1. Get one. Criminals will have them, because they are criminals and don’t care. Plus anybody can be overpowered, so take precautions and give yourself the best tools available for protection.

    2. You should buy one, because the party that you support and voted for love to defund the police and let criminals out of jail…. See any of the daily videos of women getting their faces stomped in public from the “oppressed” ?

    3. @Samantha B young girl. Try being a young beautiful girl as I was. Blonde blue eyes, fabulous figure. I know you probably think I’m lying. Only I’m not. There were many of us Dorothy Strattens around. It really was tough being beautiful and smart.

  1. “Welcome to the US: we are seriously considering arming our teachers.”
    “Welcome to the UK: we don’t even arm most of our police!”

    1. @Everything Is Happening Now Yeah, tell that to the Russians and Iranians being beaten and arrested for protesting their government.
      Who has all the power? Unarmed citizens or the armed government. And don’t tell me that B.S. about turning the military on their own people when the military are also the citizens. I would think at most of the miliatry will help depose of an tyrannical government. When you are armed, they cannot “nip” it in the bud like in Russia. More protests, more popularity, more power and the cops can’t stop it like they do in Russia right now.

    2. America is a banana Republic. A society that needs guns is utterly pathetic. Their answer to mass shootings is to give more people guns. Absolute 🤡 clowns.

    1. LOL I’m from LA too, born and raised since the 70s. Glad I’m not a cowardly p*ssy like you. Never carried never will and I’ve lived in East LA, Boyle Heights, South LA, etc.

    2. Im from Sarajevo and NOBODY should be wearing weapons. You’re arming yourself against your own people. How confused are you?
      Ban 2AA IMMEDIATELY 💯💯

  2. Being liberal or on the left doesn’t mean you don’t own firearms. That is prejudice to say. I have been a Dem since 2006 and own approximately 40k worth of firearms. I am also one-hundred percent owner of an LLC that hold Class III firearms. For those that don’t know, that is fully-auto and silenced. The difference between me and most on the right, is I would give them up to prevent one child from being murdered.

    1. What? To be an American hating card carrying Dem you have to hate guns and gun owners. Oh wait, your a limousine liberal that don’t want the laws (correction, court rulings) you push to only apply to other people. So magnanimous of you to give up your freedoms and force others to do the same to protect just one child right? And I bet your a pro abortion baby killer too?

    2. Easy to say when you know that is impossible. NOTHING can guarantee a children will not be killed, by a gun or any other means. That’s one thing about liberals , they love to show self virtue.

    3. Virtue signal sounds good but it’s not practical. Give them up because then because unfortunately kids get killed in my City of Chicago every day

  3. I’ve been liberal all my life and I’ve owned guns most of my life. The phenomenon of “liberals” being anti gun is new. Plus is not very accurate. My grandfather who was conservative believed in way more gun control then I did. But this was 30 years ago.

    1. By the way I said I was a liberal I never said I voted for democrats just saying. I don’t vote for democrats or republicans I vote for the best person for the job. Lately they have been lacking at best.

    2. There’s NOTHING liberal about the left. They seriously need to stop being called liberals. They’re straight up marxists.

    3. @doug collins You’re wrong. We think military assault weapons are only for killing people. No one hunts game with those rifles.

    4. @Ellen McBride any weapon used in an assault can be used as an assault weapon. It’s not a term for an actual firearm. There are assault RIFLES. Also to say military grade and that only police and military can own them is kinda bogus. Have you seen our army lately? Doesn’t take much to be an average 11B infantry. I respect the sacrifices they make but overall not the brightest of the bunch.

  4. “When you have knowledge of stuff you feel safer.” That woman is a genius. Guns arnt left or right, they’re an object used by good and bad people alike.

    1. @david haros either way our anther a good guy with a gun ends it.. I will give you that crap braise it’s true. You’ll never outlaw firearms, you’ll Bennett out law firearms, the whole constitution and what not. Protect yourself because the liberals defund movement went just far enough.

    2. And still it’s not getting safer…people buy more guns and the shootings continues to escalate…it’s getting more dysfunctional day by day.

  5. Most important ladies, respect the firearm at all times & understand what it is capable of doing. I love the fact you are learning & training. Nothing wrong with that. You never know when you made need that skill. But again I emphasize the importance of what a firearm is capable of doing, possibly taking the life of another human.

    1. Don’t forget to send that message to the guys as well. Also, do you think the women in the video will see your post or is this just you not understanding how the internet works and being inadvertently condescending to women?

  6. Considering that women in some areas are now being legally forced to bear their rapist’s children, I can’t help but see this as a good thing.

    1. @Gangster 404 haha spoken like a true, no, I mean truly you lost the ELECTION, TRUMP SUPPORTER. YOU KNOW YOU LOST RIGHT. I PLAY THAT VICTORY CELEBRATION OVER ANDCOVER. NONE OF US CARED IF A CORPSE (maybe Biden) took office. IT WAS BETTER THAN TRUMP. HE RAN CUZ HE WOULDNT RUN IN 2016. We accomplished what we had to do. Trump would have killed the rest of us with Covid. We had to get him out. Biden failed us inv2016. Now we women are suffering at hands of SCOTUS. That is the tradegy of the 🍊 Buffoons Prez. It was a lifelong disaster for American women.

  7. I’m not against having a gun with you as long as you are mentally well enough to have it on your person. I myself choose not to carry a gun because I know myself and refuse to see the gun as a last resort. Other people who are more than capable of having a gun and not abusing it for selfish needs get my respect, but anyone who isn’t mentally fit to hold or control a gun should not be allowed to own it. This also includes extremist groups, as we saw on January 6th.

    1. That and the BLM riots as well we need to defend ourselves in case those two happened that’s why we need our 2nd amendment but with background checks.

    2. I didn’t see any “extremeists” on Jan 6 use a gun or even pull it out. The only one using a gun was a “trained” government agent who shot dead an unarmed woman. The “trained” government stooge shot into a crowd withut aiming out of panic. Who is the unstable and mentally unfit to carry a gun now? In many CCW classes, they tell you that your are responsible for every bullet out of your gun and to shoot the person who is an immediate threat to you, not just into a crowd because you panic. But of course he is a government stooge so he is above the law. And now you know why citizens need to be armed. I fear the training that government “agents” receive more than a well trained citizen.
      Because they have immunity , so they have a tendency to over react and shoot when unnecessary.

    1. @LION TAMER Yep because technically not true. Variable in your math is human factor that your outcome is dependant upon the human using it exactly X amount more times exactly per gun added to country for this statement to be accurate. Then those numbers hit exactly same number over and over again. Then you will have a Theory.

    2. @Matt injecting one’s take into someone else’s take…… the essence of replying to social media. Not seeing where I said how I wanted “it”… or anything for that matter. In fact, what in the actual hell are you babbling on about? You’re drunk, go to sleep. Lol

    3. @Matt The right to make their own choices. Maybe you should learn a thing or two about the past! You seem like you don’t have a clue. So if a woman have sex and get pregnant it is her who is irresponsible and should not seek abortion? Last time i checked it takes two. What kind of the backwards thinking your parents taught you? You obviously had a missing parent there or both because you don’t even have the basic knowledge of a woman or respect for a woman. Let’s just leave it at that because you are on the losing side. You are mad because women have the right to say NO

  8. I’m impressed first time I actually feel that CNN Seriously produced news that has value and worth while to watch.

  9. Amen! Dem with a gun for safety for quite a few years. Permit to carry. I hunted earlier in my life. Rural living most of my life.

  10. I’m a liberal leaning man who owns several firearms. I have a few nice rifles and a few shotguns. Why do I own so many? Different firearms for different applications that’s why. Firearms are tools/weapons meaning that they need to be handled with extreme respect. It’s good to see these ladies taking care and learning prior to choosing whether to carry or not.

    1. Firearms are the great equalizer and the best self defense weapons available to women. The smallest woman can defend herself with a firearm with some training and situational awareness. This kinda sober approach to gun ownership is a good thing. My come to truth moment was when I prevented my little brother and his friends from being stabbed with my 12 gauge. The men who brought knives onto my family’s property would stab others.

  11. When you go far enough to the left you get your guns back.

    “Under no pretext should arms or ammunition be surrendered…” -Karl Marx

  12. I will ALWAYS support not being a victim 💯%!!!
    Level that playing field ladies ✊🏼💪🏼

  13. I am really happy to see this I grew up in California I’m 60 my father was a gun designer in those days going to the gun store or being part of the NRA was not a big deal. Now California is very liberal I live in rural Oregon and I have guns to protect myself we don’t have cops out here or 911. The way the world is going people have to protect them self it’s good to see people of color and people who have a different political viewpoint learning about self protection!

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