1. @M. I was presuming Gerry Jackson meant a talent that has happened before, not on this single present occasion. Learn to read between the lines.

    1. @Tallybail 513
      The uk can’t leave the ECHR as long as NI is part of the uk. The ECHR is a requirement of the GFA

    2. @Anthony Burke I think what they will do is put it into British law as equivalent…but will have therefore overall authority.

    3. @Tallybail 513
      No they won’t because the ECHR is a requirement of GFA! There is no mention of equivalence in the GFA, But there is a chapter on the ECHR. The GFA is a legally binding agreement registered with the United nations.

    4. @Tallybail 513
      But Italy, Greece, Poland , Hungary or the United nations don’t ignore the ECHR. Tell me why are you lying? Are you British?

      The uk will care. There are consequences for breaking international agreements and you obviously care because you felt the need to lie!

  1. Johnson tried to secure his premiership by arranging his cabinet in such a way that there was no-one working under him that other people would think would do the job better than he could. That’s why we’re left with these two junior management lackeys as the best they’ve got.

    1. @Sky Who wouldn’t? Truss is particularly inept at everything she turns her hand to – claiming yet again that Brexit is “done” today – which would surely be news to Everyone here in Northern Ireland, which as I type *still* has *no* agreed path forward to Border existence and myriad interlinked relationships with the Republic of Ireland, so very, very much *not* ‘done’. But nobody ever corrects her when she trots that asinine lie out.

  2. Well, at least there’s now an oven-ready epitaph for the soon to be demised United Kingdom: “In Truss we Trusted”.

  3. I don’t know if it’s just me but why is this seen as something to smile about the world order is falling apart

  4. 2:40 ‘I also want to thank our outgoing leader my friend Boris Johnson’…….. UK we are completely and utterly done for👍for all those living below a £50k yearly salary welcome to death row. It’s time for a industrial Revolution and all individuals who work to strike their £9.50 a hour job.

  5. The greatest political party on earth!? OMG, how shameless and embarrasing to say that. Obviously, the party members were sort of surprised by her words.

    1. Uh, in terms of overrall success, they are. I’m a disenfranchised Tory, and Admittedly I think the last 50 years of Toryism has been marred by weakness and centrism, with a brief return to glory under Thatcher. I don’t support this government and won’t be voting for it, consider me a defector to Nigel Farage and whatever endeavour he undertakes next in the world of politics. Most of what this government has done to destroy the country was aided by the sitting Labour Party, what chaos we see with Ukraine is backed by Labour, what we saw with a shift to Globalism was exemplified by…Labour under Blair. A brief return to sociaism did nothing either, because a. Socialism is bollocks (I was one as a teenager and am only in my early 20’s now so…) and B. The corbyn era shifted from a more respectable English socialist position in the days of Orwell to the urban gentry of what we saw under Kinnock. The tories aren’t bad because they’re tory, they’re bad because they aren’t and haven’t been since the closing days of the Home government in ’63 – ’64. While some of Truss’s ideas and views impress me, fucking over the green energy bs and pushing for more north sea drilling (about time, its been a no brainer for at least the last 12 years of fake tory rule). At the end of the day though, she won’t deliver, and she isn’t to be trsuted. We need a hard line Conservative government, one with the balls to not be sacred of government overreach to destroy the welfare state, reform the borders, and create a prosperous industrious nation once more, while also having the knowledge that traditional values can only go so far and a modern outlook is needed. I may not like green energy , but I recognise in some capacity that wind and solar will be staying, so personally I see it as making the best of a bad situation and drumming up industry in deprives areas, eseocailly in the North and the Midlands (where I live). I see the NHS as unsalbageable, but to at least keep something alive while pushing for a German/Japanese hybrid system with their support, I’d drum up a temporary tax to try and get more funding doing, while also reducing VAT and scrapping the licence fee so propel don’t starve. I’d take apart the trusts and I’d push for homegrown training and a cap on migrant staff. The way to fix this country or any country is to recognise there is more to government than A and B. None of this we will get under the Tories or Labour, which brings us back to A and B. Why pick between them? A new Conservative movement with the right leadership and appeal could overtake England, maybe not now, but in 20 years time, and destroy this dead duck once and for all. It could to put to bed the arrogance of the nasty party, and drum up more lower class (I’m on welfare though not forever I hope, due to mostly chronic health issues, pandemic response certainly worsened it so there’s no love lost between me and the Tory or Labour Party I can tell you) support, it could look to be forward thinking while preserving basic Christian values and ethnic hegemony, it could be a bright pillar of the future. But first we have to be educated enough to see that right wing is not a dirty word, and second of all we have to put in the effort to fix our society and not just our politics. We are part of something greater than the sum of our own narrow minded and selfish interests, and that’s why I oppose the Tory party, they aren’t Conservative for one, and they aren’t part of anything I wish to be part of.

  6. Wow! The contrast between the staging and delivery of this speech and reception to the staging and delivery of a Trump speech and reception is extraordinary.

    1. She praised her opponent and didn’t put a single person down. The exact opposite of Trump, which can only be a good thing!

  7. Radio 5 here in the UK asked their listeners what they wanted to hear from the new prime minister. I would suggest an apology to express her regret at; The idiocy of the brexit referendum, simplistic question and tolerated lies from the wealthy backed brexit campaigns, the wasted years of austerity during times of low interest rates, the complete failure of their levelling up policy, the disgusting premiership of the known liar (including lying to the Queen) and incompetent Johnson, the corruption of her party by Russian oligarch money, the recent tax hikes hammering the poorest in society, the planning failures of the dangers of a pandemic, (number 1 on their own list of threats) and an overall complete failure to prepare the country for the 21st century, rather dragging it back into the 19th Century. There is of course much more and sadly it will probably get a lot worse for ordinary Britains under this our 4th tory Prime minister in 6 years. Instead we get choreographed standing ovation from a packed hall of johnson enablers in response to an inane speech of drivel.

  8. Conservatives have got us into a pickle &, post Brexit, the Union is under threat. Well done ! Full Marks ! Congrats ! #politics

  9. Her approval ratings were already falling before the vite was announced. Individuals who voted for 6 weeks ago are now wishing they hadn’t. She continually changes her political views to suit the current situation.

  10. Mind Begs the Question:
    If in a World
    X oppose Occupation – Heroes
    Y oppose Occupation – Terrorists
    World Governed by – Righteous,Evil?

  11. As an American it is truly relieving to see that we are not the only ones in political turmoil…………

    ………………… 😀

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