Nothing can break it
    Not earth quakes
    Not flooding
    People from everywhere working as one

    1. @Sharon Ireland 
      Red states and nations will eventually become blue and green even Texas, russia and China, keep up the peace ✌️.

  2. Don’t sand bag, don’t clear roads, don’t do anything, just pray. For a complete false sense of accomplishment, pray 🙏.

  3. what would made sense to me is to zone into this from a map that would show us where this place is in time and space…

    1. I feel damn good that their getting the fkn rain they always complain now the floods can go on and on and on 😂

  4. Place was long over due without water, everything drying up. Mother nature took over. Hope they can recover from this.

  5. Mercy and Grace for us all, just so much devastation, we can’t catch a break praying for everyone that been touched by this situation and many others over our country stay strong people and help where you can

    1. California is huge and a lot of it still has no flooding. Some areas near the coast and near waterways are getting flooded.

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