Sen. Cruz Says Trip To Cancun Was 'A Mistake' | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Sen. Cruz Says Trip To Cancun Was ‘A Mistake’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, told reporters Thursday his decision to go on a family vacation to Cancún, Mexico, as Texans suffer without heat, water and power because of a historic winter storm was a mistake he now regrets. The panel discusses. Aired on 02/19/2021.
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Sen. Cruz Says Trip To Cancun Was 'A Mistake' | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. This is a sheer case of a heartless sociopath whose thin cover has been blown away by the snowstorm in Texas.

    1. @Ray J. It’s so funny that every time anything is brought up about how horrendous a vast number of Republican leaders have acted during the last year, the only rebuttal or excuse is “ yeah but Cuomo!”

  2. AOC raised a million for Texans, Beto cared for seniors and made sure they were ok, and Ted ran off to Cancun lmao

    1. COVID is CCP’s BioWeapon, search risk-life-flee-china virologist @DrLiMengYAN1(twitter) and her gene evidence reports, get a Gene guy you TRUST(not the famous ones on TV) to verify her reports, she has waken the right(she had to talk with the right 1st since the right was in power), help her waken the left!!

      PS:why CCP didn’t allow wuhan people go anywhere in china, but allowed them to go overseas?

    2. @Lucy Ricardo Yup THE OTHER GUY as President Biden calls him….JAIL 2024 because that’s where his dumb azz is going

  3. His “I wanted to be a good dad” explanation is ludicrous because how is dropping your wife and young daughters off at a likely crowded resort and crowded city in Mexico during a deadly worldwide pandemic being a safe decision that a “good” father would make??

    1. Plus…
      – His wife and daughters need him to be physically present as an escort? His wife has multiple degrees and worked for Goldman Sacs, and his daughters are not toddlers, they’re 10 and 12. We’re to believe that they would have been absolutely incapable of getting on an airplane without him?
      – A good father would set an example for his children and teach them that a responsible public servant doesn’t abandon their neighbors in a crisis.

    2. @JosieJOK Lying Ted is in search of Hugo Chavez’s plan to blackout Texas. His daughters and The Riz hotel are the front to distract the Chinese spies. He had to return because his investigation found that Hunter’s laptop had emailed from Hugo and AOC. Republicults would have believed this scenario instead..

    1. @Hopsta Not true, I’m sure Cruz lives in a fantasy world where Trump won and the election was stolen. But yes, point taken.

    1. @Will YoujustSTFU when did I say it was a crime? Just because it’s not a crime doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.

    2. @Q Wins yes, tons of bias on both sides, all are carefully selecting what they want to tune in on to justify their case that day.
      That said: republicans are setting stupidity high scores these days.
      If you want a more balanced approach, go to The Hill. Ditch this, and fox News and the other radical news sites.

    1. Or,
      “Dad, is it true what they say on the Internet, that you’re a Yellowbelly, a Cowardly Republican whose main concern was getting a suntan instead of his job? “

  4. So he supposedly had enough power and authority to overturned Georgia election.
    But not enough power and authority to help his own constituency.
    He’s just a heartless lying snake .

    1. I finally got my power back on today down here in Texas.. This is AOC and Nancy Pelosi’s fault with the Communist Green New Deal!!! The Wind Turbines are Freezing over making our Clean Coal plants to not work. Texas now is seriously thinking about leaving the union because the Dems want to destroy our Energy!! Where is President Trump when we need him the most!!??

    2. @Jason Milton There’s no Green New Deal! Never passed. Your own statesmen are saying there was no winterizing done by the fossils fuel or the windmills. They have done this to you before. It is the difference between making $9000.00 a kilowatt or $5000.00 a kilowatt.

  5. He forgot that Orange Bozo is no longer President, and continues the “nothing is more important than me” mentality, that he has embraced for years…

    1. @Yves Derival Sure, and rioting all summer killing black people in the process, in the name of BLM, to do that takes zero sense. We know what you did last summer.

    2. +@TheHopetown Yep! White Stormtroopers put their knees on handcuffed people’s necks causing spontaneous combustion. You think after the riots they caused 1992 L.A. and 1965 L.A. they would have learned something.

  6. People wake up the Republican party is for theyselves they do not think about the American people in a situation it’s not important to them

    1. @canuck2025 I don’t understand your reference to the Confederates. Going back through history the Confederates were a Democrat tradition. Even Jefferson Davis was a Democrat before he became president of the Confederacy. Almost all Confederate commander’s with the exception of Robert E. Lee were Democrats. Lee’s political affiliation is unknown. Even the KKK was a democrat terrorist group that was organized to keep newly freed black slaves in line. For years we had a senior Democrat in the Senate who was a mentor to Hillary and he was a high-ranking KKK member. The late Senator Robert Byrd denounced the KKK but only after it became on fashionable.
      Trump is obviously a Republican so therefore I don’t understand your reference to the confederacy.
      You are correct though in saying that Trump does seem to have control over the republican party however, this is somewhat questionable because several Republicans voted with us during the second impeachment. Joe Biden is of course the standard bearer for our party.

    2. @T. R. Campbell

      Not anymore. The democrats now do not adhere to the principles and ideals that the southern whites require. You are partly right. It used to be democrats. The republicans are now the true champions for the confederate cause. Believe you me… the confederates are still very well alive and are still waiting to rise again. The republicans are all about the confederate agenda

    3. @T. R. Campbell

      Trump is the only hope for the confederates. The ku klux klans are the direct decendants of the confederates. The confederates lost the war badly and the result was the creation of the ku klux klans.

    4. @canuck2025 i’m really not sure. I think a lot of southern Democrats were changed out of the Democrat party because we became very progressive. We all recall President Obama talking about people clinging to their guns and their religion. Hillary talked about the deplorable‘s. Living down south it was clearly an undercurrent of activity but I believe we changed the way of traditional Democrats and they became Republicans. I think they would quickly re-join the Democrat party if we return back to our bedrock ideals, The ideals promoted by the lIkes of FDR and JFK. My first political campaign was as a child For Hubert H Humphrey and he might fall into this class also.

    5. @canuck2025 Yes, as I said the KKK was organized by southern Democrats as a terrorist organization to keep in line newly freed slaves. I believe that the true southern Democrats who have voted Democrat since the days of FDR would quickly go back to our party if we return to our traditional values of honoring the cause I’m working people. We seem to have strayed away from that and now most recently we are embracing forms of socialism which I think will drive people further away.
      We like to call trump a racist but he won many civil rights awards before he became president. He was quite proud of the fact that the supercharged economy that he enacted from our iconic JFK lowered the poverty rate to levels not seen since the 1960s. Black unemployment was at the lowest rates ever. One good thing out of all of this is Joe campaigned on returning jobs and Trump gave Joe a solid foundation to return to our supercharged economy. I just hope Joe opened the roadmap that JFK left us for economic prosperity.

    1. The Ritz Carlton in Cancun is a VERY nice resort for the kids and friends to be staying. Sure beats the disaster in Texas with his constituents.

    1. Boy, that’s the pot calling the kettle black, let’s talk about Obama, Hilary, Comey, Pelosi, and a hundred others.

    2. @Giles Bowman That’s called deflection. I did not see any of those you mentioned take off to a warm and sunny family vacation while their state or constituents were freezing and starving to death. Democrats like AOC have raised over 1 million for relief aid for the red state, while Texas Republican Senator Cruz tried to run from the problem. There is a pattern forming here with the GOP and their willful negligence and flagrant arrogance.

    1. “I blame my kids for my stupidity!” cuz of course Teddy would. Not responsible for his own stupidity but blames his kids for his callous disregard for HIS CONSTITUENTS’ LIVES. Teddy great job proving the GOP is the Greed Over People party.

  7. let’s be honest, Cruz just didn’t want to stay in the freezing cold like the peasants he believes his constituents to be! lol

    1. What a joke! This is news? Where’s the Coumo story MSNBC is an embarrassment to you Americans! Morning joe is a joke!

    2. Right just like pelosi getting her haircut while businesses going under and eating ice cream while we waited for checks

    3. @Megadog I really can’t compare having a pint of ice cream and a haircut to a trip to Cancun while your constituents are literally freezing to death.

    1. @Josh R. listen man ,those guys will never represent the poor people interests .This is just not the nature of the republican party .As a republican elected official ,you just need to fallow the money period .

    2. @Yves Derival I told my bud that he didn’t make enough $$$ to be a repugnican …he still don’t get it , lol

    3. @Sean Myers That’s because she is for the American people. She is doing what generations before her have done. Helped her fellow citizens.

    1. Same as trump who is disgusted by the people who follow him and wouldn’t even want to shake their hand (hence the gloves)

    2. Worse than that. It’s even worse than Emperor Nero playing his fiddle as Rome burned, ’cause at least Nero didn’t take a trip.

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