Sen. John Fetterman checks into Walter Reed for depression treatment | USA TODAY

Senator John Fetterman from Pennsylvania checked into Walter Reed hospital for voluntary depression treatment months after suffering from a stroke.

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Fetterman's latest treatment comes as he is still in recovery from a May stroke that has required the use of closed captioning to help him communicate on the campaign trail and in the Senate. He checked into Walter Reed National Military Medical Center last night, Jentleson said.

"While John has experienced depression off and on throughout his life, it only became severe in recent weeks," he said.

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  1. Well good, depression… misplaced anger? Unsettled ethical dilemmas in your environment? I mean what… what really is depressing? The State of reality in the world today? Well then stand up each individual in the world and be the good difference!

    1. But you know what the guy you wished had won has? A delusional crazy mindset who is brain washed into GQP beliefs lol

    1. I don’t know. I’m thinking Biden is up for that award. According to his “doctor,” he is physically fit to be president, but there was ZERO mention of his mental fitness.

    1. Truth! He went in because he was lightheaded. He got out and was put back in for Depression. Now they say he will be in the Hospital for 2 weeks for depression

    2. OH BULLSHIT!! Jesus, MILLIONS of people check into hospitals for depression each year. The ignorance is this country is a deadly disease.

    3. Yes they do. Nearly every hospital has a psychiatric care program to where you’re placed in the correct area if you’re having a mental breakdown.

  2. His campaign staff and wife should be in jail for abusing the mentally and physically impaired. This is criminal

  3. Don’t live in Pennsylvania but that man was not healthy enough to serve in this capacity. I truly hope he gets better . Those who voted for him should have known better.

  4. Best I’ve learned in life is that if ya bid a job and can’t cut the mustard, if ya have any decency and are incapable of performing the job requirements,ya bow out and return to the previous position.

    1. @Brenda Jo Just doing a survey , appears as though PA.has lowered the work load requirements at the govt. Level . As soon as I lose the work hard initiative my father instilled in me , I’m coming to Harrisburg to run for a gubberment position .

  5. I respect that he asked for help… takes a strong person to do that… even in their weakest moments💯🫡
    Stay strong to anyone out there that deals with depression💪❤️

    1. takes a strong person to bow out of a major election and let someone else run when you know you are recovering from a major stroke that you might not fully recover from and have a history of depression

  6. Just a good reason to put his wife in his place, just like Biden said when fetterman won, Biden said to his wife that she would make a very nice Senator.

  7. Taking control of your depression is a sign of strength. Too many people have avoided treatment much to their families sorrow. My nephew committed suicide last year. We are heartbroken.

    1. Agreed. I’ve known multiple people who have done the same act. Afterwards you find it hard to understand. Smart guy getting help.

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