1. Why are you not building stronger brick houses and fit them with very strong metal shutters for the windows? Of course, these woodden “garden shacks” you call houses in the USA can’t withstand a tornado. In Germany we have much sturdier buildings even in rural areas. If a tornado hits, it mainly takes the roof off but leaves the walls intact, protecting furniture and stuff inside as well as the people living there. Danger only comes from cars or trees or loose debris flying around.

    1. We bought an older home and it has block walls even on the interior. Our neighborhood was built by a smart builder. Which is rare.

  2. When I see American houses mostly are made of wood I’m happy with our houses in Slavic countries made of bricks

    1. Our home is block including the inner walls. But I live very close to the ocean.
      But we are watching builders make cardboard boxes aka apartments a mile from me 🙄
      It’s stupid here at times.

  3. Meteororologist YouTuber *Ryan Hall Y’All* covered it live for 11+ hours. He told people well ahead of time exactly where the tornados were heading. I suggest everyone in the USA subscribe.

  4. You do not build to suit the environment, you have a great disaster and death, where is your building control?

  5. Wow, who would want to live in Louisiana? If it’s not hurricane winds, it’s storm surge, flooding, hail, or tornadoes. Not to mention swamp everywhere with too many bugs and the diseases they can have. Houses rot in the humidity… what am I forgetting?

  6. Reaping what you have sown, destruction, and devestation. Did y’all clean up the mess in Florida yet? More yet to come, I see. At some point, it all will be come fruitless.

  7. Because of all the questions about why these houses are built with wood, I did a search and the answer is that nothing will survive a direct hit from a tornado. You can easily search tornado damaged houses, and the brick ones are demolished beyond repair just as much. There is a church that was all brick and all that was left was a concrete slab. Wood can be rebuilt cheaply. I’m also not sure how solid the ground is in Louisiana to support the weight of a brick or stone house without sinking. Something else to look up.

  8. Mother Nature is showing her real power to these climate change deniers down south… tornadoes will only get worse… these people should move out of these areas

  9. Shout out to George Floyd on 934 days of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals! Where’s Jackie? 🎉

  10. When will the building codes be updated and changed to provide new tornado proof homes and businesses. We have the structural engineers but nothing is be done to prevent complete loss of property and life.

    1. When we get building inspectors smart enough to enforce them! Having said that, in 1963 a hurricane hit Texas in Matagorda county. My father’s friend said someone had built a hurricane proof house. He said the only thing that was left was the front steps.

  11. Poor people and my condolences 💐 and may god give them strength and help them immediately recover in Jesus Christ name amen 🙏🏽

  12. U lost me where the Mayor condemned that home to be destroyed less than 36hrs after event! She has no right to that claim till the homeowners and more professionals give input! As for them and the community my prayers go out!

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