1. Powerful closing statement and completely dismantles the defense even before they start! That’s why this video already has so many downvotes.

    1. @Alvaro aka Tico No. People are stupid and will believe anything repeated too them enough times. Trump as our president is proof of that. So I say to everyone, don’t stop defending the United States until November 2020. Reply to every stupid comment. And it make so each time these trolls pollute your social media and comment feeds, hit back. This will have the opposite of their intended effect.

  2. If these proceedings continue as Republicans and the President wants; no witnesses, no new evidence allowed, no smoking gun, then the defense can actually counterattack with that same logic, that there were no new evidence and no new witnesses. That’s their defense, otherwise there’s no defense, but actually there is. The defense lawyers can actually argue that yes, the President made a dumb move, but it doesn’t meet the standard of removing him from office.

    The precedence this will have on future impeachments is for history to decide, but Congress pretty much has to rewrite the Constitution to remove at least one of the first two articles. Once one is removed, the other cannot stand without the other (if that makes any sense).

    Btw, I’m on the fence here thus far.

  3. Fight real hard ,Republicans! We don’t want socialism in AMERICA! If Trump is impeached and removed from office!, I would lose my faith and hope for what this country stands for!!!Also we maybe going to CIVIL WAR 2 , for BLOODSHED!!!🇺🇸😡🛡🗡🏹🔫⛏🪓💣💥

    1. trump is already impeached. if he is not removed from office then our democracy as we know it is in extreme peril.

  4. Why is the Chief Justice using a salt shaker as a gavel? It’s day 5. Can no one find this man a gavel?
    If the House and Executive Branch is controlled by two different parties, should one branch get to have access to the others documents, and high ranking officials sworn testimony without a court order?
    If Congress isn’t required to go through the Judicial Branch to get their subpoenas honored, and instead are able to invent the new charge of “Obstruction of Congress”, Doesn’t that put all future Presidents at the mercy of the controlling party in the house?
    Just some things I’ve been wondering..

    I made a compilation of phone calls that were taken during the breaks in the impeachment trial. I think it makes a good case for more money for education in this country. How about we put civics back in the curriculum we teach in our schools.


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