See The Moment Tucker Carlson Realized Trump Could Lose 2020 | MSNBC

See The Moment Tucker Carlson Realized Trump Could Lose 2020 | MSNBC 1


    1. Difference between Trump acting like an old senile man and Biden doing so is….Biden REALLY WILL “hire the best people”.

      Plus, he’s not a lying, narcissistic, selfish, con-man, clown…and certainly not a Russian asset <---- can't say the same for ole' King CHEATos.

    1. @Jon Thomas ” smarter than Biden”
      Biden knows not to stare at the sun during an eclipse.
      Biden knows how umbrellas work.
      so it seems you’re wrong,

    2. @Jon Thomas “The FACTS are liberal ”
      yep. and they’re still better than conservatives by a country mile.
      after all, liberals came around on covid, conservatives are now screwing up their states by reopening too soon and not requiring masks.

      how does it feel to be supporting a party that’s *worse than the Democrats*???

    1. @nemonucliosis idk how you’re still brainwashed by him. He’s losing in a landslide, the people who voted for him in 2016 know he’s a fraud unfit for office.

    2. @nemonucliosis I mean, it’s ok to be butthurt when the president hasn’t done anything for an entire term except make tweets from the White House. Why does he need another 4 years as president, again?

    3. heredownunder
      That’s why we all need to get together and vote the hollow head out . Vote blue 2020 .🌊

    4. @nemonucliosis the majority of the country can’t handle four more years of trump bud and it has nothing to do with us being “butthurt” its that any one with any kind of education or common sense can see that our country can’t take four more years of trump. Hes done a lot of damage. We might be able to repair what he is done so far. he might not be able to repair another term of trump. Hes politicized the justice department, which used to be above politics and a apart of our system of checks and balances. Hes pulled out of important agreements on the world stage that makes the US look fickle, why make a deal with the United States if after 4 years they won’t honor their agreements because another party gets in office. all presidents make misleading statements every now and then but trump lies daily with over 18,000 recorded lies or misleading statements, you can no longer believe anything that the white house says its all propaganda, you see this kind of behavior in banana republics to this degree.. never the US to this degree., before the virus the economy was doing well since Obama was in office and was continuing to do well inspite of trump, not because of trump, in truth his trade war decimated the farming, steel, and various fishing industries, and his tax cuts to the rich failed to stimulate the economy, it only raised the federal federal deficit to new records. Trump has also showed us how he handles a national emergency on a federal level. By doing absolutely nothing. So he can blame it on the governors as people die by the thousands. So no guy… some of us care about this country and it can’t be summed up with “we are butt hurt”. No, we just aren’t idiots.

    1. Vote at the ballot box. Vote with your dollars (local business). If all else fails, vote with your feet.

    1. @Lee Matherly it’s clear he has mental issues. He can’t even put one sentence together that makes sense. He just circulates 3 words over and over and over again from start to finish. “Tremendous, tremendously, fantastic, bigly”

    1. @Cliff Medina In 2016 Trump won Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania by 77,000 votes which gave him the win. In those same three states more than 1.5 million voters got disgusted about Hillary’s investigations decided not to vote. Trump tried and failed to set up Biden for phony investigations and then got impeached for it. So to say the same thing will happen in 2020 is actually more like wishful thinking for Trump Supporters.

    1. @Mauricio Anderson >>> Here are some Links…A waste of my time I know..but you folks are so terribly deluded as to reality..

      The Mueller Report…

      Robert Mueller’s Address to the Press after Bill Barr Released a Four Page Summary rather than the actual Special Council’s Report..

      Robert Mueller Testifies to Congress..

      You speak of the Russian Hoax..yet the Special Council’s Report states the Opposite..
      You overlook the fact that for the past 15 months Mr Trump has had his Attorney’s and McConnell and Barr do everything that has been possible to prevent Congress from even seeing the Fully Un Redacted Report which they are FULLY entitled to see under Our Constitution..
      WHY do you think Mr Trump is continuing to silence folks he knows could Testify to actions that he committed that could see him in litigation and then Prison for years??? You People are Loyal to a fault BUT your loyalties are so ridiculously unjustified..

    2. Headley Milliner It takes less brain cells to watch MSNBC and vote for Democrats like mindless sheep. The problem with you leftists is that you eventually run out of other people money.

    3. Hillary wasn’t complacent. She was arrogant and conceited and mean and assumed that she was well liked. Biden is very unlike Hillary in that aspect. And that is why he will win.

    1. Like he literally could have said ANYTHING. Just go back to the whole wall thing. Like Seriously you couldn’t think of that off the top of your head?? 😂

  1. He may have to finally resort to trying to “act” presidential. Too bad he’s just a game show host and not an actor.

  2. Israel – Annexing Palestine,
    Reestablishing Apartheid State,
    USA Govt – Approve it,
    USA Media – Silent on it,
    Righteous,or Evil?

  3. The very idea that Trump could win again says everything about this country. And if people around the world think we’re a joke now, that will solidify it.

    1. The only people who could see us as a joke are India China and Russia. 3 countries Who are you referring to when you say the world?

    2. @John Wick I know, it’s on the way.
      Just keep well and safe and as you can and keep faith, whatever happens is all I can say. And vote.

    3. @Laura Bedford thank u sister look for jesus christ and stay strong and voting never mattered presidents are selected not elected

  4. We all know Trump isn’t going to go down this easy. He might start a war or something just to stay as president.

    1. Of course, he is a (concealed?) white supremacist who wants a white ethnostate… Therefore, go vote in November.

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