Sen. McConnell Continues To Warn Corporations To Stay Out Of Politics | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Sen. McConnell Continues To Warn Corporations To Stay Out Of Politics | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. Wasn’t he a major proponent of Citizens United?? Not that I’m surprised at the hypocrisy, but seriously??

    1. yes. But that fight goes all the way back to 1976 with Buckley v. Valeo, Then another in ’78. Then I think in ’10 with CU.

    2. And still is, the level of hypocrisy and shamelessness in the republican party is outrageous honestly. He is only telling corporations to stay out of it because it’s against what he and his party wants, otherwise he’d be beating the old ‘IT’S BAD FOR BUSINESS’ , ‘LOOK WHAT BUSINESS LEADERS SAYS ABOUT THIS’ drum

    3. @Puck agreed… but NOTHING beats the disgusting hypocracy Moscow Mitch & Leningrad Lindsey displayed over the Merrick Garland/Amy Comey Barrett SCOTUS confirmations… 🤯🤯🤯🤯

    1. @Joe Dementia Fingers Melania: “I do”

    2. @Joe Dementia Fingers we still haven’t heard from Gizlaine Maxwell.
      Oh and have you heard about the hundreds and millions of dollars that had to be refunded because of Donald Trump’s rip off of you morons.

    1. Moscow mitch was given a medical discharge a month after being put into military service that only happens to screw ups 😃😄😆

  2. Mitch McConnell: Corporations should stay out of politics except when they’re giving me money

  3. Now that government “actions” are much more transparent, McConnell’s words show him as a dumb toad. It reveals who he is really is and how self-serving his actions are.

    1. @1967sjg Traitors. 😬 Actually, neurotics. I had a lady yell at me for hating Trump. She was a Republican gone nutso.

    1. @Bobby Mulligan not such a clever come back…you must be one of those wilfully stupid GOP supporters and you have the audacity to call the other guy a parrot…just calling it the way I see it….next time try chiming in with an actual comment that is factually inline with the topic at hand…not commenting on something someone else said that you disagree with…got anything else clever to add …sit down and STFU!!!

    2. @Bobby Mulligan I’m sure there is supposed to be a comma in there somewhere. Without it, it does not make sense. With it, it would make sense but where to put it. Hmmmm!

  4. Mitch McConnell to corporations “stay out of politics, its not what you were designed for.”
    Also Mitch McConnell “corporations, please don’t stop sending me checks.”

    1. Of we’re going to ask cooperations to stay out of politics could we PLEASE start with My Pillow ???

    2. He thinks they should mind they’re own business, but he also believes corporation money is free speech. Just not they’re free speech. Citizens united.

  5. I wonder if the corporations will respond with ‘ Mitch, you should stay out of corporate decisions, it’s not what you’re designed for.’

  6. Summary:
    Mitch: Corporations stay out of politics, but you can still pay me.. that’s totally fine

  7. Mitch: “You give me money, and I give you tax cuts as well as no regulations at all and this is how you do the GOP”

  8. McConnell has forgotten who wears the pants in that relationship. He’s in no position to make demands.

    1. he also seems to forget about all the big money corporate interest groups donate to him and his party buddies…

  9. Moscow Mitch speaks an “oxymoron”, can’t have it both ways and expect us not to catch it.🤨.

    1. Lol. Best comment!
      VP Harris really needs to send him that memo.
      Mitch is willfully not listening to the Senate Majority Leader.

  10. What he said is literally the same thing as a teenager yelling at their parents saying “stop telling me what to do”, but still asking them for money to go out.

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