“Selling Out America’s Values.” | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

“Selling Out America’s Values.” | The Last Word | MSNBC


Trump called on China to investigate his political rival as CNN reports a June phone call in which Trump raised Biden and told President Xi he'd stay quiet on Hong Kong protests during trade talks with China. John Harwood says Trump is selling America's commitment to freedom in exchange for something on trade and that will be harder for Republicans to defend. Lawrence O'Donnell also discusses with Joyce Vance. Aired on 10/03/19.
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“Selling Out America’s Values.” | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. Both parties are so corrupt…..Trump is not a politician and a narcissist and in my opinion has a screw loose. But Democrats are full of corruption as well. I want nothing to do with either party but then again I worked for government contracts and saw corruption daily with so many kickbacks as most programs are now outsourced to banks and corporations.

    2. The United States Federal government has been an insurgency. Look up the definition of insurgency. It was pulled off during the Abraham Lincoln Administration and his Radical Republican following. The Lincoln Administration was not following the 1787 Constitution so the 11 Southern States seceded from the Union, and had a Constitutional right to do so.
      It never was about slavery and Lincoln said and wrote about it several times. Lincoln wanted to preserve the Union, not abolish slavery in northern and southern States.
      Being that the Lincoln Administration was not adhering to the Constitution and eventually conquered all territories, Northern States, and Southern States….they are an insurgency form of government even to this very day. They’re fraudulent.
      Also, it was not a civil war. A civil war is two opposing sides seeking control of one centralized govt. The South was not seeking control of DC. The South simply wanted free of the corrupt, unconstitutional, federal government and what it had become.
      After the war came the Reconstruction Acts. This is when Americans were changed into a legal thing called United States Citizen, and everyone lost their State citizenship rights; States rights became secondary to United States citizen rights. In other words,everyone including black slaves fell under the control of the jurisdiction of DC (federalized power / dictatorial rule).

    1. Rump wants Adam Shift to be investigated for Treason Rump you need to look in a mirror at the person who would betray his country to further his own ambitions at the U.S. expense. 
      He has been a crook in his private life what made people think he would look to help the working class American that was the class he screwed when they did work for him.

  1. I can’t believe what’s going on in America. This is some very dangerous and scary times. Trump is a criminal.

    1. Mike Smith .. don’t be proud of your ignorance. Stupidity isn’t something to boast about! You only prove how much of a slithering loser you are Mike.! The pride you seek you will never know, you aren’t worthy.

    2. Jonathan Still So how does this compare to Clinton, using a personal illicit server to exchange classified content with foreign nationals for profit?

    1. @Jennifer McGoldrick Tulsi is on stage at the New Hampshire debate.

      Bernie is done. Hopefully he puts his support behind her.

    1. Sadly, it is as real as the lingering stench and the disgraceful, disreputable, unethical, embarrassing displays of unGodly wrongdoing and brazen abuse of Office in the eyes of the Entire World, as well as God above ! Evangelicals — have you a Patriotic comment after God Blessed you to be born in America ? No ? Shame on you all !

    2. @Jonathan Still Didn’t God forbid his followers to praise the false, self proclaimed, gods. Evangelicals should ask themselves if they still can spread the word of God with any credibility if they continue to live in sin.

  2. Congress needs to see all the Trump phone calls, especially the Putin calls where they no doubt discussed the Putin conspiracy theory about Ukraine and CrowdStrike

    1. and Schiff’s, Pelosi’s, Comey’s, if its a theory let them investigate, say spend 2 years and 25 million to check it out.

  3. “has gone from… I didn’t do it to…. I would do it again, to, okay everybody! Watch me do it!”

    Accurate. I can’t believe what I’m seeing and hearing.

    1. @eurekajim #VoteBlue2020 And Russia, North Korea and Saudi Arabia… and who knows who else.

    2. he admitted to committing a crime on national TV? congress doesn’t need an actual crime? which is it lady? or are you a dude?

  4. I really gotta stop asking Trump supporters “How stupid can you be?”
    They seem to take it as a challenge.

    1. @al jbug Oh, I will answer! It is illegal for trump to ask a foreign country to interfere with our elections. But what is going to bring him down is trump obstructing Congress right now.

    2. @al jbug Name 1 english class you passed with a grade higher than a D-. As for Trump, if he wasnt president he would be found guilty of obstruction.

  5. The Alliance should investigate him and his family since he has sided with the dictatorships of the world.

  6. Okay, that’s all well and good, but who puts the handcuffs on? Until someone is wearing handcuffs, none of this matters.

  7. I wonder what Jared and Ivanka have to say about family profiting off the Presidency ? Who’s investigating them and their incomes?

    1. Trump isn’t happy with Jared. Israel is investing in Mexico and Jared is making friends there to help.

    2. No One there the ones who need to be investigated seems like Rumps daughter has gotten 35 foreign pattens in china who is investigating that since he has been in office but I guess there are so many other scandals going on with Rump Ivanka is only small potatoes but still it is worth investigating looks like corruption or pay for play ?

    1. Just read his statements into the record and number video copies as evidence. The “man” really thinks he will never be held to account because he will be president-for-life like Idi Amin Dada.

  8. #RudyColludy is my hero!!….He’s managed to implicate the Orange Fuhrer in a crime…..well done!

  9. He’s baiting everyone by making it seem like asking for investigations isn’t a big deal… Minimizing his actions to make it appear as normal so the base thinks that Democrats are reaching. He’s quite persuasive particularly for those uninformed and not highly educated.

    1. And you’re what? Highly educated? Then you know why nobody likes you and why you’re going to lose in 2020. So why did you make this post?

    2. You know he loves the uneducated lol That’s why he switched from a Democrat supporter to a Republican when he ran for office. Well played Donny boy.

    1. He took lessons from Barry Odumbo. Next, Trump will continue the apologize for America tour…..hahahahahaha!!!! Better ORANGE than RED commie!

    1. @Ken Fields relax men these are paid idiots that YouTube pays to bash the president or any conservative 15 year old kids the real American people don’t believe this crap theres not even that many of then each one has several accounts that my opinion anyway Trump 2020 you can count on it

    1. Actually I stopped watching _”The Americans”_ and watch this instead. Not even the _”Homeland”_ writers could think this up.

  10. I can’t wait till he realizes he’s F**ked and plays the Dementia card and hope we’ll feel sorry for him.

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