1. “See images Ukraine says show (Trumpian) Russian torture chambers in Kherson” and otherwise “Convince It Forward” with Slava BOHU

  2. Reports say:
    Ukraine Special Forces before entering Kherson, wrapped a Ukraine flag around a goat and released it into Kherson.
    After about an half hour later, 22 Russian soldiers surrendered to a goat

    1. Yes, seeing the entire city of Kherson came out to celebrate “liberation from Russia” – after so much suffering 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 . But real sad that so many orphaned Ukrainian children and babies were stolen and given up for adoption in Russian homes.

  3. Peaceful, hardworking and beautiful Ukraine, a people who can not only work, build and sing, but also defend themselves against the imperial fascists of the 21st century, defend “European values”, Liberalism and Democracy. Today, bearing huge losses, you have become a wall between wild barbarians and civilization. The entire progressive World today looks at you with admiration, you showed the World what valor is, what courage is, what endurance and the desire to be a free and independent country are. Victory to you, great country, peace to you, the beautiful people of Ukraine.

    1. @Psybo the trickster Jimmy Dore? The so-called progressive who encouraged voters in the 2016 election to vote for Trump? Figures that he’d be a Putin fan.

    2. A fresh video about how Ukrainians shot 12 prisoners of war in Makeyevka. Are these peaceful Ukrainians? This is a murder with extreme cruelty.

    3. When the men and women in the middle east did defend themselves against the western fascists they were denounced as “insurgents” and “terrorists”. But when blonde people eat freedom and democracy bullets from Russia it works the other around I guess, lovely hypocrisy.

  4. Poland is on the western border of Ukraine Wolf . Quit trying to make it out that Zelensky is purposely trying to be dishonest .
    He has no reputation of being a liar !

  5. 26 F at 9 PM local time in low forecast 23 F Kiev 11/17/22 Damn cold with no heat. Think of the babies and old people like myself. Brrrrr!

  6. So Nuremberg style trials for POWs? And the captured generals? Pretty soon we’re going to have to start treating them like the fascists they are

    1. Yes, ironic that so many Russians yell fascism when they themselves live in a textbook fascist state. Ukraine was never fascist (not even close). Way too much Russian propaganda out there.
      – – – 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦

  7. I pray whoever eyes catch this comment God give u strength u need to overcome every battle your facing may the dark thoughts and thoughts overthinking,the doubts exist your mind right now peace an luv🇧🇸❤️

    1. Thank you.
      Ukraine 🇺🇦 USA 🇺🇸
      Didn’t have no good reason to rape and kill people. O wish this would end very soon. Ukrainians has no food or water. And no telling when they’ll have the necessary personnel things they need.

  8. Just saw a sickening video of Russians torturing a Belarusian solider for abandoning his post .can’t imagine what they have done to Ukrainian pows .

    1. Yeah they are less than American sh*t and putin is sending disease infested prisoners to fight but they are really just going to r@pe girls too obviously

  9. I support Ukraine in defending themselves and fighting Russia back across her borders. However, after Ukraine blamed Russia for the missile that struck Poland and demanded that NATO enter into battle against Russia, I just can’t take everything they say at face value. It was proven to be a Ukrainian S-300 air-defense missile. What threat was the missile launched against? Why is Ukraine still saying it was Russia who launched it? I also find it ridiculous that our Secretary of Defense (I think that’s who it was) said that just because it was a Ukrainian missile, it’s still Russia’s fault. Unless that missile was justly fired at a threat, it’s not Russia’s fault. I also do _not_ think that Zelensky will be – or has been – completely transparent. He has an incentive to ensure that everyone is as outraged as possible at Russia (which really isn’t that hard without events like the missile strike in Poland) in order to keep weapons and money coming in. So far we (the US) have poured almost 100 _billion_ dollars into Ukraine. That is a metric shitload of money for a country with rampant inflation.

  10. @2:18 “And we have got no corroboration on this other than a Ukrainian ombudsman”. So you just blindly report Torture Chambers based on a state-sponsored representative’s comments?? CNN standards for news in a nutshell. 😂

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