1. @Reuben Herrera  well, treating Putin like an enemy was bound to turn him into one. NATO faced no security threat from Russia since the fall of the USSR, and yet the Alliance still expanded ever closer to Russia. This is over 30 years in the making, and it’s unfortunate that Ukraine must bear the brunt of that historic error.

  1. This might be the first time in US history that our state department didn’t lie to us. My thoughts go out to Ukraine soldiers and civilians

    1. Yo Sol. How’s the Biden kool aid? I’m no republican, but u might wanna lay off that kool aid because it seems from ur rediculously stupid comment about having faith in the State Department that they sure done spiked the sh!t out of it!

    1. @SafeMoon Castle great well now we’re in trouble. Putin just has to tell americans that & now the US citizens have heavy doubt in themselves. Guess he can win after all… wonder why he didn’t do that earlier. /s

  2. I hope this war can end soon, and I hope that everyone in Ukraine and around Ukraine stay safe, as well as the Russian people that don’t want this war…
    Edit: I know that people can’t always be safe/ wars don’t always come out as hoped. It is simply a wish of mine, hence the word “hope”.

    1. I also feel sorry for the Ukrainian people, who, after the liar Poroshenko, chose another liar, Zelensky. Who defeated Poroshenko in the elections with a score of 75% with a promise to restore peace in the Donbass by any means and restore good relations with Russia, the main economic partner. At the time of the elections, more than 50% of Ukrainians were in favor of restoring good relations with Russia. In many cities of Ukarina, at the World Cup in Russia in 2018, Ukrainians were rooting for the Russian national football team. And now, after 3 months, the policy of Zelensky, who visited many Western countries with visits, is changing dramatically. And everyone’s favorite comedian Zelensky gradually turns into Porosheko during the year. Why ? Because both Poroshenko and Zelensky are most afraid for their offshore accounts and nationalists. Zelensky officially bans the Russian language throughout Ukraine, control and fine services are being created to allow fines, including ordinary sellers and doctors who speak Russian, under the approval of the ambassadors of Western countries, he closed 3 TV channels that traditionally advocated peace and restoration of ties with Russia. And now Zelensky has brought trouble to the whole of Ukraine. Russia has been calling for the implementation of the Minsk agreements for 8 years, which allowed the return of Donbass to Ukarina on the terms of a change in the constitution with the federal status of Donbass and the ability to choose the government, the police and the preservation of traditional Russian schools and the ability to communicate in Russian everywhere. The Ukrainian Army in 2014 destroyed 12 thousand civilians of Donbass, but in the end suffered a complete defeat. Russia in 2104 could have easily captured Ukraine in a few days, but did not. It was Russia that forced the leaders of Donbass (I repeat the leaders of Donbass, not Ukraine) to sit down at the table with Poroshenko and sign the Minsk Agreements, which many in Russia considered treacherous. Donbass already at that time demanded that Russia recognize independence. But Russia at that time did not take this step, giving Ukarina a chance. For 8 years, Poroshenko and Zelensky shied away from the implementation of the Minsk Agreements, and already this year, Zelensky and members of his government openly admitted the failure to implement these agreements and, instigated by the West, in January pulled troops to the line of demarcation with Donbass, as well as multiple rocket launchers and large-caliber artillery (which is expressly prohibited by the Minsk Agreements). Biden , Boris and the Western media raised the cry for a Russian invasion precisely based on what was written in advance for Zelensky . Namely, Zelensky was supposed to start the escalation of the conflict, at first he avoided this, then he was forced and the Ukrainian Army began intensive shelling of the Donetsk and Luhansk republics. The people of Donbass again found themselves in 2014, when there were numerous victims of the civilian population. It was the Ukrainian army, stuffed with the weapons of the West and incited by the West, that unleashed the conflict. Of course, Russia was forced to react. And Russia reacted. It was this scenario that the United States and Britain were targeting from the very beginning in order to accuse Russia of invading and imposing sanctions. At the same time, what will happen to Ukraine does not concern them. The enemy has taken place, now Biden and Boris will unite their countries inside and unite the collective West, tearing Europe away from Russia. One of the next steps is liquefied American gas to Europe. But the West is again making a catastrophic mistake. You are pushing Russia towards China. If Russia and China unite in all aspects, the military power (including the nuclear triad) of Russia and the economic power of China, then the West will lose. It will be much worse and more dangerous for the West than the USSR was.

  3. If the leader of your country tells you not to panic and stay calm, that’s when you need to find an exit plan IMMEDIATEDLY

    1. It’s funny how all the bombing are in open fields and on abandoned buildings and this is the plan of rich clowns rulling the world: making stooopid humans live in fear 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣🤣 And those brainwashed little humans who think prayers, praying at nothing (there is no freaking god) will do something 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣

    2. @Витя Смирнов all I can do is pray and appeal to my government but believe me, I feel terrible that I can’t do more. I think the NATO forces should have all been ” coincidentally visiting” Ukraine this week.. when they knew the Russians were coming. No one will win if this evil is treated delicately. It sounds so hollow to say we’re routing for you, praying, and watching anxiously for your country to be liberated from this oppression. This mess shouldn’t have happened, we shouldn’t have allowed it.

    1. @My V-card got Stolen what do you mean? Putin is not a genius, this is a suicide mission, someone is either going to kill him or he is going to kill himself.

    1. @A Mi Republicans are furthest from the left dude, they’re the ones trying to keep out China while you democrats are putting lefties in the white house.

    2. @TS254 That is more paranoia. Ukrainians live in fear of Russia and apparently, rightfully so. Russia is the one who considers them enemies because of political ideology. Their are rights other countries think they should be able to have and Russia disagrees. Putin has been in office for so long because he had assassinated political rivals and journalists with unfavorable opinions toward him

    3. @CursxR  diplomacy? Russia never antagonised the West since the first of the Soviet Union, and yet NATO kept inching closer and closer to the Russian border. Force seems to be the only language the West understands.

    1. @Man in a Bush saying the ignorant who’s hiding in the bush and knows nothing about anything in his life. Says your name.

  4. My GrandFather would always tell me these days would come again and that we have to be thankful for the life we live cause not even long ago the whole world was at war.

    1. @M Sing “native Americans” don’t exist anymore they are dead…. You people were asian at one point in time if you really want to get in touch with your ancestors you should do some research why Asians and “native Americans” look so much alike…. Mic drop

  5. I feel like this is just the beginning of something more ominous. I can’t believe the rest of the world is just watching this unfold. The past should be a great reminder. nobody wins at war. It’s all deaths and extreme suffering.

    1. @KingComplex if only the United States didn’t threaten Russia’s homeland security by trying to put their weapons on the Russian’s border , Ukraine would be fine now just imagine if Russia decides to put their missiles on the Mexican border how would the US react?.

    2. Putin’s got tricks up his sleeve … That’s why he invaded Ukraine. He wants beef and all countries need to shut Russia off from resources!!

  6. This is extremely disturbing because there is a real danger it could turn into something much bigger. Even as it is now it’s going to have a ripple effect. People should be paying close attention to how other countries respond to this.

    1. @Mara Hanson Yep, I agree! It’s definitely getting worse and it is very sad. All we can do is let our light shine before the world and Hold On To The King.

    2. Russia is keeping casualties to a minimum. If they manage to maintain that casualty rate, people will slowly stop caring and then we will move on to the next crisis.

      It almost feels as if the West and Russia have already negotiated this and are just acting out to fool the people.

    1. Haha! Don’t you get it? THIS is God’s plan, which is why it’s happening!

      I rejoice in the Holy Spirit! Hallucinate-ya!

    2. Jesus still loves you bro and wants you to be free from the sin that lives in all flesh. But don’t be deceived, if you deny him you’ll have to face the judgment of God. There’s a reason your comment is full of hate. Run to Christ and escape the judgment we all deserve. Love you and hope you think about it with a pure heart.

    3. @Wagger Company Historically Ukraine has been around long before Russia and the Russian language and culture is based off of the Ukranian. So how does Ukraine belong to Russia? Because Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union? Not by choice. Russia abused Ukraine during that time period and starved 20 million Ukrainians. Ukraine doesn’t belong to Russia. You sound like a russian paid propagandist.

    4. @Wagger Company If Ukraine joined NATO it would be because it benefits Ukraine. 90 percent of foreign aid that Ukraine receives comes from the United States. If Russia cared about Ukraine in anyway other then a tyrannical overlord then why didn’t it provide foreign aid in any capacity like the USA? Yeah if Russia kept invading Ukraine like it did 8 years ago and Ukraine was part of NATO then it deserves retaliation. Nobody was gonna start a war over protecting borders. Russia doesnt stay behind their borders it invaded Ukraine 8 years ago and now again. Putin is full of KBG corrupt communist thinking and you believe all the propaganda he shoves down your throat. The United States and NATO isnt invading Ukraine and constantly disturbing Ukraines peace, Russia always has and still is.

    1. What are they protecting with their own lives? They won’t change anything, they are fighting to death to maintain the power of the current ruling class established in that country.

  7. Ukraine: **literally getting invaded**

    Middle aged people on Facebook:
    _sending heart emojis and prayers_

    1. Maybe true, but what is a middle age adult in any country really able to do?? They can appeal to the government but what else can they do? I think people know that.

    2. It’s called morale, but either way I’m struck with awe on how 🅱️ased you are. The guy who uses Facebook bashing on other people using Facebook. 😂😂😂

  8. Not gonna lie.. That threat of Putin to whoever decides to interfere definitely scared me off. This guy is a proven military, special ops, KGB leader..

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