See judge’s revealing language in abortion ruling

Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk, who was appointed by former President Trump, issued a ruling that could restrict the usage of the abortion-inducing drug mifepristone. Washington Post reporter Caroline Kitchener discusses her reporting on Kacsmaryk and why he's so passionate about the issue of abortion. #CNN #News #shorts


  1. Conservative logic, let the states decide. Well, except for possible abortion drugs, federal government needs to decide.

    1. @Kimberly
      Abortion does fall under the bill of rights, AND they can totally remove private, individual gun ownership. But as with abortion, that would be wrong. Some people have legitimate reasons to have guns and present no major threat, so we should not force them to be disarmed.

      The 1st amendment, the 4th, and the 5th all directly apply to abortion.

    2. @Kimberly  No, you smuggle taking guns away vs. gun laws. No one said to take guns away. The state of NY had a 100 year old gun law taken away, that was a state right issue. So, my point applies. Also, Bill of Rights and Founding Fathers. Did everyone that was born at the time of Bill of Rights have the same rights?

    3. If they want the states to decide, then why do they want to pass Federal bills to prohibit abortion?

    1. @Game Star 954 do you wanna take a stab at my questions? You edited your comment but it doesn’t change anything.

    1. @Dean Todd it doesn’t matter what species it is. It doesn’t matter how many chromosomes it has. It doesn’t matter if it has a heartbeat (which, as I’m sure you’re aware by now, an electrical impulse is not the same thing as a beating heart). It doesn’t matter if it has genitalia.

      What matters is that it lacks sentience. What matters is if a person wants to carry it or not.

    2. If they believe that a fertilized embryo is a full human being, entitled to full human rights, does that include citizenship?

  2. He’s speaking for all ultra conservative men and they are basically saying they hate women and want complete control over them.

    1. @Generic Scout oooh baby you should be in big fear because you ain’t seen no take on your power yet

    1. It’s funny, when a democrat elected judge in one district would put a nation wide injunction on a Trump administration policy… the media would clap …

  3. “use the word ‘fetus’ to inaccurately identify unborn humans” – that’s just straight up anti-scientific. “fetus” is the correct term between week 9 and birth, with the terms before that in chronological order being zygote and embryo. personally, I think that the law should be amended to reflect the near-universal medical/ethical practice of recognising fetuses as persons for around 2-4 months before the due date. but as the law currently stands in the US, birth undeniably is the beginning of legal personhood. the common conflation between the term “human” and legal personhood makes the term “unborn human” misleading, as it falsely suggests legal personhood to most people.

  4. Where they going to abort their son and decided not to? Only this would explain how their son avoided abortion. Other than that the shirt has nothing to do with a real situation.

  5. The language he used displayed his ignorance concerning medical conditions and scientific concepts. Complete demonstration of his improper placement as a judge. What’s scary, is that he’s showing obvious bias. Impartial my foot.

    1. It’s an unborn human child. Say whatever you want to make yourself feel better but you are talking semantics. It’s a baby and we are talking about killing them

    2. @Christopher Williamscalling a fetus on that stage a baby is the same as calling starting cancer a baby.

  6. He is easily useable and the Republican Party shopped for him as someone who would gladly ignore any other voice.

    1. ​@Robert Harding Then you get mad when people don’t respect you? You add to the BS too. Just saying.

  7. He can feel as passionately as he wants about whatever he wants, but his passion has no place in MY uterus!

    1. If you don’t tell your man about the abortion before the insemination you’re also taking his rights away. His body should be his informed choice.

    2. @Generic Scout any men who feel that passionately about it ought to be having that discussion before they have sex with anyone.

  8. The same people who say a medical procedure is “killing babies” have no problem with real babies getting shot at it school. Also, judges are supposed to be impartial; this one is clearly biased.

    1. The “Eagle” Lenin wrote a treatise on liberalism, categorizing it as an infantile disorder. I haven’t observed anything about liberals that would prove him wrong.

    2. @Underground and they oppose free school lunches and other government assistance for poor kids.

    3. “Pro-life conservatives are like comic book collectors: Human life only holds value until you take it out of the package, and then it’s worth nothing.” – Trevor Noah

  9. If he doesn’t like abortion then he shouldn’t get one.
    He doesn’t have authority to decide for anyone else.

    1. @Shane Hess it’s not your place into impose “responsibility” on anyone. Women having control of their own healthcare means they get to use abortion as contraception if they do choose.

    2. @Weirdo this wasnt about rape or incest you just added that in . In which I get totally on those circumstances. So that wasn’t part of your initial argument. Go look up the percentage of rape and incest abortions though.

      I know at least 20 women and men who decide to be ok with the decision of abortion. None were raped or screwed a relative so using a what if in a argument only goes so far.

    3. @Ina Grove fetus is not a kid ok ? So what’s a fetus and what’s the result of a fetus if full term ?

  10. Women’s health is not the priority, it IS his judgment.
    He IS a birther.
    #MyBodyMyChoice ♥️♥️♥️

    1. I don’t think you know what a “birther” is…

      u seem real nice but i hate it when people say things they don’t understand.

  11. Those are HIS views, NOT to be inflicted upon others. He is biased and should NOT be a judge, he has preconceived notions regarding issues and is NOT UN biased when ruling on an issue. Throw him OUT, not the man for the job. Judges like this are not to be in that position to judge, period. Especially,,,,, when it’s a magat judge, a “Christian” or republican.

  12. Nice to know he so non judicial about the law, what a country. Term limits are so necessary for these privileged activist judges.

  13. A judge’s personal beliefs are supposed to stay in chambers, in the court room he is supposed to be totally objective. Therefore this judge has violated his oath of office and should be removed from the bench!

    1. My mother-in-law was a circuit court judge and she got kicked off the bench because they kept finding her asleep from drinking on the job. That guy in Western Texas that decided for all women is drunk on power so he should be removed for being intoxicated just like my mother-in-law was!

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