1. “We all know some folks in our lives, who we don’t wish them ill will. They say crazy stuff and we’re all like, ‘Well, Uncle Joe, you know what happened to him.’ They’re part of the family, but you don’t give them serious responsibilities.”- Barack Hussein Obama

  1. Nice to know he could afford one. My Thanksgiving sucked beyond belief, as we actually ran out of food for the first time in my 60 years of celebrating Thanksgiving, and yes, it was because of the staggering inflation!!!

    1. @Thomas John
      Writer E. Jean Carroll sues Trump under new N.Y. sexual assault law

      By: Jennifer Hassan and Andrea Salcedo

  2. Well I’m sure glad they had a good time last night. I went to sleep last night listening to my kids wimper most of the night because I didn’t have enough to feed them a proper supper! Thanks FJB!

    1. @Debby DeBerardinis
      That’s the trap they are trying to put us all in. No, Im still fast enough to catch a possum or a armadillo! Once the government gets a hold of you they never let go!

    2. @Dave Collins here is a great read.

      Trump’s Business Hauled In $2.4 Billion During Four Years He Served As President
      By: Dan Alexander

    3. @Dave Collins
      Even today you and I are paying Trump to have secret service at his property.
      The entire Trump family became rich during that 4 years.
      All you have to do is a little research.
      Trump business made over $2.4 Billion while he was in office.
      It is being reported Ivanka and Jared made around $640 Million during the 4 years.
      Ivanka’ hotel alone racked in more than $13 million of tax payer money.
      The trademarks she received the day after having lunch with the Chinese president will not hurt financially either.
      Jared ended up with $2 Billion from Saudi Arabia.

    4. @Elmosweed
      LOL. Trump was already rich before he went in office! And as far as the 2.4 million he made that you read from a Trump haters book why didn’t he finish. I will for him! The 4 years before he became president he made over 5 billion. Your only getting half truths. And now YOU are doing the same!

    5. @Dave Collins
      It does not matter if Trump was rich before entering office.
      We are talking about him not making money while in office because he donated his paycheck.
      It just pizzes me off I pay for multiple golf cart rental’s to Trump every single day and I never get to drive.
      I searched for over one hour and could not find your claim his business made $5 Billion in the 4 years prior to his running.
      Soon the taxes he has been hiding might shed some truth on either your side being correct or our side being correct.

  3. The US allows people experiencing homeless to go hungry on the streets DAILY

    That’s because both the Dems and the GOP serve only their corporate donors. It’s all about money and power and never about the people.

    Sending so much love to all who are struggling. 🙏🏼❤️❤️

    1. @Dave Mustang well the good news salvation army in Nashville homeless that sign up on their program have a 14% failure that means 14 people out of 100 and go back to being homeless

    2. Serious…Don’t blame on the institutions for choices that many made….
      As the first generation immigrants, we came here penny less with no more than the clothes on our back and happy to to report that all my family members are successful in the pursue of the American dreams. My aunts, uncles and parents worked 2 jobs for 30-40 years until they retired so they can put the kids through colleges and med school….

    3. Placing blame is not the answer. Changing things is. As Americans we have choice, work and live a decent life, or choose not too and live on the streets. They put their selves there. Life is hard, im a single mother and worked 12 hrs a day for 40 yrs, I know how hard it is. But I wasn’t going to resort to living on the streets and doing without and blameing the world for the situation they put thereselve in. They have to own their situation. I understand some of it is mental illnesses, they could go to the Er for help. But alot of it is just down right laziness. My cousin died living under a bridge, he wasn’t mentally impaired he was just lazy. No lie!!!!!

  4. Watching those people last night, their body language said to me over and over again. ” I am privileged look at me” …..Very Sad.

  5. Celebrities and dignitaries alike wore extremely expensive clothing. I wouldn’t mind these types of dinners if each guest would contribute twice the price of their attire to a food bank or a homeless shelter.

    1. @pa triot
      Oh, so if you choose to do something that leads to harm, you shouldn’t be provided help? If you choose to drive and get in an accident, breaking both your legs. they should tell you to shove off? Because you chose to get in the car despite knowing injury was possible?

    2. @Lunar Robot
      Typical lib lack of logic.
      This was about you wanting other people to buy the
      food & drugs for people who do not work.
      You don’t “help” people buy doing that.
      There is nothing wrong with getting in a car.

      The sad thing is that people like you think
      that your a good person for your nieve thinking.

    3. @pa triot So what’s your solution then? Nothing? Because if so, then congrats, you have contributed nothing to the conversation and wasted both of our time.

  6. I’m just so happy to be helping pay for their lavish lobster dinners, while I had leftover great value Mac n cheese. I have ZERO respect for anyone there.

    1. @Miguel Martin Who cares what 45 is ding? He is probably too busy throwing ketchup on the walls! What a SPOILED BRAT! He would NEVER have survived Catholic school in the 1960’s . Our Eastern European nuns would have put him through 4 WALLS! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  7. A local organization for making sure children have Christmas presents said their biggest request FROM CHILDREN was snacks and food. WHAT does that tell you about this regime?

    1. High inflation, woke politics, name calling and the blame game are all text book examples of how to introduce Socialism. First they divide us “LGBTQ+black brown white etc” and then they cause “food insecurities” (starvation)

    2. @judaspreistvlct . I was replying back to the person who apparently thinks the basement of the DC pizza parlor was the child trafficking hub. You know the pizza 🍕 parlor that had no basement!
      So, WTF are you talking about chicken hawks? Be a little more clearer in your conspiracies!

  8. Who cares if your life stinks because of the policies of the past two years. As long as John Legend and his cat-faced girlfriend can attend black tie events, we should all be happy for them.

    1. Yeah it’s so stupid but some eat it up.
      What I find way more important is why the POTUS was driven around in rented vehicles over Thanksgiving that all burst into flames one day after they were returned. No POTUS is going to be driven around in rentals, not a chance. Now that’s a story that would covered IF we had real journalist which we clearly do not.

  9. celebrities, elitists, politicians go hand and hand. The entertainment industry distract us from the issues that ought to be the substance of our political ruminations. The entertainment industry, moreover, offers diversions.


  11. I come from a very STRONG US Navy family! Dad took us sailing many times on the Chesapeake Bay! Sailors have a saying ” I cannot change the direction of the wind, but I can ADJUST my sails”! And as the US Naval Academy song goes “We’re wishing you a happy voyage home”! GO NAVY! 🤗🥰⚓⛵⚓🌊🌅🌊

  12. When I said I was happy to see John Legend and his wife. They will help make everything ok. I was talking about on the campaign trail.

  13. What is significant is that Kevin McCarthy came! Wow! That’s more bipartisan action than I expect from him. Thank you!

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