Senate leaders react to deadly Texas elementary school shooting | USA TODAY

Senate leaders react to deadly Texas elementary school shooting | USA TODAY 1


  1. After yoking with the GOP for decades, evangelicals stopped worshipping God and started worshipping Power.
    The Gun is the physical extension of their God.

  2. Why don’t you ole men & women quit your plush no-work so called whatever’s & go help real American Citizens

  3. Not to disrespect the victims but career politicians need to go. These politicians become so entrenched that they learned to game the law to their favor at the expense of the American public.

  4. Got milk… 😎
    Matthew 24:19
    “Woe to those who are pregnant and to those who are nursing babies in those days!”

  5. Senate = ok I gues we have to talk about this well lets go anyway give it 2 weeks & this will pass

  6. The senate is more concerned about their NRA % high rating than human life, children, and life.

    1. That’s true. To me, Schumer is like “sure, we can wait a little. Kids don’t matter.” Yes they DO matter!

  7. A bit late to pray Mitch, the kids are already dead. How about you grow a conscience and fix the problem instead?

  8. The Aussies have as big a mental health problem as we do but they have reasonable gun control laws. Their federal government sets strict background checks with no exceptions. They have guns for hunting and protection. They don’t have assault weapons or the NRA and gun maker lobbyists lining the pockets of politicians. If the Aussies can do it, so can we.

  9. The Texas governor said “thoughts and prayers”. Everyone go home and relax in your recliners.

  10. When Are You Going To Learn If You Teach A Child It Came From An Ape It Then Is Going To Act Like An Ape If But You Teach It It Came From God Then It Is Going To Act Like God

  11. US bash on about other countries’ human rights abuse . What about caring for her own children for once .

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