Sen. Blumenthal: Latest Shooting Deaths Were 'Tragically Predictable' | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Sen. Blumenthal: Latest Shooting Deaths Were ‘Tragically Predictable’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) has been advocating for gun control reform since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in his state nearly a decade ago. He calls the deaths from the latest mass shootings "savage" but "tragically predictable, unsurprising because Congress has been complicit." Aired on 03/24/2021.
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Sen. Blumenthal: Latest Shooting Deaths Were 'Tragically Predictable' | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Just give it little more time. This crisis will eventually get to the door steps of gop politicians. Then they can not preach us.

    1. shooter was a muslim from syria who hated trump. another america hating muslim that the left has protected ever since 2008.

  2. He went an killed people, a gun law wouldn’t have changed his mind but it may have been a little bit more difficult to get the AR. Don’t waste political capitol on this.
    Ban the bullet would be more effective than the BS laws that won’t do any good.

    1. The shooter was on an FBI watchlist. They failed in their duty and people died as a result. There are 400,000 deaths from heart disease every year in America. Is the answer to simply remove the heart from everyone?

  3. Senator Kennedy said “We have a problem with drunk drivers. We don’t remove sober drivers.”
    Okay, so let’s regulate guns the same way we regulate automobiles. You have to take a test to get a license, renew it every few years. You must have your vehicle registered and inspected every year. You must purchase insurance and provide proof at all times.
    So good idea Senator! Let’s do that with guns!
    But, oh, wait…. He and his colleagues don’t support these gun measures.
    Isn’t that ironic?

    1. The same old “criminals don’t follow laws” argument is simply idiosyncratic. Apparently, the “criminal” in question obtained his gun legally.
      That IS the problem!
      Arguing with “gun nuts” is like painting a picture for a blind man.

    2. @Freedom Bow-ner And when they get caught they are fined, lose their license and possibly jailed. For guns you can add you must show your permit when you buy hunting licenses. It would be a layer of verification.

    3. It would be great if those, who go out shooting drunk, had their gun license temporarily pulled, and had to take a class to get it back, just as drunk drivers do. When I was a kid, my mother only allowed me to hunt during bow season. She didn’t want me out in the woods with a bunch of drunk yahoos, shooting at anything that moved. But, we’ll never do something as sensible as requiring a gun license to purchase a weapon.

  4. If gun reform is going to be a problem, move on to voting rights and return to it, don’t waste time.

  5. The problem with gun reform is that Biden can’t do much with out the cooperation of the GOP. Biden would need about 2/3 of the senate support. We all know the GOP will not support it.

  6. Avoidable deaths are deliberate deaths.
    America killed some more of its citizens and again showed the world how backward it is.

  7. Nice. It’s time. I have been seeing this all week from southern Colorado. It’s very difficult. It was simply blaring this massive shootings! Very weird to listen to it happening. Very surreal.I remember Columbine High School when my Son was in 5th grade on that day. He’s 33. He talked about it a lot! It was horrendous! Still is. But… to Senator Ted Cruz ??? He is blasting his distain… in the Senate ! You wonder how he lasts at this, How does he return to Texas exactly? I guess he’s on fire mentally in a way! Irritating though. He could come to his senses in the shower maybe! Does he hear himself? Have a huge mirror in his Senate offices. ??? A yelling place! A…Screaming location! Must get pretty difficult …telling everyone. He just practices his yelling…in the morning. Or …yells while running! Holy smokes!! I just don’t have any idea! Exhausting though! Gun control never was easy. Like the way Texas is today. Very full of guns. Plenty of guns. They must be stacked somewhere! Closets of guns! The all American way!!! .He should come
    in Colorado’s…hunting season! It takes place in the fall…for the folks who like guns. (You gotta have a license though, that’s it. ) Not being a frontier man, though. Regulated! Rules! Not in his territory I guess. Thorny issues! It still is. Guns are this way. Still! (I lived in San Antonio, Texas for 10 years when oil was king there. ) It was very interesting. I saw President Jimmy Carter speaking in front of the Alamo in the rain! He lost the election. He conceded though. It was eye opening. But Texas was very interesting! I learned a lot there. But, seriously, though. It’s a great melting pot. You can’t go there and expect you will be accepted if you yell at people. It’s rude. You have to be quiet! You sit and observe. I did. I worked there in publishing. I was in my late 20’s. It was illuminating!

  8. I can’t believe this Stolen Valor, Vietnam Hero has the guts to even open up his lying Mouth. The perfect example of a corrupt lying Politician

  9. Hey Blumenthal, is that a Silver Star from your Vietnam Tour on the Wall behind you? I served there from 1969

  10. I think Blumenthal is, by far, the best of the current group of US Senators. I was very impressed by his speech on the evening after the capital riots, proceeding vote to accept the legitimate electors from the states. His clarity as regards the enabling of Trumpism in the Senate was eloquent, searingly direct, and completely persuasive.

  11. My ears perked right up when Senator Blumenthal said that GOP members will have to be held accountable…………..and for a second I thought he was talking about tRump.

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