your smart phone if you hate science so much and think it’s all up for debate
      Christ you Maggats …..I think those gulag need a comeback 😂🤣😂🤣😂

    2. @Chase Rohwedder yea it’s called INTELLIGENCE & ability to use words bigger than a 4th grader….
      You are aware that’s ALL professors assessment of trumpys language usage..::
      It’s AT A 4th GRADE LEVEL sweetie..:so it’s just FACT. If you hunk trumpy is a great speaker christ your lost go hang it up….
      All rethugs …..hey aren’t gulags making a comeback …..? 😂🤣😂🤣🤮🤮🤮🤮

    3. @Shlep Messing wtf!!! Soooo you need media to tell you facts and you can’t think my hod what’s WRONG WITH YOU MAGGATS?!?!?

    4. @Frau Hulda the irony that the word “intelligence” would be associated with a comment of that structure makes me happy.

    5. @Subremedy* S I’m talking about the guy, who for no apparent reason, calls his opponent a donkey…what people do when they have nothing of substance to say..

    1. where were these rules when trump did that ? ah i forgot when right wing gets destroyed by those important questiosn you snowflakes back down HAHAHHAH

    2. @Zo Ro It has nothing to do with Repugnant vs Democrap. The rules set forth for each debate are the rules for each debate. Having an audience is also stupid.

  3. Any asinine fool who shows up to the voting booth, unwilling to watch the debates, unwilling to think beforehand and unwilling to read on the candidates and issues, and decides based on an *ad* they see that day is uniquely unqualified to be a voter in our country

    1. @Seymour Butts And Republicans see your comments that call us deplorable, RepublicKLAN, Uneducated, etc… I am none of those things.

    2. @Ren Sinclair I think my Republican views are solidly middle-class America First. I think most of you want EVERYTHING for FREE and are climate change ALARMIST!!!

    3. @Seymour Butts See….you just showed your ignorance and rudeness. You are just mad because we are taking back congress and the senate!! too bad—so sad.

  4. Unbelievable that this is now what we deal with. Candidates who won’t answer questions, pleading the fifth? And the to cover from being a fool resorts to name calling. I guess all they ever needed to know they leaned in second grade. This is pathetic.🤥🤡🥸

    1. The fck are you talking about? DeSantis didn’t have to answer the stupid question. He already knows his supporters, as much as they want him as Governor, would love even more to have him thrash whatever vermin the left trots out for POSTUS in 2024. It’s a non-issue for anyone even remotely considering voting for DeSantis.

    2. On the other side…..Crist tried to dodge questions about transgender issues. And both camps did agree ahead of time that there would be no cross-questioning.

    1. Why? Early voting has already begun in Florida. My family mailed in our ballots before the debate.
      If they held the debates a month ago then maybe they might be relevant

    2. Every state should hold their debates well before early voting. Warnock from GA and Fetterman From PA refused to debate early.

    1. The rules were that opponents were not supposed to ask each other questions. But cnn won’t tell you that part. Also, the people of Florida love DeSantis and were cheering because they want him for the full term. I’m sure if he ran for they would vote for him also.

    2. @J. Ward Agreed 😉
      CNN painted it the colors that look good to them and it’s pretty normal these days, but in reality what’s Crist’s plan for Florida? He lied a lot during this debate. The other thing is he blamed DeSantis for not shutting down schools and not pushing on masks and the best part was “for not following the science”…well I think DeSantis was one of few who actually looked at science and never bought nonsense with vaccines that surprisingly don’t prevent you from getting the virus and from spreading it…scientifically proven…it just shows how far from the reality Crist is. By facts and numbers we see now it was the right decision to handle it the way DeSantis did but not for Crist…I think that’s why people like him do not have a lot of supporters…a lot of emotions ignoring facts and lying lying and lying.
      Go DeSantis! You’ve handled everything well. Floridians love you.

  5. Debates would be more relevant if they weren’t subjected to prime time TV rules…debates should be more than a day long, stop with the commercial breaks, stop with the time limits and start fact checking in real time…

  6. He’s pausing because they’re not allowed to ask each other questions & he’s waiting for his turn to speak… 😂

  7. The question was not posed by the moderator. The two were not supposed to be asking questions but as we seen, the Sledgehammer DeSantis gave him a great answer.

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