See Obama Official Tell Off Trump’s ‘Snowflake Presidency’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Former Acting Solicitor General, Neal Katyal, criticizes the Trump administration for denying a Harvard student entry to the U.S. Katyal slams Trump for his ‘snowflake presidency,’ arguing he does not know how to ‘celebrate disagreement’ after the student was questioned when an agent found opposing views from the incoming students’ Facebook friend list. Katyal also fact checks the second amendment, arguing the GOP is ‘hiding’ behind the law to authorize ownership of assault style weapons.
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See Obama Official Tell Off Trump’s 'Snowflake Presidency' | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


    1. kalbs89 I’m looking into buying one of those F-35 fighter jets. I’ve never flown an airplane, but hey! How hard can it be??

  1. The 2nd amendment says the “right to bear arms”, but “arms” can be pretty horrific today – that includes nuclear arms. Can I get somebody to tell me why the constitution guarantees the right of somebody in my neighborhood to bear nuclear arms?

    1. Its illegal in the united states to have a nuclear weapon.
      A nuke is a bomb and in itself needs a bomb license. Thats not counting all the license you will need for the power source
      And the death wish you would have messing around with radioactive materials.

    2. @Ez-8 But don’t all Americans have the right to bear arms? And aren’t nuclear arms also “arms”? Isn’t that violating the 2nd amendment? Gol dern it, I’m ‘Murican, and I have the right to bear arms, and no dang gubment gonna tell me ah cain’t pertect muhself aginst fedral jackbooted thugs tryin’ ta take mah constutionl rights away from me!

    3. @Ez-8 THE 2ND AMENDMENT SPECIFICALLY SAYS “ARMS”. Nuclear weapons are “arms”. Are you liberal commie dogs trying to destroy the constitution?


    1. @David Bargeron my mother who is deceased now was a life long republican even she refused to vote for individual 1

    2. @thenotoriouselguapo No one was fired when the three CNN reporters resigned. I can not believe ANYONE…..LOL…..ANYONE… STILL WATCHES THAT EDITORIAL SHOW CNN. tHE FRICKEN FOOD NETWORK GETS MORE VIEWS!

    3. @soaringvulture do some research s bird! More people were gunned down in Chicago in 2016 then all of the mass shootings over the last several years…around 500 in mass shootings 767 in Chicago 2016………Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws so you are on borrowed intelligence!

  2. Thank you for explaining the intent of the second amendment. Sadly it falls on deaf ears. All of these men and their extensions.

    1. @DK Workwise
      After Trump bought a bridge in New York,
      he knew he was gonna be pork,
      unless he was on,
      the same kind of con,
      so he tuned it up, like a fork.

    2. Lol yet for some odd reason women are the main ones killing and abusing children the most vulnerable in society. Women and their fake claim of being more gentle and caring. See how that works?

    3. @coptic777
      We have conspiracy theories and more,
      with fiery tweets from an orange boor.
      So to shape the raw skelp,
      I aim to help,
      put out the fire with JP-4.

  3. Hey Trump and all your minnows, Che Guevara was my friend?
    What do you wanna do about that!
    Dig a hole and bury yourselves in it, COWARDS!!!

  4. So where are these ICE people gonna work when trump leaves office and these bullies are no longer needed? I guess they can go hang with Steven Miller🤮🐍. He’ll also be out of a job 😏

    1. @Fifer McGee The 2nd Amendment is not now and has never been about HUNTING! By the way, AR-15s are used in hunting(predators,varmints, ect). It is hard to have an honest debate when the anti-gun crowd knows nothing about the subject and yet wants to take the rights from those of us that do.

    2. Assault weapons are not the problem. The overwhelming majority of gun murders are caused by hand guns in the hands of black gangs.

  5. I wish gun nuts would actually read the second amendment. I sell firearms and have saved my families lives with a gun during a home invasion but I didn’t need an assault rifle to do so.
    We need a change and we need to educate people about what the second amendment is really for.
    Anyone who claims it’s a God given right is a moron.
    I left the NRA and encourage other to do so as well. They should not be listed as nonprofit.

    1. @RhondaH that totally and completely makes sense. However the problem is: This is America, we don’t really do things that makes sense. Not our thing.

  6. I hope Jesus has returned and is in a cage down at the border right now…… Then America deserves whatever punishment it gets

    1. Martha Soledad don’t worry, those right wing nuts think if your skin is not white you are foreigner! MAGA , Trumpturds, white supremacy they are all right wingers! Racist and bigots! They love babies in the womb , out of the womb on your own! IDIOTS one and all!

    2. Coptic777 is that the right to have ten thousand Americans die from guns this year. The land of the free! The greatest uncivilised country in the west. Well done.

    3. Agent Orange thing about this forum, she doesn’t have to let him fight his own battles! We can and should stand up together against racist, bigots, liars , and all forms of malfeasance! Now as far as you go, f¥€k off!

  7. I’ve offered this exact argument regarding the second amendment for decades now! The central question in _District of Columbia v. Heller,_ was if individual residents of the District of Columbia had the right to bear arms for lawful purposes, such as self-defense in the home.

    Even the majority opinion that struck down D.C.’s handgun ban as unconstitutional was mute about the extent of individuals’ rights regarding such things as type of arms, etc.

    The framers of the Constitution never envisioned military-style assault weapons, high-capacity magazines and the like, let alone that ordinary civilians could own such weapons. Additionally, the second amendment speaks specifically to the issues of gun ownership within of the context of a “well regulated militia”. Given the circumstances under which the colonies were forcibly subjugated under British rule, the second amendment was intended to thwart attempts by future federal governments to usurp states rights. Thus the amendment’s explicit verbiage.

    No other country bestows a right to bear arms to individuals. And where individual gun ownership is permitted, gun owners treat the privilege very seriously. This is precisely why other countries don’t experience gun violence, let alone mass shootings, at anything near the levels seen in the U.S.

    Stop hiding behind the phony second amendment argument. Do the right thing and enact sensible and long overdue gun legislation.

    1. Well posted and sanity simply is not the flavor of the time. If the people hanging onto the second amendment were in a well regulated militia most wouldn’t be able to be members. They wouldn’t pass a simple psych exam.

    2. “The framers of the Constitution never envisioned military-style assault weapons, high-capacity magazines and the like…”

      Actually, the authors of the Constitution never envisioned fully automatic video assault cameras, concealable semi-automatic hand cameras, the Internet, Youtube, or allowing you, John Coloe, the ability to write stupid stuff that gets beamed around the world via IT servers, orbiting satellites and personal computers. Get thee to the primitive Gutenberg Press, the quill pen and parchment paper and STOP using the Internet while hiding behind the 1st Amendment, or wear the label “Hypocrite!” YOUR 1st Amendment rights shall always be stuck in the 18th Century!!!!!!!!

  8. Shhhh…Ari Melber has these pistol toting fools …right where they need to be…at point blank range…no one needs weapons of mass destruction…

    1. …but you’re OK with the Gestapo having them, as long as they are from the Government.

      Heh, Emsley, just get in the box car with all the rest. Ride to the death camp and hope for the best.

  9. Where was all this talk when they were taking women’s rights away??? There was no discussion, they passed laws left and right… It’s the same issue, human lives..right???

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