Sen. Cruz Facing Criticism For Traveling To Mexico As Texas Faces Winter Storm | Andrea Mitchell 1

Sen. Cruz Facing Criticism For Traveling To Mexico As Texas Faces Winter Storm | Andrea Mitchell


Sen. Ted Cruz is facing criticism after photos surfaced on social media that purportedly show him traveling to Cancún, Mexico as Texas is dealing with a winter storm that has left residents without power and water. Aired on 02/18/2021.
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Sen. Cruz Facing Criticism For Traveling To Mexico As Texas Faces Winter Storm | Andrea Mitchell


    1. @David Eby george washington was a progressive liberal and killed red coats who were tree hugging tea sipping conservative Royalists. DO NOT REPRODUCE. I REPEAT, DO NOT REPRODUCE

    2. @Steve Sh Don’t ever compare todays liberals with Washington. I think George had bigger problems than saying Amen and Awomen in Congress!!!!! Hahahahahahaha You guys are SOOOOOOOO funny!!!!!

    3. CNN host Brianna Keilar said: “A number of Democratic leaders apologising, or reversing course, after multiple occurrences of ‘Do as I say, not as I do.’ They have been caught not following their own coronavirus guidelines.”
      In other recent cases involving Democrats:
      The mayor of San Jose, California, Sam Liccardo, apologised for attending a Thanksgiving dinner with family members from five households – more than state regulations allowed.
      A delegation of California lawmakers jetted off to a resort in Maui, Hawaii, for a conference with lobbyists as state residents were being instructed to avoid nonessential travel.
      California Senator Dianne Feinstein – who has called for congressional coronavirus aid to be made conditional on states imposing mask mandates – was photographed at the US Capitol and at an airport without any face-covering.
      US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, also of California, was pictured without a mask inside a hair salon, breaking rules that only allow service outdoors, but she refused to apologise.
      Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl dined outdoors at her favourite restaurant — shortly after voting to uphold a ban on outdoor dining, which she said endangered serving staff.
      Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot defended her decision to get a haircut while barbershops and salons were closed under Illinois’ stay-at-home order. Ms Lightfoot had previously said “getting your roots done is not essential”.
      “Pass the potatoes, not COVID… Avoid travel,” tweeted Denver Mayor Michael Hancock from the airport en route to a family Thanksgiving in Mississippi.
      Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser violated her own Covid-19 travel advisory and quarantine requirements after going to Delaware to celebrate Joe Biden’s presidential victory. She defended the trip as “essential travel”.
      December 2020 Steve Adler, Democrat Mayor of Austin, Texas, went on a family getaway to Mexico as he told people to keep indoors amid spiralling virus caseloads.

    1. I don’t have any sympathy for Texan voters going thru this freeze, if they voted for Cruz. He has continued to show how “useless” he is, and they keep voting him in ???

    2. @Maria C,Rick Perry said they don’t want the federal government involved. Your former 2 term governor , who was head of the Department of Energy. The Department he wanted eliminated. Your state is not government regulated thanks to these people. Now they don’t care if you are without power. They have it in their palatial homes.

    3. @Maria C its up to the republican governor greg abbot don ‘ t blame president biden , president biden is working for all americans not just red or blue states , thanks god biden is not trump

  1. Let me blame this crisis on the green new deal that doesn’t even exist yet or windmills that we don’t primarily rely on… while you’re fact checking me – I’m going to Cancun

    1. @RobBCactive funny part is ,is that Ted cruz was born in Canada, yet doesnt think like his Canadian brothers and sisters that are doing just fine in their cold environments such as rn in texas

  2. That’s criminal. He represents the State of Texas as a Senator. He has a responsibility as a politician to protect that state, instead he chooses to flee, smh…

    1. @iAm ErgoProxy — real Texans love guns, hate paying taxes, hate the federal government until they need relief from multiple disasters. Then they forget about secession from the union for awhile. They also keep electing tools like Rafael Cruz, Louie Gohmert and Dan Crenshaw.

    2. @Brian Jennings that gun part cant be stressed enough…saw an 8 year old obliterate his mom’s old china with a pistol without missing a shot…little girl had AIM

    1. @Muddy Water Those wind turbines only account for 10% of their power. Try again, chief. The grid failed because they didn’t winterize ANY of the infrastructure. This happened because Republican leadership made it so the government doesn’t regulate the state’s power grid, leaving the companies that run it to do whatever they want.

    2. @Muddy Water That is BS, LIES, LIES, and LIES spinning the truth is how TRAITOR Trump’s RepubliKKKans respond to everything.

  3. Republicans have forever beaten the drum that government isn’t the answer, then set out to prove it by being as useless as humanly possible. Meanwhile, Texans are forced to suffer due entirely to Republicans’ failure to oversee the electricity grid.

    1. @Helvetica Scenario At least Texas is willing to adopt a favorite liberal, left wing energy policy. I would think you’d applaud them for trying. I don’t see the rationale for bashing Texas for attempting to “go green” with renewable energy. OK, so they didn’t anticipate that global warming would plummet them down into the single digits. I don’t see how that is a hangable offence.

    2. @John Smith
      Treasonous Trump has achieved the World Setting Record of 493,000 Deaths & 45 Million People Laid Off.
      They said it couldn’t be done, never underestimate TT – America #1.

    3. @Frank Eisenhut They will just tear a page out of the Dem playbook how everything was Trump’s fault and use the same mind game.

    1. @Ryoga Hibiki … then no pity party when situations like the current is going on … they get what they vote for … sadly …

  4. I never did like Cruz…he’s heartless and selfish, and lies through his teeth! Sound like any other Republicans you know??? =#

    1. Yes Ted Cruz is a CERTIFIED LIAR according to a pathological liar(Donald Trump). And we all know it takes one to know one because Trump has a doctorate in lying.

  5. Does Texas need more proof that their senator could care any less? Let treason be the reason while his home state of Texas is Freezin’.

    1. They shouldn’t need more proof, but throwing his kids under the bus as an excuse only adds to the proof. He said his kids suggested going to Mexico because the utilities were and he was just being a good dad by going along with the idea.

    1. Could also be that he heard the most dangerous part that nuclear plants also had frost damage, so he’s running from multiple possible Chernobyls…

    2. Oh–that explains it. Ted Cruz is one of the “lizard people” the Qanon people are talking about. I thought only Democrats were lizard people.

    3. @Crimdor ,The governor did on Fox,from his well lit ,& warm residence. The former Mayor of Colorado city did as well in a email . telling constitutes they,are greedy,&lazy. Rick Perry doesn’t want any aid received from the federal government, for the people suffering..

    4. @Jan Hankins they project everything else preemptively, would it really be that big of a stretch if they projected that too? Not that I believe in lizard people, just saying they love to be hypocritical.

    1. @Tom Chrisfield That would require him to be able to stand in someone else’s shoes, which he can’t, because he’s a sociopath.

  6. For those who are saying “what’s he supposed to do?” Beto is manning phone banks to provide assistance to elderly Texans who need food, rides, shelter, etc. Last night alone they made over 150,000 phone calls to the elderly. He could do that.

    1. @H Pn biden sending thousands of generators and aid to Texas. While cruz is on a trip sounds like SOB to me and now biden is going to send aid to Oklahoma after governor requested aid

    2. @Bryan Skyberg Oklahoma requested aid three weeks ago.
      Right now it’s not generators…it’s sand bags.
      Biden is incompetent.
      He’s too late with the generators. We needed those last week.
      Power is back…it’s the water!
      Guard is sand bagging big time tomorrow.

    3. @H Pn I am outraged over Cuomo’s nursing home debacle and the resulting deaths. There needs to be a thorough investigation and serious consequences. I am also very disappointed over Cruz abandoning his constituents during a natural disaster. The behavior of one doesn’t let the other off the hook by any means. They must all be held to a higher standard, regardless of political affiliation.

    4. @H Pn so how can you say he incompetent when he is going to send aid. If this was trump he would have thrown texas under the bus

    1. We were betting he’d blame either Obama or Hillary Clinton. But blaming AOC is also a real possibility. Or maybe Nancy Pelosi.

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