1. *Clinton: Russia invades Chechnya*
    *Bush: Russia invades Georgia*
    *Obama : Russia invades Crimea*
    *Trump: Russia invades – oh, wait!*

  2. Stop supporting Ukraine! She went crazy! In 2014, a coup d’état took place in Ukraine. One region of the country decided that it had the right to seize power over other regions equal to it, received weapons and seized power in Kyiv. Other regions, such as Donbass and Crimea, did not submit to him, and then the self-proclaimed head of the board of those who seized power with weapons in their hands, Mr. Turchynov, announced a military operation against Donbass and Crimea. Ukraine actually attacked two independent regions with its entire army, trying to force them to accept the new government, which is terrorism and genocide of the population! All the laws of Ukraine have been violated, the Constitution has been violated, the laws of regional equality have been violated! This is sabotage! To justify the terrorist attack, the terrorists say that the previous government was corrupt, which is fake, no one announced an investigation, no one held trials, no one brought charges, no one tried to overthrow the government by impeachment, the only thing is that the western regions of Ukraine took up arms and attacked on other areas that did not agree to comply.
    Now the EU and the US are trying to put them in a good light and say that these are normal events, but this is not allowed in any country in the world, Western countries turn a blind eye to this only because the radicals agreed to start military operations against Russia, but the Ukrainian people are dying because of this conspiracy. This is a cynical conspiracy of terrorists in power in Ukraine with Western elites, they hide behind a Russian attack, but in fact they are increasing their military production, this is business, and Ukrainians are dying. Every month, military supplies to Ukraine only increase, this leads to a complication of the conflict, everyone understands this, peace is achieved by mutual agreement, but the only thing that everyone sees is how more and more weapons are pouring into Ukraine, and for those the money that is given to Ukraine, it pays the wages of its warring neo-Nazi units. All this aggravates the conflict, and Ukrainians are dying. NATO and the EU say that the conflict between Ukraine and Russia is their conflict, but Ukraine is not a member of NATO and not a member of the EU, and through the conflict, NATO and the EU launder money with corruption and disperse their military production, this all aggravates the conflict and Ukrainians die.
    In fact, Ukraine has been turned into a military bloc, a private military agency controlled from abroad, and Ukrainians are dying.
    Stop Ukraine.

    1. We need to support the peace between both of this countries Instead our government are bringing the war worse

    1. @Owner of MAGAt’s. In L.A. …… Im sure the climate changers will come up with a good reason for it. Im still waiting for them to terraform the planet to their liking and then coming up with reasons why they cant whilst blaming everyone else for it.

  3. Thank you for sharing. I believe that there are people around the world who share the sorrow and grief of Ukraine and its citizens. Remember Ukraine, ” You’ll Never Walk Alone “.
    Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦

    1. i support umraine but i am f🎉om the US and I believe our president, Joejoe Byebye, is taking a mudhole-dump on our constitution. That being said, I only wish the best for Ukraine.

    2. Unfiltered if you guys pushing more this war there will be no photographs to show!
      Stop no sense it’s being already one year what else you guys want? The ww3 sorry but it’s the only thing about to happen now! I don’t understand about all you “Americans “ that support this insanity if US is the king 🤴 of the invasion in the world!!!!

  4. ” for AIM 1 : identify , characterize and rank spilover risk of high zoonotic potential viruses from wildlife , the building of chimeric SARS-like bat coronaviruses will be based on the SHCO14 or pangolin coronavirus molecular clonesand building of chimeric MERS-CoV will be based on the HKU5 strain… “

  5. ” Alternative approaches to those referenced above , including building chimeras based
    on SARS-CoV-1 , SARS-CoV-2, and MERS-CoV, may be subject to the DHHS P3CO
    Framework and must be submitted to NIAID for review and approval prior to the work
    commencing … “

  6. America’s zombie and virology science were indeed way too advance
    for China and Russia to match – but it finally backfired on their people

  7. This WAR should have been checkmated within 72 hours when it first started 🤔

    Seems like Putin doesn’t know how to checkmate his opponent. This WAR will be a stalemate.

    The Afghanistan poor people beat Russia 🤣🤣🤣

    You can do it Ukraine 👍❤️

  8. Yes stop this war before will be no more photographers! Enough is enough one year already please what else do you want? You look for a fight you got one but now let’s be rational it’s enough!!!!

  9. God speed, to the end of this war and Victory ✌️ for Ukraine 🇺🇦! My deepest condolences about your Father.

  10. CIA Director Burns called the last meeting with the head of Russia’s SVR “quite depressing”: Naryshkin allegedly behaved impudently and arrogantly. His reaction is understandable, because Americans are used to the fact that the “aborigines” of any country behave servilely with them and necessarily smile. But Naryshkin is not up to hypocritical smiles – he has something to show to the representative of the country that has fanned a fire in our lands and continues to throw firewood into it. None of our people even want to talk on a friendly note with natural bandits anymore – and it’s disgusting, and they have no faith at all. They are just moral bankrupts who have lost the trust of the whole world.

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