Sen. Amy Klobuchar: “It’s Not American” To Block Election Security Measures | The Last Word | MSNBC

Presidential Candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar joins Lawrence to talk about Mitch McConnell's latest reaction to being called Moscow Mitch and to react to McConnell's refusal to bring gun safety legislation to a vote after the latest shooting in west Texas.
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Sen. Amy Klobuchar: "It's Not American" To Block Election Security Measures | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. mark : Who literally takes his pay to Troll America about NOT doing his job. Moscow Mitch HATES America and LOVES Money

    2. Shup up, racist. Get killed in the next mass shooting, which I KNOW yet another Democrat will cause ANY DAY now, since it’s ONLY Democrats who cause mass shootings nowadays. Hey, next Liberal mass shooter, if you’re reading this, and it’s quite likely you ARE, given that you people have a history of loving MSNBC nutjobs (James Hodgkinson), can you take care of mark first? Thanks. Signed, The Human Race.

  1. Hey America,your BELOVED CONSTITUTION HAS FAILED if one person has so much power,CHANGE IT!
    Oh yea,failed constitution prevents changes ,right.. I forgot,sorry.. my bad.

  2. Mitch McConnell is doing exactly what he publicly said he would do – blocking democracy.
    He is openly acting as a traitor to this country. McConnell is rotting human garbage, and politicians as corrupt and as self-serving as he is must see consequences for their actions – up to and including prison time. Trump and McConnell are so blatantly outspoken in their corruption, if they’re not made examples of, our system of government – our very freedoms, will be lost.

    1. McConnell has preached for nearly a decade now, that his only job is to hold back and delay any progress America tries to make. He’s done an excellent job of holding us back so far.

    2. @TRUMP Voter
      Trump supporters are the dumbest most gullible morons on the planet. We live in an age of recorded audio and video. Recordings don’t lie, but Trump does – constantly. If you believe anything this easily provable pathological liar says, you have issues only you can help yourself overcome.

  3. Moscow Mitch is obstructing our democracy by not conducting the business of the people. The U.S. Senate is NOT supposed to be an arm of the trump administration but an independent branch which conducts itself by voting on bills sent to them from the House. He is abusing power.

  4. Inez Qtaish is writing” I looked down at my feet and realized I had on my sandals and not my house shoes, the truth is , I don’t remember putting my sandals on. when i was staying with Espie, she would drive me to my son Keith apartment he was renting , when i get inside his apartment, I realized I have on house shoes or one sandal and one house shoe.

  5. Inez Qtaish is writing: just now I’m brushing my teeth, I thought I need to get my wash towel and dry towel , I forgot I already brung my wash towel and dry towel in the washroom.

  6. O’Donnell is giving the Trump Regime too much credit. So far, all they have said is that they might not slaughter all the sick children. The one’s who had pending paperwork in the system on on arbitrary date (7 August 2019), might get a death sentence rescinded. As best I can tell the rest of them still have a certain death sentence.

  7. Donny Dumpling and Moscow Mitch will never let security measures take place for the next elections the Russians have way too much on them. The so called patriots in the senate who let Moscow Mitch and Donny Dumpling do as they wish. Those senators should be banned for life from politics considering they are letting two traitors run amuck with no consequences ever. You can thank Donny Dumpling and Moscow Mitch that America is DONE LIKE TOAST!

  8. Lots of useless talk and self-righteous commentary. How about some action from the people we’ve elected to Congress in 2019? The Constitution has been trashed and our democracy is in peril. You’re all talk!

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