See Boris Johnson’s full post-Brexit trade deal speech

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that a long-awaited post-Brexit trade deal between the United Kingdom and the European Union has been reached, just days ahead of the end of the transition period on December 31, 2020. #CNN #News


    1. @Vince Senile McMahon
      Because you’re a ridiculous beast system puppet and a slave to the very evil killing life itself.
      Do you watch reruns of the Walking Dead?

    2. @Vince Senile McMahon
      You should spin down to Jiffymart and flip you up some flourescent gummi worms and a pixie twizzler

    1. @Eddie L Britain didnt save the world with democracy Britain had a damn greedy monarchy that was over thrown by AMERICAN democracy you were oppressors that couldn’t hold on to land anymore after america split💪🏻🇺🇸

    2. @Michael the act of union was signed 313 years ago where are you going with your 1000 years. You said we voted for that. No you voted for that. Many others voted for leave with a oven ready deal, many voted to remain and 2 out of 4 that make up the union voted to remain. Scotland wants out to rejoin the EU and Northern Ireland is close to leaving as well. 1000 years ha 20 would be optimistic.

  1. BORIS if your goals are the same as the EU then why screw the pooch ? Kill the golden goose? Why think anyone will save you the next time? god save queen? doubt it.

    1. The world has changed. The times when it was easy to invade, rape, murder, torture and steal from the vulnerable countries are over. Now its actually time to pay up reparations to those countries.

    2. ​@Captain Win It wouldn’t replace trading with the EU though, would it. We just negotiated a trade deal with the EU, and now we can negotiate CANZUK as well. Win Win. Captain Win even.

  2. Good on the Economy of Fish! sadly the other sectors will suffer greatly, the UK has long been an outcast in modern industry, they were the spearhead of the industrial revolution. UK will need to reinvent their economy or continue to rely on foreign exports.

  3. Totally a GreedyKill the golden goose English as always like the cakes and wants to eat it too- Kill the golden goose for more eggs, KARMAS ALWAYS WIN – LOLL!

  4. it is a kind of satisfactory to watch that by the end of talks the usa ended up in one camp with poland and its other new europe allies…

    1. still won’t save the UK …. it’s just the beginning of the end for the UK as Scotland will be leaving the UK and rejoining the EU

    1. Between Boris’ crazy hair, Donald’s comb over, and Kim’s bowl haircut… they all make Hitler’s mustache seems tame and pale in comparison.

  5. Bruh.. Everything that he just said would’ve been possible while still being part of the EU and without the Brexit.

    I wonder how they’re going to replace the programs that EU is funding.

    1. It was projected that the cost for replacing regulatory organs alone would cost 20 times that of what was paid to the EU for getting services from similar agencies (Eg. European Aviation Safety Agency, European Chemicals Safety Agency et al).

      Not to mention the cost incurred on businesses, the latter for instance will impact the chemical industry in the UK significantly. All these sectors will have to register their entire product catalog to these new — mind you, still non-existing to this date — agencies again at significant cost with no apparent benefit and solely being a bureaucratic exercise. The irony of it all.

  6. The first country in history to sign a trade deal worse than the one they already had. This only covers manufacturing, 20% of the UK GDP. It doesn’t cover financial servcies and on that topic, UK professional qualifications are no longer automatically recognised in the EU so every individualwanting to do business within the EU has to apply. It may be the case they have to apply to each individual country in the EU and not just the EU zone itself.

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