See devastating impact of Ukraine’s ‘secret weapons’

British explosives and counter-insurgency specialists pass on decades of bomb making know-how to frontline Ukrainian troops. The handmade bombs are the secret weapons in Ukraine's arsenal. CNN's Nic Robertson has the exclusive report. #CNN #News


  1. Russia: “What is this secrets weapons?”

    Ukraine: “Is………………………………potato”

    1. @Ellen Faulkner being Irish, I found humour in it, mostly because they failed entirely to disguise the accent.

  2. As much as I am thrilled to hear about the inventiveness and strategy of the incredibly brave Ukrainian military, I worry about giving the slightest bit of intelligence away by reporting on their efforts.

    1. Everyone knows we all have special forces there…. We sunk their flagship of the fleet for fux sakes

    2. We are an open society. So we blurt out our secrets around the world so the enemy can hear them. That’s how we are.

  3. The UN Security Council should pressure Russia to turn over the operation and supervision of the Nuclear power plant to the IAEA without any armed Russian soldier around. This is a very dangerous place if not taking care of.

  4. Even though Ukraine is not as powerful as Russia they are still holding on and fighting back. Help is on the way Ukraine! Fight strong and proud. Slava Ukraine!

    1. Well, did you hear that Ukraine is now rank 15, the strongest country in the world they had moved up a lot and also made russia look weak.

  5. There are many of us that are very good at making devices like that. Some of us have studied this type of device for decades. ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

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