Sen. Hawley has heated exchange with a law professor over who can be pregnant. #Shorts

Sen. Hawley has heated exchange with a law professor over who can be pregnant. #Shorts 1


  1. If she cant figure out which gender has the capability of becoming pregnant then she definitely shouldn’t be teaching

    1. @Alex Wyatt are you insinuating that work at Home Depot is a low job? Maybe is a low pay but is a very honest job groomer.

    2. She is more aware of who can get pregnant that Senator Hawley. She’s not letting the word “man” or “woman” distract her from biology. “Those with the capacity for pregnancy” means anyone with a uterus that can carry a pregnancy. This acknowledges cisgender women who cannot get pregnant. This acknowledges trans men, nonbinary, and intersex people who have uteruses and can get pregnant. Science aims to be as accurate as possible, and she is doing that.

  2. “Heated” exchange… they cut off the real heated exchange where the “law” professor loses her mind

    1. @Alex Wyatt her purpose was to deflect. She may have honorable reasons to do so, since we really don’t know what’s really going on with politics in house, but we must at least objectively recognize that she digresses, she is aggressive , and she deflects. At some point she even said that she would rather answer questions that are more relevant, while avoiding the question at hand directly asked to her. She HAD to bring in that subject. At all costs

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    1. @Jon Dough uh, are you looking at my eyes right now? If so, I’m calling the police. And the news, because how the hell did you turn invisible?!

    2. She’s a professor, meaning she has years of education and training beyond a typical teacher. It also means her training is more specialized than an average teacher’s. Basically: she knows what she’s talking about.

  4. Imagine paying 100s of thousands of dollars for tuition to be treated like that in a classroom asking questions. 🙄

    1. @Jon Dough eh, that fell kinda flat. I think “Also, they’re wrong.” would have landed much better. Now, I’m wondering if the pronoun is just too far removed from the antecedent… idk. You can workshop it and get back to me.

    2. @Cori Aw, thanks 😊 I think the other commenter did a much better job of staying on message. I’ve dipped into absurdism and mockery. It’s the same great taste but half the righteousness.

  5. i’m still trying to figure out how you can claim to be a feminist while also removing any evidence that women exist…..believe it or not it’s possible to admit that certain people have gender dysphoria while also agreeing the *basic* scientific fact that there’s only one sex with the ability to have children

    1. Damn. Can’t believe that I, a cis woman, no longer exist bc trans people are thing. This is so sad. (sarcasm)

  6. Still waiting on one of my bulls to get pregnant….they are all together and I KNOW they can do the other part….should be any day now.

  7. Ummm..this is not a heated exchange..this is someone plainly explaining the facts to someone who needs to be educated…. I don’t think I need to explain who is who..

  8. So a girl with a beard is considered 🤔 does the beard stop them from getting pregnant 🤔 just checking for a friend in Alabama. I’m not really to sure about Mr fist pump, he could throw a wig on real quick.

    1. @CD-Ram Reacts Watch the actual video. The exchange this video is talking about doesn’t happen in their edited version. You rock though bud.

  9. How the hell is asking a question to get to the point and the absolute truth transphobic?!?

    These peoples ignorance is beyond frustrating and maddening

  10. There is more to this video, she never addressed it
    Also “it’s transphobic” isn’t an answer but jobs.

  11. No wonder, more and more High School students are applying to Brigham Young who are not Mormons.

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