See video of 'life-threatening' floods in Australia 1

See video of ‘life-threatening’ floods in Australia


More than 18,000 people have been evacuated from their homes in Australia's New South Wales (NSW) as heavy rains and major flooding continue to inundate the state, causing some areas to resemble "inland seas." Up to 38 places across the state are regarded as natural disaster areas and 19 evacuation orders have been issued, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said in a news conference. #CNN #News


    1. @Mike William you make me to remember!! And you say your not from India. Put the other one,it plays jingle bells.

    1. @Mark Warren They should not build in flooding area’s.. Blame the Government ! no human lives are lost thank goodness but I bet a lot of innocent animals lost their lives. I feel sad for you guys over there…having that idiot Biden as POTUS… There was a leaked video on the migrants that have flooded your country …go watch Newsmax… I do.

    2. @Mark Warren I figure Trump has killed more than 500,000 American citizens due to his ignorance of pandemics, and refusal to listen to scientists, so we need people to take their places. I figure we should open all the borders for the rest of the year, and we might be able to make up the numbers. Maybe even longer.

    3. @Bruce Gately and I figure you’re a FUC#ING idiot! What makes you think Trump killed anyone? And even more of an idiot if you think a few hundred thousand illegal,uneducated, undocumented, untested immigrants can take the place of mostly elderly Americans who were full of a lifetime of wisdom? YOU’RE DISMISSED!

    4. @Mark Warren Oh Mark, when I read your comments, I really feel you should address your anger issues. When you fear all these foreigners will ruin the country, I just reflect on the recent news that two home grown AMERICANS just slaughtered 18 innocent people in spas and supermarkets…Now who is going to replace these poor victims? Are you hoping the people who tried to destroy the Capitol in January will produce more offspring? Is that what you learn from Newsmax? The idiots on spring break in Miami will spread more disease all over the country, even MORE people will have to replace them….. It’s a daunting prospect….where will we ever find people to replace them??

  1. When the show Survivor first came out, I expressed concerns about the attitude it was teaching.

    You do not become a doctor by creating alliances.

    You become a doctor by going to medical school.

    Obviously networking is important in a career.

    The only advancement Donald Trump has ever had is through social manipulation and not Talent.

    1. As an Aussie, I want to say..
      Take you script elsewhere you self centred fark.

      I know this will be removed, but you will see it in your notifications.

    1. Look if you want to be technical about it everybody’s a troll people who make comments on here’s a troll.

  2. Please pray for us,
    we can’t get our CoVid Vaccines out to hospitals & Dr’s & people are being left homeless.
    NSW Australia

  3. For reference, the state of New South Wales is slightly bigger than Texas, but with a third of the population.

    1. @GrooberNedJardine Australia is on fire one week and under water the next, this video shows how the flooding occurs and gets trapped inland. Not why. Do not deny climate change, the world is not flat, we’re all contributing to the destruction of Australia.

    2. @Zubin Falla Crap , total media hyperbole , Australia is far from being destroyed , That is Australia and how it works . On one side of our country will be on fire , in the North of Queensland there will be cyclones and floods , down south it will be snowing , hahaha . Our media is run by leftwing leaning snowflakes , just like CNN. That flood was a big one and there has been many , i witnessed one back in 1964 just as big , and they will happen again . This floodplain services the Warragamba dam which services the greater Sydney region for drinking water , which i might add that the climate change loonies said would never fill again , they’ve been wrong twice , and as a result of their prophecies the dam wall wasn’t raised years ago and all of that precious water has gone out to sea . The more we listen to these idiots the more damage they will cause , climate change policies are politically motivated and misguided , just follow the politicians who are heavily investing in renewables but that will never provide us with base load power supplies for industry . i hope you viewed my first post video might help you to understand how that Ancient floodplain works .

  4. I love a sunburnt country,
    A land of sweeping plains,
    Of rugged mountain ranges,
    Of droughts and flooding rains.

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