See heated gun control discussion between lawmakers in the halls of Congress

Reps. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) and Thomas Massie (R-KY) had a tense exchange over gun control legislation following the deadly school shooting in Nashville. #CNN #News #shorts #short


  1. I love his passion ❤, wish republicans would care more about gun control instead of their kickbacks from the NRA and gun manufacturers

    1. I wish Democrats cared more about school security we can spend 50 billion in the Ukraine but we can’t spend 5 billion to give schools more security then my local dump?

  2. Jamaal Bowman, I salute you! Keep up the justifiable rage against those who profit off the gun lobby!!!

  3. We don’t have tragedies like this in other countries only in the US because Republicans are too greedy when it comes to kickbacks by the NRA

    1. @Sinatra, yeah that too because so many problem isnt fixed

      Which eventually leaves people mentally broken down and depressed

    2. @Jeff what about them? Do you have data to justify why stabbing rampages should be brought into a conversation about gun violence?

  4. No matter how loud you tell them they are deaf
    They will wake up if only their Children are victim of gun violence

  5. The Republican shown here poses with his entire family and each holding some of the most expensive AR and guns available. So out of touch.

    1. They may feel different if one of their kids had a bad day and decides to test out one of those weapons

    1. You really want overwhelmed, over worked, underpaid, under appreciated teachers to have guns with all your little angles that at not? What could go wrong?

    2. @Ivy Njoki  it’s easy to just say BS like he does if you don’t have to back it up with evidence.

    3. @Robert Campomizzi We need all states to get rid of all their gun control laws and allow all citizens to carry either open or concealed. When a burglar, car jacker, robber, or mass shooter knows they are highly likely to face an armed citizen(s), then crime will drop precipitously. As it stands now, there are lots of guns in the US, but they are almost all locked away in gun safes where they do no good whatsover.

    4. @Kirk Johnson  what a uniquely American way to think about things.
      We have guns in Canada. They are locked in sages and ammo is stored separately. Almost 25% of households have guns and we don’t have these problems.
      There are so few gun deaths in UK that the average everyday cop doesn’t even carry a gun.
      So tell me.. why do you think your aolution would work? Even in states with open carry laws there are far far far more incidenta occuring. That isn’t because they are locked in safes. Your argument falls apart under the slightest but of scrutiny. FFS

  6. I’ve never been comfortable around firearms. I refuse to own one. However, it’s not as easy as banning a particular weapon or class of weapon. Most child deaths from firearms are from handguns and not while they are at school. St. Louis sees children killed by gang violence all the time; most of the offenders here are repeat offenders. My point is that our children are under threat from more than just rifles and insane individuals. Now, to that republican senators point, although I may not agree, it is somewhat hypocritical of the gentleman yelling, given his comfort with armed security protecting the capital and himself in his daily life, but he’s not comfortable with armed protection for children. Democrats had absolute control and didn’t utilize it to bring about reform. They had the house, senate, and the presidency (arguably the court before Trump). I’m not saying Republicans are the “good guys” by any stretch, but that this issue will always be used as a club in either hand. To me, I hear two groups unwilling to see the other side as valid. We have to be willing to truly hear each other out. Listening, ready to understand, and not ready to reply. This tragedy has further demonstrated that our government seems unwilling to do that most basic thing. Yes, it was a transidentifying shooter, but that doesn’t mean all transidentifying individuals present a threat of violence. The violence may have been committed as an act of hate against Christians; we don’t know that definitively. That doesn’t mean anyone who called Christians hateful or transphobic were the reason for the attack. The legislation in Tennessee may not be what some want to happen but that isn’t a justification for murdering children or those who oppose your view. We have to stop pointing fingers all the time. Sometimes individuals do evil things and use anything to justify their murderous behavior. If this person was a white supremacist and attacked a minority school. Some would say, “the other side promotes racism and is responsible for this.” If this was a black man shooting up a majority white school. Some might say, “it’s African Americans who are the real danger.” None of it is productive. We are headed towards outright militancy across the board, and I’m worried. Some justify harming white Americans because they have been told whites are to blame. Some justify killing black Americans because “they kill themselves.” Some justify killing LGBTQ+ people because “their the reason this world is going to end.” Eventually, everyone will believe they have good reason for doing immense harm to one another if we don’t try harder to listen and really understand one another. We may end up disagreeing, but it shouldn’t mean death.

  7. MUCH MUCH MORE TO COME. Every single American must stop the development with a Vote for someone that stands for rights and crime control. Democracts can do something different. The right to have a gun cannot be deleted. But the right to live must be a call to action. They must do something and anything about it. You must do something about it, Americans.

  8. Profits over people. People need to take back the power given the government and put this country on a people first course.

  9. As a Canadian the problem with so many people with guns is if only a very small percentage of them has a bad day or mental illness they will use there guns . Less guns less shooting.

    1. More good guys with guns results in less crime and homicides and gun control laws only take away guns from good guys.

  10. America sleepwalked into this type of tragedy. No other developed country has allowed the easy proliferation of such lethal weapons.

  11. Feel like this would be a more productive conversation if everyone is congress could bring loaded weapons into the capitol.. funny how they dont allow guns in their workplace, but have no issue with killers taking them into schools. 🤔

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