1. @Protest S7 There will be alot of propaganda movies dont worry. The amount of Ukraine propaganda bullshit and russian bullshit is funny.

    1. @Jr Kr Land is always swithcing ruler during wartime, France didnt have to retake all of norther france in 1918 either to win. A victory is a victory,even if not big enough to end the entire war

    2. @Daniel Lewis No. Many of them are young boys who were conscripted when they turned 18. Military service in Russia is mandatory at 18

  1. Amazing and historic times. It’s wonderful to see a dictatorship built on hate, fear and lies collapses as a result of a self-inflicted war. Finland stands with Ukraine.

  2. Having civilians hug you like that for reconquering lost territory in a war is probably one of the best feelings you can get as a soldier.

    1. ..but that’s what Putin promised his armies. get hugs and flowers. New face of war. US made same comment in Iraq. It does appear super powers go to war for flowers and hugs

  3. Seeing the joy and appreciation the citizens showed their soldiers was heartwarming. I hope all this is not in vain.

  4. I get goosebumps when I see the people greet the Ukrainian Military. I fought with the international bridge from June until August.( Also a U.S Marine combat Veteran) . It honestly makes me cry tears of joy for these brave people. SLAVA UKRAINE 🇺🇦💪🏻🇺🇸

    1. @John Smithe I’ve heard good things about World Central Kitchen. They helped in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria and I remember seeing an interview with Lin Manuel Miranda (who was working with them at the time) saying that they’re the kind of charity to roll their sleeves up and help those in need, rather than fund some big corporate office somewhere or some fatcat CEO.

      Anything you can spare will help, I’m sure of it. Thank you for your generosity, humanitarianism, and for “doing your bit”. This world would be doing much better if we had a few more like you. Take care, my friend 👍

  5. Im so happy for Ukraine and hope all keeps going so good . We all need to keep support them . I live in west Europe and i rather stay all winter witouth heating and sit in house with a ski suit on then have gas from Russia or hy prised gas . Aslong as it takes !!! Nothing compares to being a free country , to have no war , to have no deaths , bombings and shelling or their children traumatized…. Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦🙌👏 ❤️

  6. The simple fact is the Russian soldiers’ hearts just aren’t in it. They know what they’re doing is wrong

    1. True. Many people is Russia don’t want this war, many of them were drafted and ripped away from their families. Many of them are kids that just turned 18. Many people have family in Ukraine.

  7. Many of us, Russian citizens, are happy about recent victories of Ukraine. Whether Kremlin is your enemy doesn’t depend on your citizenship but on your values and ideals. I hope Ukraine will continue to kick butt till they reclaim all of their territory. I also hope people like me will be able to walk up to any Ukrainian out there and shake their hand in solidarity without being rejected just because we were born in the wrong country.

    1. I fear that hate against Russia will be strong for a long time. I’m really sorry for you, russian army has killed many innocent people for nothing. It will be remember, like when the US invaded Iraq in 2003. People always talk about that, because the innocent there suffered a lot.

      But I sincerely hope that a more peaceful russian government can rise to power ; and that Ukrainians can consider them as the beggining of an occasion to rebuild together.

      But we are very far from this situation. I hope it will happen like that, but for now Ukrainians struggle to just survive. Before we can talk about peace, they have to win the war.

      Good luck, Putin bring your country to hard times. It’s people like you that are the best hope for Russia.

    2. @Zornhau True, this war has no purpose at all. But well, Ukraine has to win, to take back their own territory and end this awful conflict. I honestly hope mr putput get’s unpresidented and someone better just diplomatically ends the war one day

    1. My favorite encounter so far is this patrol stops in this small village and a woman runs up and tells the guys “There is a hot breakfast waiting for you” Who needs a generals motivation or a politicians speech when you can experience that.

  8. President Zelensky, february ’22: ” I don’t need a ride, I need ammunition!”
    Russian Soldiers September ’22: I don’t need ammunition, I need a ride! 😆

  9. God bless the people of Ukraine who have been given their freedom back! It makes me emotional seeing how happy they are to have their situation change, I hope they live the rest of their life taking full advantage of all of the blessings that come their way, given the hardships that they have had to endure until now.

  10. As a Ukrainian I must say thank you to the WEst for your support. We couldn’t reach this advantage without all aff you. Unfortunatelly we have many damage of our infrostructure and lost lives, but we will fight to russiann facists until our victory. Glory to Ukraine – glory to heroes (this is our national slogan)!

    1. We will help you to rebuild. We have helped you so far, no reason to change. We cannot ressurect people killed by Russia, but we can help you to be victorious and have a better future.
      “Winter is coming”… Yeah, like every year. Our support will not stop.

    2. We are your friends. Where before most of the west didn’t know what to think of Ukraine, now your name and your bravery is burned into our memories. We can depend on each other, and after all this is over I think most Ukrainians will look toward the west and think the same.

  11. Shedding happy tears for Ukraine this morning! I’ve been praying for and watching with hope for the brave, honorable people of Ukraine since the beginning of this terrible war. Bless every single one of you!! May God continue to strengthen and liberate Ukraine from Russias greedy hands. Slava Ukraine! Sending hope and love from America. 🇺🇸
    We are with you!!🇺🇦

  12. As a first generation Ukrainian in America I’m so proud and so happy to see Ukrainians gain territory back. Whatching this through tears. I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for showing their support for Ukraine. God bless America 🇺🇸 Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦

    1. @Denver Beek moved from Ukraine when I was 12 with my parents and brother. Most of my extended family is still there.

    2. @Secret Squirrel I noticed it’s not as hot on the news as it was initially. which is a shame, but non the less. I appreciate those that understand the magnitude of this war and provide their support, even if it is in prayer.

    3. @Irena Nadvirnanka If I was in military shape and was a bit less neurotic, I’d gladly volunteer to fight in Ukraine. Sadly, I have my own issues to deal with.

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