See intense fighting as Ukraine readies for potential new Russian offensive

Almost a year into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Ukraine says Russia is expected to mobilize additional troops for a massive offensive in spring. CNN’s Frederik Pleitgen speaks to Ukraine’s security council chief on how the country is preparing for what he calls a potential ‘Russian revenge.’

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  1. RESPECT FOR ALL UKRAINIANS amazing people, true patriots and heroes.
    Respect for all volunteers helping them to defend from the fascist rashists

    1. Repent. Have faith in Jesus Christ. John 3:16 KJV For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
      Matthew 4:17 KJV From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.
      John 3:3 KJV – “Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”


    3. @Damien Haydon From your previous comments I just knew you were going to mention those sources.
      They are not credible. McGregor and Clayton Morris are right wing reactionaries. They spread misinformation.
      Why would you believe a real estate investor (Morris) on geopolitical matters? Plenty of retired US Army Colonels give analyses of the war, but you choose to believe the *one* and only who predicts Russia will win.

    4. Everyone has already forgotten that radical Ukrainian nationalists, encouraged by Western intelligence services, have started a bloody batch in Ukraine. Now all new countries are being drawn into this mix. The media is fueling this madness. Stop, you madmen!

  2. A Tribute to Ukraine 

    The Fight

    Where were you 
    when the walls came crumbling down.
    Fearing for our lives
    In our home towns.

    Where children once played 
    Laughter was everywhere
    We now find graves 
    Seems like only…we care.

    But now,
    We’re standing side by side 
    Defending arm in arm
    Praying for our lives.

    And now,
    We’re standing toe to toe
    Fighting hand to hand
    Dying for our nation’s soul.

    Instrumental 🎶 

    If we lose.
    If this was our last fight.
    I promise you
    We didn’t run and hide.

    Only one way to live
    Head high and full of pride
    What we would give
    Our blood and tears we cried.

    But now,
    We’re standing side by side 
    Defending arm in arm
    Praying for our lives.

    And now,
    We’re standing toe to toe
    Fighting hand to hand
    Dying for our nation’s soul.

    Instrumental 🎶 

    A burst of lightning 
    coming from the morning sky
    confuses all 
    We will not run and hide.

    But now,
    We’re standing side by side 
    Defending arm in arm
    Praying for our lives.

    And now,
    We’re standing toe to toe
    Fighting hand to hand
    Dying for our nation’s…..

    And then,
    There’s one thing that remains.
    Fight until the death 
    Fight for our Ukraine. 

    But now, 
    Our prayers were not met
    By those who stood by
    By those who would forget. .

    By Humble Driver

    thank you for reading humble poem ❤️ 🙏 and if you are interested in song please go to Humble Driver YouTube

    1. @Humble Driver Are you still spamming this lame BS on every CNN video dedicated to the most corrupt nation in Europe? Here’s some new material for you to work with – Zelensky’s deputy was recently dismissed after yet another “anti-corruption purge” of the government. Apparently he took part of the 100 billion in US taxpayer money we sent them and used it to purchase a mansion and a $100,000 Porsche Taycan. Before that he stole a Chevy Tahoe we donated for “humanitarian aid”. You should write a “gangsta’ rap” song about Kyrylo Tymoshenko and all that “bling bling” he has now thanks to the US taxpayer.

  3. The story of a 102-year-old woman shows that the war is much longer than just one year. And while we, Ukrainians, have suffered so many times — Collectivization, Holodomor, Executed Renaissance — the last year was a turning point in our history. This year, it’s all or nothing for us. Thank you for a brilliant story, CNN.

    1. @Helen R What do you mean? In fact, one people, a similar language. It is ironic but true that his Austrian citizenship did not prevent him from becoming Chancellor of Germany. I mean Stalin was Georgian, not Russian.

    2. The old woman about Russians living in Ukraine: “We need to exterminate them, so that not a single one is left”.
      – Isn’t this Ukrainian Nazism?

    3. And this time you are not alone, this time the upper hand will be Ukraine’s never before has a dictator united Europe and the new world against him and won. Russia brought not just Ukraine. The sword Russia brought the West the sword, and they will die by the sword.

    4. @C S Sounds pathetic, but not realistic.
      Russia will defeat the Kyiv regime and NATO.
      Tales of Ukrainian victories are the biggest hoax in the history of Western propaganda

  4. Unfortunately people can have short memories,but this lovely 102 year old lady remembers the pain russia has inflicted on Ukraine throughout the centuries and the likes of an ex KGB officer will never change that.

    1. @Taty MaxAnd Russian soldiers raped tens of thousands of women after the fall of Berlin. And Germany killed millions of Jews snd the Japanese committed untold atrocities in the Pacific *in the past*
      We need to learn the lessons from that *not make it an excuse to make more war*

    2. @Кирилл Абраменко that’s not propaganda you fool. That’s the truth looks like you need to repent and turn to Jesus.

    3. @Taty Max This media has no task to show the truth. Their owners ordered them to tell them that the Russians were to blame for everything.

  5. Damn, that 102 year old is very nimble. This is what we call the war effort even if you’re not on the battlefield, you do everything you can to help your country win a war.

    1. @Ceylon Baila She said that she wants to exterminate all Russians. I bet you that she has been very productive and knows exactly how many she has made.

    2. @mr derp Strictly speaking Nazis don’t exist. They were a German political party with a party structure and unifying ideology.
      What we have today are neo Nazis. They exist in many countries. They don’t have any common ideology or agenda. They have no political power and are basically gangs of thugs. They are not unique to Ukraine and the Azov battalion folded in 2014.
      Nazis are just another lie by Putin to try to justify his illegal war.

    3. That woman is living proof that leadership in Russia has always been about tyranny and oppression, war and fear mongering!!! still to this day in 2023 they haven’t evolved and don’t brain !!!!

    4. @mr derp I gave you a factual rational verifiable response, and you replied like a true Putin zombie.
      I pity your inability to think for yourself,

  6. What a remarkable woman. You can see why the Ukrainian people deserve our respect and continual , unwavering support. Slava Ukraine.

    1. @Salvador Allende What “propaganda”? There are plenty of books and videos with those German guys speeches. And there are plenty of footage with Putin’s speeches. If you watch them insuccession, that is not propaganda, that is realising they are almost identical.

    2. Ahahaa an extermination desiring women is another russophobic nation’s person choice ,no doubt murican !

    3. @Lars Ronæs More gringo propaganda. You Anglo-Saxons have a serious problem of understanding and reasoning. You are totally subjugated by the gringo narrative, propaganda and censorship.


  7. Give Ukraine long range weapons to attack military installations inside Russia, this is a defensive act. Start training Ukrainians from warplanes to defensive weaponry now. West and NATO should think 3 steps ahead, not reactive.

    1. Giving the Ukrainians offensive weapons leads to a thermal nuclear exchange. The reality is all funding and shipment of weapons platforms to the Ukraine should stop.
      However if they wish to purchase military hardware with gold bullion that’s a completely different story

    2. Ukrainians are scarily good at combat and adapting. They need the long range missles and airplanes, this will let them push Russia out.

  8. I have tons of respect and love for Lioubov Yarosh that appears at 4.10 min she is a hero, 102 years old and is making sniper suits for soldier. She is super fit for 102 years of age. I hope I can age that well.

  9. Wow what a great woman, she’s a gift straight from Ukraine. I’m an American with Ukraine ancestry in my blood. We fight to the end. She’s a fighter with a godly mission of her own. At her age.

    1. @C Ericson If you start a war the defender is entitled to do whatever it takes.
      For the aggressor to complain about it is just weak and pathetic.

    2. @Bonnie I’m not the one on here vowing to “fight to the end!” 🤣🤣🤣
      I guess OP could join Azov Battalion – if they don’t mind joining what the US Congress in official documents described as a “white supremacist, Neo-Nazi paramilitary”.

    3. You have not been shown tens of thousands of other old ladies who are being killed by the criminal Ukrainian regime. This regime has unleashed a civil war that could escalate into a world war.

  10. oh bless her she 102 yrs old and still helping to save her country and people. now thats a strong woman with everything she seen and been through in her life. and honestly i think the UN has been totally made useless in this war! its ok to sit around a table and say things, but there hasn’t been anything more what they can do. and this has shown what a total waste of time the UN really is.

  11. At a 102 year’s old and live through such terrible Ukraine crisis and still alive to make uniform for her nation army is a testament to Ukrainian resolve to fight to protect it’s identity statehood and culture. Massive respect to all Ukrainian people!

    1. *NATO turning Ukraine into an enterprise for the chosen few.* No matter what the final outcome the goal of depopulating Ukraine has already been achieved. Half have fled and the remainder that are beyond child bearing age will vanish by attrition. Ukraine is finished¹ as a country for its own people. Either the entirety will be recovered as Russian territory or the western part will be absorbed by Poland and the eastern part included with Russia. If NATO² succeeds in driving out Russia then the country as a whole will be turned into an income generating unit¹³ for the chosen few to which Ukraine with its high rise apartments is ideally suited.

      The little imposter’s mansion in Florida, villa in Italy and offshore accounts are shielded from his raids on corruption, apprehending only those with a vested interest in Ukraine, in an apparent move to block native Ukrainians from gaining wealth, influence or power within their own country.

      The little comedian who _hates_ both Ukrainians and Russians equally and _hates_ Nazis with a passion has insinuated himself into its leadership and manoeuvring from within set them up in a fratricidal conflict for mutual destruction.

      For more than fifty years a thinly-veiled hate campaign was carried out in Canada—which has a significant population of Ukrainian heritage—against Ukrainian ultra nationalists stemming from WWII portraying them as evil, to whom, ironically, NATO nations are now pledging their unwavering and unrelenting support.

      As an EU UN NATO state Ukraine will become a multi-cultural nation in which their own native stock, instead of being exclusive, vanishes into oblivion. The _opposite_ of their objective for which they are fighting and dying. Further bloodshed, achieves nothing.

      ¹³ Should Zelensky’s operation be successful, Ukraine is to be transformed into a nation of tenants struggling with financial Ponzi by placing a halt on the further use of land, causing home prices to skyrocket beyond reach, adopting a process that proved effective in Australia and Canada, with rent at maximum levels extorted from residents and shunted directly into the pockets of the chosen few. The aggregate of rental income dwarfs revenue from taxation accruing to government. This concentration of funds into a few hands enables acquisition of remaining assets. Ukrainians that realize their children cannot become established do not raise families. Their reward following a lifetime of hard work is to die homeless on the street. Massive immigration maintains population levels. The economy will function like one gigantic enterprise in which the lifetime earnings of residents are exacted through rent with tenancies replenished from nations worldwide while its native sons vanish into oblivion. Ukraine will be populated by others that are strangers to this land and not by the heirs of those that are fighting and dying.

      ¹ Neither the missile launched into Poland, gas explosion that brought down an apartment complex, nor helicopter detoured so that it crashed over a kindergarten, killing the minister anointed a replacement for the top job, have succeeded in drawing NATO directly into the war.

      ² NATO leaders that are proselytes of the Cremation Cult, a Satanic creed, acquiesce to the little freeloader’s request for more, exalting this angel—of the fallen host—from the bottomless pit. The least hesitation or indecision is characterized being a _denier._

  12. This old lady makes happy. these citizens of Ukraine are the most patriotic ever seen in the world. God bless Ukrainians from Africa and gives them total victory.

    1. wagner are funding themselves from africa friend , dont know do you know but africa paid for that aircraft that wagner scumbag was sitting in , why do you think wagner have all the gear and normal russian troops are wearing rubber boots ? i found this really easy on the net ………Details: Over the past year, the Wagner Group has significantly expanded its operations in the Central African Republic, where mining profits could grow to nearly US$1 billion, the news outlet’s sources said.

    2. It’s amazing how dumb lefties are ok with Ukrainian patriotism but American patriotism is somehow racist…

  13. My prayers continue for Ukraine 🇺🇦 and their victory over Russia and protecting the Ukrainian people 🇺🇦🙏🇺🇦🙏

    1. It happens to everything. We should be using technology to fight torment, and not create more of it!

    1. Yeah the part where she advocates a genocide by saying “exterminate them all” is so very sweet. Get used to crying if you’re a Ukraine sycophant.

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