1. 😂😂🤣🤣Just find out what each team has as a mascot- Then decide what mascot could take out the other mascot in a cage match. 😂😂

    1. All because of ESG which is wild, I can’t believe they’re tryna get people nearing retirement to invest in something that could take decades to get a return on.

  2. The trouble with March madness is that it spills over into April and we are still forced to deal with this craziness for another month.

  3. Candis Shereece Swinney & Baby Israel Rawlinson Passee, watched Anderson Copper on Cnn News Network Today, I Pray for your happiness and safety, and career success, all you need is kindness and mindfulness, you’re very inspiring, including everyone else. I pray for my son future watching the news, I pray for every woman child future watching the news including these cartoons I will like to work for Cnn one day without discrimination or intimidation for children’s rights. Amen

  4. Moody’s has just rated the U.S. banking system outlook as “negative” because of “rapidly deteriorating” conditions..

  5. Anderson couldn’t tell the difference between a basketball, tennis ball, croquet ball ,or a ping-pong ball!!

  6. 1. Create wealth by saving .
    2. Protect and grow that wealth through investing.
    Whether you want to live a comfortable life or you want to strike it rich, investing is necessary, If you work hard for money then it is wise to have your money work hard for you too.

    1. Believe me, I’ve spent the last 2 years investing with him, I’d recommend him for all beginners who wants to invest or recover losses like I did

  7. The year my wife won her football office pool, her selections were based on the number of letters in the teams’ names.

  8. I used to follow college sports until I went to college. CUNY doesn’t have football and is only Div. III in b-ball. Of course, watching women’s volleyball was always fun.

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