Sen. Jeff Merkley Leads Renewed Effort To Revise the 13th Amendment 1

Sen. Jeff Merkley Leads Renewed Effort To Revise the 13th Amendment


As President Biden signed a bill this week making Juneteenth a federal holiday, Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley and Georgia Rep. Nikema Williams reintroduced legislation to close the prison loophole in the 13th Amendment. Sen. Merkley joined Jonathan Capehart to discussed the renewed effort.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Sen. Jeff Merkley Leads Renewed Effort To Revise the 13th Amendment


  1. Just had one question. All Americans get to enjoy this day? I mean Juneteenth celebrated for everybody? Not complaining. I’m glad WE are still making progress but I’m still disappointed. Why are we still dealing with these things smh… Just have sooo many questions.

    1. @Whitney Mohrhauser Definitely a rhetorical. But thank you for your additional clarification.

    2. @Hulkage Supreme The problem this holiday is a token by Trump because he needed to say how he great he is for African. Most States already celebrate it before Biden sign into law.

    3. @Whitney Mohrhauser what does President Biden signing this into law have to do with (at the time) President Trump? Seriously asking..

  2. Talking filibuster would be good, PROVIDED THAT they STAY ON TOPIC! No more Green Eggs and Ham!

    1. @Jeff Zabelski Funny the only part of the constitution that republicans love is the second amendment they never mention the rest of the constitution.

    2. Remove the clause. States can still arrest black people, put them in jail and make them work for free, or pay them a dollar a week. This “13th amendment” lark is a total red herring.

  3. They also need to amend the Constitution to keep people from being able to run for president that are felons or in prison because that’s not listed currently

    1. Or amend it to provide term limits for serving in Congress. Could you imagine how much better our country would be now if there where term limits on House Members and the Senate

    2. @Philip Mclaughlin … free and fair elections ARE the term limit! What part of that simple sentence don’t you understand?

    3. @Two Black Labs Not Good Enough!! It should be by Law!! Mitch is a prime example. He was low Man to get reelected!! But, They Say,, he won by quite alot of Votes!! No one bothered to call for a Recount

  4. McConnell keeps blocking, he needs to remember karma he’s old counting the day’s till the pearly gates, (mite just get blocked),

  5. It’s time the Constitution was looked at by leading professors and updated to encompass today’s way of life. I’m sure the Founding Fathers would be in favour of that.

    1. You clearly know absolutely nothing about the constitution if you think they would be in favor of that.

  6. I live in CO. I am proud of Colorado for abolishing ALL slavery in State of Colorado including those who are imprisoned.

  7. I had no idea what happened to slaves in the south because of this loophole until I watched a PBS show about this very thing. The way African Americans were treated in the south using this loophole was atrocious. Made me sick to see this. It needs to be taken from the Constitution immediately.

  8. Thank you .we are with you in IOWA USA!
    this loophole has got to cut down dead.
    No rewording necessary just cut it out as an amendment zero clause

  9. Scary when you think about it. Trump would probably try to use that clause he’s such a racist. MINORITY VOTE IS OUR ONLY HOPE!

    1. You do know the Democrats were the slave owners and still are! Republicans like Abraham Lincoln fought too free them! Pick up a history book!

  10. So those State drivers License plates being made by slaves in Prisons
    Is still going on in this century?! Wtf
    Oh Brother George Clooney Where Art Thou!

  11. Merkley has been one of the good guys for a long time now, but he has gone largely unnoticed. He was the very first to visit the border when children were caged & is against GMO’s.

  12. Why can’t a winning vote be 50 plus 1 like everywhere else ? Why does it have to be 60..Nothing will ever get passed with the GOP blocking everything?

  13. I remember back in middle 60 I would hear blacks telling to me about stare at a White girl you will a ticket for wreck-less eye-balling boy.

  14. Oh look, someone freeing modern day slaves – where’s all the proud conservatives to take credit?

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